Top 10 Best Travel Affiliate Programs To Join as a Travel Blogger

Gone are the days of riding a bicycle without proper balance. Consider a trip to your favorite destination just by sitting calm and generate huge commissions so you could spend more on luxurious items. Travel is yelling on most of the websites on the internet due to huge its huge demand. Here are some ofbest Travel affiliate programs list updated with highest paying offers and links for every type of voyage tourism websites or blog.

The travel industry has captured the market and is growing itself like a tornado. The reason for its popularity is definitely because people want to take out time from their routine and want to enjoy and relax on the beach with a tan. In 2016, the travel & tourism industry was reported to generate $7.6 trillion worldwide and is expected to boost this year again.

With large quality travel websites, travelers have got addicted to these sites and have started neglecting agents and guides. Moreover, since the sites are reactive, therefore it shows up the greatest on any smartphone or additional products. What else perform you want?

An internet connection from the mobile network and a fantastic site with a lot of travel destinations.

With an average internet connection, you can simply visit any weblog or site and examine the quality contents. Travel websites function hard for posting quality material, and that monetizes the visitors on their website to gain optimum.

Nevertheless right here are some right Affiliate Programs which pays about regular basis for massive visitors and conversions,.

TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of TripAdvisor is operated through CJ Affiliate. When anyone trips your website and clicks on the advertising campaign banner of TripAdvisor or any affiliate switch that you must have demonstrated on your site, then TripAdvisor partner sites will become displayed. If a click is definitely made on any of these sites, then you are eligible for 50% of the major revenue. If you bring more traffic from your site to TripAdvisor, then it offers an unique affiliate system by which you can make an extra bonus.

Agoda Affiliate Program

The commission structure of Agoda is based on tier with the lowest being 35% commission for up to 50 referrals and the highest being 60% commission for referrals up to 1000 confirmed bookings for each month. It provides smart hotel booking from approximately 1.5 million hotels worldwide. It offers the cheapest airfares, hotels, and discounts on 1825000+ properties from around the world. Affiliate Program

The commission structure of takes period, and the payment is provided when a person books any resort, etc. and is certainly verified. It means for every verified reserving via your affiliate marketer hyperlink; you obtain the preferred payment just when the person completes the stay. Therefore, if you would like to acquire even more from, you want to refer more affiliate marketer links and produce that the reservation is confirmed. Affiliate marketer Motivation plan is also available on ShareASale, PeerFly, MaxBounty, Admitad, FlexOffers, CJ etc. Some of imaginative Affiliate systems presents level $14 Affiliate payment on one sale. The least commission percentage set for every affiliate sale is 25%, but if the sales increase to more than 501 for a month, then the commission percentage rises to 40%.

Cruise Direct

Cruise direct provides very less referral commission which is 3%. This sounds decidedly less, but because booking a cruise would cost around $1000 for a single person, so you will receive a commission of $30. Apparently, there will be companions; thus the more people book cruises, the more the commission.


Let’s be honest. TripAdvisor is one of the biggest names in the online travel industry, and it’s literally impossible to not want to have a slice of that juicy money pie. TripAdvisor is the number one website that people go to when they want to check the place’s reviews and other travelers’ recommendations in order to book their trip. With 385+ million travel reviews and half a million pages about cities and hotels, TripAdvisor is a real wealth of information that’ll help you monetize your website. They offer 50% commissions, dedicated affiliate support team, monthly payouts, and are partnered with the biggest brand names in the travel industry, it’s no wonder I chose it as my number one recommendation. TripAdvisor offers their affiliate program through CJ. is the world’s most recognizable hotel accommodation booking website. Available in 35 languages and multiple currencies, covering everything from high end luxury hotels to bed & breakfasts, they also have a mobile app with close to 40 million users worldwide that allows travelers to book on the go and pick last minute deals, which will spike up the level of your conversions greatly. Commissions are paid once the guests have completed their stay and checked out, so there’s no waiting. is part of Expedia Inc and offers its affiliate program through CJ as well. 


Much like the previous two, chances are if you’re into travel you’ve heard of Expedia. It’s such a huge online travel search engine, like the biggest online travel agency that boasts 60 million+ unique website visitors a month. That’s an enormous number right there! Together with 250,000+ bookable hotels and other properties, Expedia features 400+ airlines. Being one of the biggest travel brands on the market today, when you apply for your affiliate account through CJ, you wait for Expedia’s approval. A serious brand needs an already established travel blog. I guess that when you want to work with the best in the industry in order to earn some of the best commissions out there, they too expect you to be one of the best to work with. 


SkyScanner is one of the world’s biggest airfare booking search engines, that also includes car hire and accommodation booking. It’s the #1 website that I personally use when booking my flights, and I assure you it will become your favorite too, whether you decide to be their affiliate partner or not. What I love about their affiliate program is its versatility. You can opt for their flight search white label, that you can customize in order to suit the look and feel of your website, or opt for the affiliate favorite flight search and car hire widget available in different sizes that you can just place anywhere on your website and start earning commissions. SkyScanner approves new affiliates automatically, so you don’t have to worry about your application. I personally love them! is another quite popular name when it comes to online travel websites, and their affiliate program is free to apply for, open to everyone who’s got a website or an app. If your travel blog leans more towards great accommodation offers and is targeting people looking for places to stay, then is a perfect affiliate program for you. They have their own official WordPress plugin, search box website integration and other cool tools for you to have better conversions. They minimal payout is $100 via PayPal. 


With 925,000+ properties, both flights and hotels search engine and up to 60% potential commission per conversion, Agoda definitely deserves to be on the list of best travel affiliate programs. While it is totally free to apply for it, they do require of you to have a website and it usually takes anywhere from 48 to 72 hours for them to approve your affiliate request, since they do it manually. Minimum payout is $200 and they do it directly to your bank account, which some of you guys might not prefer. 


Alright, since AirB&B doesn’t have an actual affiliate program but rather a referral program, per their decision, I feel the need to explain the difference to those of you who aren’t familiar with them. While in an affiliate program you earn cash, in a referral program you earn point which you can use within the same networks for whatever needs. This may put some of you off, but if you guys travel a lot like I do, this referral program is actually a great thing to be a part of. You can earn up to $5,000 credit per your referral account, and it’s a nice source of travel income if you decide to look at it that way. 


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re very well familiar with Uber, have used it yourself, and know what a life saver it is. Uber affiliate program is absolutely free to join, with a potential to earn more than $3,000 per month if you refer one driver a day who’s never used Uber before. You can advertise Uber affiliate links using websites, blogs, emails, or even your social media accounts, so there is no need for website if you already don’t have one. What you can’t do with Uber, is you can’t use paid advertising. They pay you 45 days after verified referrals. 

Travel industry is such a huge niche, with plenty of great affiliate programs out there. The one’s I featured here I find most appealing to the general travel audience, which is the biggest chunk of travelers, that need their basic transportation and accommodation needs met. travel affiliate programs 2018

Now, if you opt to pursue a travel sub niche of some sort, adventure travel for example, every major adventure tour operator out there has their own great affiliate program. Make sure you know who your blog’s audience is, think like them, know what they want, and give them that. It’s as simple as that.

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