Rabbit URL Opener – Open Multiple Urls, Bulk Link Opener Tool

Rabbit URL Opener

When we open too many links at the same time, our browser tends to become slow and in some cases freezes and stops functioning. For busy professionals, it creates a frustrating scenario as they can’t afford to waste their precious time.
In today’s age of cut-throat competition, time saved is held equivalent to money earned.  To stay ahead of the competition, they have to make the most of every time.  Internet in their lifeline and if this lifeline is halted, their productivity will get affected.
To resolve this issue, these days you can make use of multiple URL Opener tools to open a number of links at the same time without overburdening your browser. This tools which are mostly used by SEO Professionals are easy to use so you don’t require any special training to operate it.
Just tap on the icon of the Bulk URL Opener and paste multiple URLs at once.  In a fraction of second, you will see all the links opening up at one time in separate tabs.
The user can either manually input the URLs into the tool or simply copy and paste them into the tool and with one click of the mouse, all the URLs will open in the separate tabs.
There is no limit to the number of URLs you can open at one time.  However, the capacity of your computer and how many tabs your browser is usually able to handle in one time can do the trick.
Experts suggest you start with 10-15 URLs at a time and then on the basis of the performance of your device and browser, you can try increasing it from there. Multiple URL Opener tool is a handy tool for SEO professionals. It saves their time which they can utilize in other tasks.

How Can You Use Multiple Link Opener?

Multiple Link Opener is an SEO tool that has the ability to open multiple URLS at once without overburdening or freezing a web browser. The tool is free for all and can be easily downloaded from the Google play store.
Using this bulk URL opener tool, internet users can open as many URLs as they will like to open at once. Each URL is opened in a separate tab, the user just needs to adjust the settings of the browser.
You just need to enter the URLs of the links in the bulk URL opener tool and tap on submit, your links will open at once. You can enter the URLs manually one by one or copy and paste them one by one in the given field in the tool.
 Multiple Link opener online tool has made the job of SEO professionals, webmasters, and web developers easy. They can now open an indefinite number of URLs with one click and spent the time saved on other SEO tasks.
If you are confused how to use this tool and does the user needs any kind of training to operate this SEO tool, then leave the tension and be relaxed. The tool is very easy to operate and don’t requires any special training to operate it.
Simply paste the URLs in the body of the tool (input text area) and tap on ‘Open All URLs button. In one line, paste only one URL per line. Though the tool can handle an indefinite number of URLs, the strength of your computer and web browser will put a cap on how many links you can open in one time.
Experts suggest to enter 10-15 URLs in one time and if the browser is able to handle them easily, the user can increase the number of URLs. The Multiple Link Opener SEO tool is compatible with all web browsers that support Javascript. It doesn’t work if the Javascript is not supported by the browser.

Why USE URL Opener?

When an internet user opens multiple tabs at one time, the computer becomes overwhelming and in most of the cases, the speed of the browser becomes unprecedently slow. The browser freezes for a fewseconds and then walks at a snail’s pace.  This frustrates the internet users particularly the professionals working on some important projects.  To avoid this issue, you should use URL opener to open multiple links in one time without overburdening your web browser. The performance of your web browser will remain the same and you can open multiple links in separate tabs.  This will save the time of working professionals. They can utilize this time in some other task.

How to Use This Tool? 

If you are feeling worried that the tool might be difficult to handle, then you are wrong. It is a very simple tool which is very easy to handle for everyone. The user just needs to go online and download a multiple link opener tool from the Google play store. After installing the tool on their devices, they just need to copy and paste URLs one by one in the text field of the tool and click on submit. The links will open at once in separate tabs. You can also type the links manually in the text field of the tool.

Which Browsers are supported?

Multiple URL Opener is a universal tool that has the adaptability to work with all the internet browsers.  It works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Midori, and Mozilla Firefox etc.  The only condition is that the browser should support Java language. If the Java language is blocked on the device or the browser don’t support the Javascript then you won’t be able to use the tool.
Multiple Link Opener tool can open indefinite links at once provided your computer and the browser has the capacity to handle multiple links.   Experts suggest Bulk URL opener tool users start with 10-15 links and if the browser is able to open the links with ease then they can increase the number of URLs.