The Ultimate List of: Top 10 Recurring Affiliate Programs

A Recurring Affiliate program refers to when one is paid a commission for product/service per customer purchase. It’s a very basic concept – you get a cut of the revenue from every product or service that you successfully sell. 

Each marketing model can differ from the other and not all are based on the same rules as some may offer a different percentage of commission one receives. 

However, managing to find the ideal cut of revenue isn’t a big deal, rather than finding a product you are certain you can sell consistently. With over a million products/services to choose from, putting each one to the test to find just the right one may not be the most practical idea. 

Below is the solution to all your worries in one list! 

Our Exclusive list of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

  1. SEMRush

Commission: 40% lifetime recurring 

SEMRush is one of the most popular platforms to offer tools used and preferred by marketers all over the world for the best search engine optimization! 

It offers you with a range of options to choose from which include: keyword research, advertising research, competitor analysis, and even allows you to enable website SEO audits. 

With it being easy to sell, joining BeRush can make you a lot of passive income almost instantly!

  1. GetResponse 

Commission: 33% lifetime recurring, or $100 bounty 

Marketing experts actually want to buy this product themselves, that’s how good it is! 

This software happens to be rather more complete and has a lot to offer as a whole. After the purchase users get ready-to-use marketing campaigns that only need to be set in motion according to their preferences once they have added the correct data. 

With the offered features being highly traffic-generating, e-commerce tools, and effective email marketing tools – your sales were just made easier! 

Either take the fixed $100 for each sale or get a 33% recurring commission for as long as the customer’s account lasts. 

It’s as simple as that and you’re good to go! 

  1. InstaPage 

Commission: 50% on first payment, 30% on following payments 

InstaPage might just be the easiest to sell. Why is that? Because not everyone can afford to hire a skilled developer when they’re working on a budget. 

It has an easy-to-use interface that allows one to create attractive landing pages with the simple drag-and-drop action. 

With InstaPage by your side, you don’t have to be equipped with the knowledge of a developer to get the job done! 

  1. Shopify 

Commission: 20% lifetime recurring 

Everyone knows about the infamous Shopify. With that being said, the uprising in new e-commerce sites on the daily – Shopify is exactly what every solopreneur needs to get it all up and running! 

It enables the user to sell any product anywhere at any time! This makes it easy for anyone to create a brand from scratch with a few clicks here and there. 

  1. LiveChat 

Commission: 20% lifetime recurring 

Whether it’s a big business or a small one, a dedicated customer service provider is quite the necessity. And that is how you can sell LiveChat. Small business set ups need to upgrade their services without breaking their bank, and that is what makes LiveChat their best option yet! 

  1. NinjaOutreach

Commission: 20% lifetime recurring

These days everything seems to be all about the graphics and email marketing campaigns and boom- you have a brand. What seems to be missing and often overlooked by all new-age marketers is bringing their website to the top of the SERP that will boost their engagements and drive more leads towards them. 

That is the selling point for NinjaOutreach. 

It creates the bridge to assist in link building that makes connecting to social media influencers and bloggers easily. This tool allows users to get in touch with the top personalities in their selected niche. 

  1. Mangools

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring 

If it’s about SEO, the answer is most definitely Mangools as it’s one of the most popular service providers in the market. 

Users can find long tail keywords in just a few clicks, analyze and target keywords in specified categories and locations, and keep track of their competitor’s SEO metrics and trends. 

On the average Mangools pays affiliates $487, and this is what makes it an absolute must-have option!

  1. HubStaff 

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring 

Starting plan for Hubstaff is at only $7 per month, and this is what makes it the quickest sell – and an easy earning as you make 30% for every sale so long as the customer’s account is running! 

This is a new-age employee management system that makes it easier for employers to keep track of their progress and productivity, as well as schedule meetings and assign tasks individually so that it is all on record and no notification is ever missed! 

  1. ConvertKit

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring 

It makes life easier for marketers and bloggers as they gain leads and drive more sales through effective and efficient email marketing! 

The platform is super user-friendly, looks good and has impressive features that give the user a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of targeting various audiences while they categorize and divide them into segments according to their preference. 

  1. Stencil

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring 

For all the social media marketers, bloggers and/or brands; this image creation tool is just for you for your daily posting needs! 

If you’re always on the move and/or are always looking for easy and quick ways to create images from scratch to ensure you hit your daily engagement target – this tool will be your clients’ new best friend! 

It has an easy-to-use dashboard that is fully loaded with editing tools of all kinds making it super easy to sell and be one of the best high commission affiliate programs! 


As it may seem to be quite the challenge to find the right affiliate program for you, you must not base your decision on their payment model, rather consider your niche and narrow down your list accordingly. 

Here was our take on the Top 10 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for you, as a bonus they all are top-paying too! 

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