Top 10 Highest Paying Online Survey Sites That Pay : JOIN Today!

Do you want to make more money online with legitimate highest paying survey sites online that pay cash through PayPal? Follow the list of good paying online survey sites. You have to join these sites to get the unlimited amount of paid surveys online. There are a lot of survey sites that pay you $0.10 to $0.50 per survey but here I will show you only highest paying survey sites that pay $1.00 to $5 per survey and they pay through PayPal.
After a long time research and searching on the internet we collected the list for you. So join the following paid survey sites and make more money online without investment and get paid through your PayPal account. You can earn $5 to $10 taking 3-5 simple surveys that may take 30-60 minutes. So if you work 1-2 hours a day, you can make $200-$300 per month easily without any investment. You can join multiple survey sites at a time and earn more money. Follow the legit survey sites shown below.

Top 10 Highest Paying Survey Sites That Pay Through PayPal

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks allows you to gain points by searching through their website. It’s an online reward system that pays you for doing the activities you already do on the internet. You can earn points by taking surveys and polls, searching the web, shopping online, playing games and watching videos. The Swag-Bucks points can be exchanged for all kinds of rewards such as gift cards or you can withdraw earnings directly into your PayPal account.


Superpayme is one of the top free paid online survey sites with more than 5.5 million users and one of the highest paying affiliate programs within the surveying sector. They have been established since 2006 as well as provides thousands of dollars to their active users/members every month. You can earn cash in Superpayme by taking daily market research surveys, engaging in shopping and trying various services and also products. Members from all countries are accepted. You need just to be at the very least 12 years and above of age from any countries in order to register and take the bulk of offers available. They have been available online over 12 years and paying regularly their members having a lot of payment proofs online. Their payment methods are Paypal, Payza, Skrill etc. Join now and start making money with them.

3. Rewardingways

Rewardingways is a highly popular free legitimate paid survey site that has been available online and paying out their active users since 2005. Just users from all countries are accepted, but USA members receive the highest paying offers. Here, they send several surveys and also paid emails to their members according to their income status. That is, if your account is alive, you will get paid emails every day. There are other ways to make money excluding taking surveys including various kinds of profitable offers and trial products. Payments are real cash via PayPal, Payza, Skrill, and Check. Join now and start making money with them.

4. Points2shop

Points2shop is til now another top paid survey site with over 6 million people and lots of paid surveys. It is really one of many largest free online reward site where you could make virtual money as well as points with internet routines consisting of completing simple surveys, offers, playing various games, watching some videos, and shopping online etc. With the help of Point2shop apps, members can make money anyplace they can be, no matter whether at home or apart from home. Newbies are given a signup bonus of $0.5. Their Payment methods are usually Paypal, Neteller, Check, Dwolla etc.

5. Offernation

Offernation is yet another good paid survey site where you could get paid for every simple survey you complete. They bring some new paid surveys every day. Members from almost all countries all over the world are approved. AND their payment process is done immediately without delay. Their payment methods are PayPal, Payza, Skrill & Amazon.

6. Cashcrate

Cashcrate is yet another trusted and top survey site that pay cash to their members much like Super-pay. They have a lot of paid surveys, highest paying offers, and various product testing. Members from almost all countries all over the world are approved although USA members are really provided the most profitable offers. Their payment methods are Paypal, Check, Dwolla, Gift Cards, Direct Bank Deposit. AND The minimum cashout amount is only $20.

7. PrizeRebe

PrizeRebe is well known legitimate online paid survey site that is similar just like Points2shop. They’ve been available online for a very long time and paying their members consistently. You can make money taking surveys, completing various tasks, completing offers, product testing etc. You will earn first and then these kinds of coins can be transformed into real cash and get paid via both Paypal and Check. There is also an option of direct Banks wire transfer if you earn immense money.

8. Surveysavvy

Surveysavvy is a top paid online survey site for worldwide members with high paying online surveys. It’s been on the web since 1999 running by Luth Research. It is one paid online survey site that is highly regarded on the internet and has paid its members/workers money more than other online sites and they paid well over fifteen million dollars previously. You have to take various paid surveys like mobile surveys. Surveysavvy also has a great 2 stages referral program. Check your email daily to get the latest paid survey information. Minimum cash out is $1.

9. Surveymom

Surveymom is yet another legitimate paid survey site that links companies and advertisers to the survey takers to grow their offers, services, and products. Surveymom accepts members from only Canada and USA exclusively and their payment is PayPal. You will get paid when reaching the minimum payout of $20.

10. UniqueRewards

UniqueRewards is one of the top effective and interesting ways to make earn extra money from home. They have been in online paid surveys business since 2003 and have perfectly proven their loyalty, reliability and first-class support to their members. You will earn cash by filling out simple offers, taking various surveys online, online shopping, reading emails, profile surveys, offer walls, free sign up rewards, click cash earnings, video earnings, radio earnings, etc. They accept member from USA, UK, Canada, etc. Their payment methods are PayPal and Check and the minimum cashout is $20.


Maximum paid survey sites pay you a little amount of money. After a long time analysis, we collected this list of highest paying survey sites mentioned above. Join now and start making money. Thank you for reading our article. Please share with your friends.

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