Top 25 Travel Bloggers Who Inspire Us To Travel

As usual this time, again we have some surprise for our dear travel lovers looking to explore places beyond the horizon.

So what’s in the bombshell that we have for you?

We know how much you love to explore the experiences of travel lovers and vagabonds, and this is why we have handpicked the 25 travel influencers across the world. In this post, we are sharing details about them, and you can find out for yourself how they escaped life to chase their dreams.

1. Siddhartha Joshi

A product designer and a travel junkie he is a great motivation for people who believe that life is all about traveling. He spends most of his time traveling. Someone once said, “Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day”, and Siddhartha lives and dreams of traveling.

Here you will find out that we have selected only those travelers who believe life is all about traveling.

Siddhartha is one person who believes that he needs to travel because life happens only once.

He is passionate about trekking and photography which are the siblings of traveling.

This dynamic and vibrant travel junkie from India has been nominated for Indian blogger awards.

He loves to share his experiences with the world, and if you check out  ”The Wanderer” you will find out that it is all about his past experiences.

The latest he has come up with a beautiful account of Women’s Day where he will take you across the unsung heroes of the land.

2. Anuradha Goyal

If you are a passionate traveler and keep on checking the web for inspiration, then you must have stumbled upon Anuradha’s blog. This lady India blogger found her world in traveling and reading.

You can find that she puts up book reviews on her blog dedicated to reviews – AnuReviews. Read more here:

Her experiences from traveling are listed under another blog – Inditales.

You will experience a beautiful voyage across her explorations shared on her blog that is way long a lot informative too.

Indeed helpful if this is your first time in India or abroad.

There is hardly any book lover who has not heard of The Mouse Charmers – Digital Pioneers of India, which is penned by Anuradha.

 3. Shivya Nath

Another famous travel blogger from India.

She is passionate about writing and exploring destinations that are lesser known and least explored.

This young and bubbling 28-year-old is kind of a motivational writer who encourages women to take solo travels and explore the world that lies beyond the four walls of their house.

Her blog Shooting Star is something that young women need to read at least once in their life.

It will tell you why it is necessary to be independent which is not as difficult as you think of.

The most exciting thing is that Shivya left her corporate job to pursue her dreams of traveling through which she makes her living today.

 4. Sankara C S

A name that you come across when you search for top Indian travel bloggers. He is focused on adventure trips, and the much-known fact about him is that he is a biking blogger.

Take a tour of his travel explorations and you will be awed by the beauty of his pictures and journey manuscripts.

You can find that his blogs are focused on wildlife, cuisines, visas for Indians and also unique culture.

His blog has all that you need if you have been looking for traveling cheap across India.

5. Neelima Vallangi

Another familiar name on the top travel bloggers of India.

Coming to Neelima, it will not be a surprise if we say that she is an offbeat traveler and her trips are nothing but adventurous.

She has explored the unsung glories of the Himalayan mountains and the Western Ghats where she has gone trekking and cycling.

6. Lakshmi Sharath

Another one in the lot nominated for Indian bloggers awards; Lakshmi is a popular Indian travel blogger.

Though she is a wanderer on an expedition to explore the world out there, her love for the temples and small villages in India is well-known.

You can find out how she will take you across a different world.

7. Prasad Np

A very familiar face among travel passionates who are looking for some inspiration to chase their dreams.

Prasad Np, who left his corporate job when he realized he was never a part of the rat race, and this is not where he wanted to be and what he wished to do.

He has also been nominated for Indian blogger awards.

If you check his blog Desi Traveler, you will realize that his travel experiences are more focused on solo travels but something that families can enjoy.

8. Dheeraj Sharma

If you are into road trips, then you must have come across his name. His blog “Devil on Wheels” is quite popular.

Here take a ride across his travelogues

A software project manager by profession, Dheeraj loves to explore unknown destinations which are among those that are beyond limits.

He kindled his love for traveling in Leh-Ladakh.

He has always explored the roads less taken by people, and he has always ridden on wheels across these places. And, you can find the beauty of his travel mysteries awesomely penned in his blog.

 9. Anuradha Shankar

The founder and author at Wandering Mind, this iconic modern-day Indian woman is a perfect example of how marriage cannot stop women from following their heart.

Anuradha once aspired to be a scientist, but then a Kashi yatra changed her world and passion. She realized her heart is where traveling is.

She is a homemaker, mother, traveler, freelance writer,  and loves reading books.

10. Purnendu and Ekta

These IT professionals based in Pune are a couple of free birds always on an expedition to explore new places.

Puru is a passionate photographer and a blogger too. Ekta enjoys planning their trips and adventure sports.

Shadows Galore is their travel blog which was started way back in 2010 as part of a photography contest.

Their passion for traveling started when they were students. In their blog, you can find that they have shared all the snaps that were recorded during their trips.

11. Mariellen Ward

A foreigner who is passionate about traveling and exploring places in India. She is an award-winning professional travel writer hailing from Toronto but now in Delhi.

Though she is a Canadian by birth, India is like her home, and she is an inspirational writer for solo female travelers.

She is a journalist by profession and writes for popular Canadian newspapers and magazines.

You can read more about her India travel experiences on her blog: Breathedreamgo

Keep Calm. Breathe, Dream & go!!!

12. Joshi Daniel

This photographer based out of India has a marvel in each of his photographs. His passion for photography is based on the theme that “Each face has a story to tell”. You will find that each of the human faces in his photographs tell a tale.

His photographs dictate the unheard stories of various lands exploring across a variety of cultures and traditions and the very reason why his photo blog came to be included under the “20 Most Outstanding Photo Blogs”.

Here you can find the awesomeness of his photographs

13. Deepak Patel

A tech savvy at heart, Deepak Patel is an ardent traveler who weaves in beautiful travelogues across his travel blogs.  His passion for technology is very much visible in his travel blog. Find out more about Deepak Patel here

He is more into traveling and exploring places of ancient prominence and you can take a tour of these places in his travel manuscripts. Gazing at ancient monuments and reading the scriptures is what fascinates him most and you can catch a glimpse of his explorations across his blogs. If you have a taste for ancient Indian history then his blog is a reflection of all that you are craving for.

14. Charles Victor and Revathi

If you ask what they are we will tell you they are birds set free following their heart’s passion and chasing happiness rowing the boat of marital bliss.

Life is more than a celebration for these happily married couples.

Revati and Charles Victor and professional travel bloggers based in Mumbai. They work as advertising professionals for a living. Traveling and food are two things that all indians love and here we have Revati and Charles who love both traveling and cooking. What a perfect combination?

Their blog will take you across lesser known things about even the most popular places on earth. The name “Different doors” suggests what you will run across in their blogs.

This is the reason why we travel to explore different doors.

15. Namita Kulkarni

An all rounder, buzzing bee and what not, there is no perfect word to describe this budding multifaceted young lady. She is a traveler, writer, artist and a yoga teacher too.

What she loves is to move across places that she has never been to, sketching an adventure of her own, she has a love for learning new languages and meeting new people.

She has already explored more than 10 countries and for those solo women travelers out there, here is a chapter from her book that you can use-

Travel without fear, the world is still good!

She has explored quite a lot of things that many of us would not think of even in our dreams. From rafting in Rishikesh to jumping off a cliff in Mauritius to paragliding, bouldering and even diving in Andamans she is awesome.

Find out more about her splendid travel experiences here

16. Rangan Datta

He is someone whose life is dedicated to traveling. There are hardly people who live to travel though you might have come across people who travel to live.

Here, you can read more on his travelogues:

His travel experiences are vast starting from the base of the highest mountain on earth to the highest motorable pass in the world, he has been through adventures,.the thoughts of which will give you goosebumps.

Photography and traveling are the two things that he loves.

The most exciting thing is that he is a Mathematics teacher by profession. Apart from playing the number game with his students he also works at numerous Management & IT Institutes in Salt Lake, Kolkata as a freelancer.

 17. Kiran Keswani

This Bangalore based architect is interested in urban planning and more. If you check out her blog you will be amazed at the beautiful photographs of Indian streets. She is a writer, photographer and something more with a love for capturing the beauty behind the Indian streets from various perspectives.

Check out one of her most popular blogs Rakhi Bazaar which is more than colorful and like a feast for your eyes with exquisite pictures.

Her blog dictates the tales of Indian streets.

“In the mind of a child” is one among the popular blogs of Kiran.

 18. Bhushavali Natarajan

This travel blogger started writing travelogues and manuscripts from her travel experiences that she initially jotted down on pieces of paper.

Several organizations have listed her blog “My Travelogue” among the top 30 and top 50 blogs.

She writes about lesser known and explored places.

She loves to explore places that are least popular. Salar De Uyuni is one of her favorite destinations.

Bhushavali has traveled across many places in India and also some of her ventures out of India includes Australia, France and Germany.

She loves to explore nature, rural areas and also the heritage and culture of the places that she visits.

 19. Gaurav Kumar Srivastava

Gaurav’s blog are popular among people who are searching for top travel destinations in India.

His travel experiences are narrated across his blog Formertourist.

He focuses on latest trends in Indian tourism. His aim is to help out people looking for information online.

Also, you can find information on some of the top tourist destinations in India with details on hotels, nightlife areas, shopping centers and more.

20. Brinda & Poorna

Another travel passionate couple from Bangalore. They got stuck to their love for traveling around 20 years back and now they are exploring their journey in traveling together. Their honeymoon experiences are awesome, traveling across the sea, train, bus and even an aircraft.

Travel was the common thing that binds them together.

Though they have traveled across various destinations in India and abroad, their love for traveling comes from the beauty of the marvelous destinations in India.

In Spite of exploring a number of places in India, they still feel there are incomplete journeys.

21. Travel by Karma

This travel lover Gitanjali Banerjee, a former JNU student has worked as a teacher before setting on to chase her dreams in traveling.

She is a freelance writer and a blogger too. She has served big heads like Airtel, Educomp and is now working with MakeMyTrip.

She is a professional content manager. Her passion for traveling is clearly visible in her blogs and loves to cook which is a great combination.

22. Arti S

She owns a blog diary named “My Yatra Diary” where she recalls all her travel experiences. She travels across the spiritual destinations in India. Also, each of her explorations are accompanied with charming and alluring photographs.

You can find a detailed overview of the places to eat, shop and stay on her blog. It is really informative and helpful to people who wish to travel

Her journey across the mystical landscapes of India will allure you into traveling.

23. Ram and Reshma

Another couple deeply and madly in love with their passion for traveling. They even quit their corporate jobs to explore the roads less traveled by others.

Their blog Road trips contains information on some of the beautiful experiences they have come across on their travels.

24. Chetan and Sandeepa

They are quite popular among the travel community. These love birds, Sandeepa and Chetan live to travel,

They even quit their jobs and sold their house to travel the world. Today they are full time travelers or vagabonds exploring various destinations in India and around the world.

Sandeepa an electronics Engineer and Chetan an advertising professional were attracted to each other when they found that they shared a number of passions in common.

These travel lovers hail from Mumbai and there is no limitation to their love for traveling.

Can you imagine they even went snorkeling with the sea lions in Patagonia. They have seen the world’s one and only one growing glaciers in Andes.

Also, they have walked across the amazing and flattest place on earth at Salar de Uyuni.

They have explored the golden Incan civilization at Machu Picchu.

Here is something to lure you- they have drenched in to the mesmerizing waterfalls that are 3 times the size of Niagara falls and also lived in the amazing Amazon.

25. Ankita Sinha

How can we forget this travel junkie, as she defines herself a woman traveler without any boundaries as free as a bird.

She is one among the funkie and freakie travelers that India has ever seen so far.

Her traveling is not limited to India but beyond that. She is someone who is constantly exploring and discovering unexplored destinations around the globe and updating her travel list after visiting these places.

She has already covered around 12 global destinations spanning across 7 different nations.

The most interesting fact of all is that she has visited these places within a short span of 2 years and has got an invitation from International tourism brands such as Visitbritain, Thailand Tourism, and Canada Tourism.

Do you have a travel experience similar to theirs? Or do you have a blog that explores the roads less frequented by travelers?

Then, don’t hesitate! Share your experiences with us today.

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