19+ Proven Business Ideas For Women in India To Start

Business Ideas for Women in India – Working from home is one of the best ways to earn and have a fun. Lots of options are available to start the home-based businesses. There are several opportunities available, what you are looking for. Some of them are discussed here.

20 Proven Business Ideas for Women in India

1. Day Care Center

Day care center is one of the best business ideas for women in inda. Majority of middle class husband and wife need to earn for mapping two ends at the age of high prices. Due to nuclear families in the vogue, no grandparent is at home for taking care of their children at home, it is very difficult and confusing question for working women where to keep their children? Today, the Day care center is trending. It has become a status symbol in society. More precisely in cities, this trend is very common, but in small villages also the women who are engaged in labor work can start this type of day care centers. The women of nearby areas can pay the fees in these centers and can go for job. You can start this business with minimum 30 children. The house wife can also start this business and if the house wife who is educated in home science, adds one more feather in the cap.
This is non-franchise business model. You can start Day Care Center with franchise of KidZee, Euro Kids, Shanti Juniors etc.

2. Tuition Class

If you are a graduate of science, commerce or arts, you can earn by personal coaching at home. Tuition class is one of the popular business ideas for women in India. To do this, the job of teaching tuition can be done easily if you have a B.Ed degree or a teacher job. Nowadays, the importance of education has increased so much that the personal coaching industry is very much developed. Parents of middle class also insist on giving tuition to their children by packing pets. Even if you have a good degree, it is not possible to get an immediate job. Personal coaching can be done using this time. You can give tuition to five to seven to ten students of the same standard at your home and if you are comfortable, you can earn by coaching them at the student’s home. There is a governmental norm that a person who has a tuition should not be employed in any other school or private institute.

3. Yoga Studio

Next business ideas for women is Yoga Studio. You can earn at home via Yoga Studio. It is a popular exercise in the world. Five thousand years old ancient yoga technique can teach you to others or you can start earning income by starting your own yoga studio. Many studios around you will be teaching different types of yoga. You can combine different methods of yoga with different types of people and health conditions. For example, Hath, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga etc.

4. Personal Cook

Cooking is an art that demands a lot of time, and passion. If you also have a knife to cook, then with this special skill, you can earn income by enjoying cooking.
In today’s busy life, many home-cooked people are needed. The cook demand is high in every major city, including Ahmedabad in Gujarat. You can start as a personal cook for salaried couples and college students. There are many chances of getting clients from their group.
Students who are studying outside of the house are away from home, so their personal cooks, and the other homes nearby, where the woman in the house is working, she lacks time to cook.
In these circumstances they need a personal cook.

5. Beauty Salon

Every woman who wants to look beautiful, goes to a beauty parlor regularly for her beauty, and offers expensive beauty treatments. The woman’s purse, who has a distinguished rupee, goes to the branded beauty salon and tries to keep her look beautiful or beautiful. A middle-class woman does not go to a big beauty parlor and does not have expensive treatments. However, it is necessary to have a beauty treatment afforded to her pocket. So she has found this simple and cheap solution, and this is the remedy, beauty parlor opened at home. The woman who operates a beauty parlor at a lower price than the market at home, gets there by that time, and if she does not have this kind of comfort, call the woman giving her a beauty service to her home. You can also earn good by starting a home-made beauty parlor business.
In developing countries like India, China and Brazil, the market of cosmetics is growing rapidly at an annual growth rate of 25%. We are 300 (US $ 3 billion) of US Dollar’s Beauty Services Industry. The contribution of small beauty parlors to this is not miniaturized. The beauty salon of 50 big branded companies is only 15%. This means that 85% of the total revenues are in the name of small beauty parlors. So, think about the huge opportunities for earning in this area, which is growing! If you have special skills to do beauty treatments, you can also get attractive income through this.
Skills to do different types of beauty treatments. Basic Knowledge about Cosmetology Better if they have studied systematically. It is necessary to experience basic knowledge of skin, hair, make-up, bridal makeup, hair styling etc. and beauty treatment. It is necessary to know about the latest beauty treatments and the trends in technology and beauty.

6. Stitching

The main requirement of everyone in the community is the need: Waffles, clothes and buildings’. The person needs clothes to cover his skin. We have a saying that a freight man a thousand freight clothes. This means that the man, in addition to his own needs, will wear fresh clothes according to taste and strength. The idea of tailoring comes from the English saying ‘Garment and taylor meet the gentleman’. Tailoring can be developed in a big city or in a small village. The skilled craftsman-tailor trained in sewing can easily earn. Due to sewing clothes in laborers, there is no question of ready-to-market. Generally, a person who clothe himself is buying a cloth or at home, or at the shop, and takes the sewn clothes.

7. Handwork

‘Beads of lightning in the light of light …’ This is the famous ritual of representing mother-in-law, Gangasati, about the subtle understanding given to her daughter-in-law. Various types of samples can be made from glass, plastic, Indian, Italian and other pearls like Japan. In addition, toys, chandeliers, wall pieces, drawings, pottery, tablecloth, table mat, bracelets, jewelry boxes, munching boxes, dinner sets, bottles, napkin stand, purse, bronzes, animals of every kind such as elephants, horses, rabbit, deer, Hans, Parrots, Peacocks etc. can be made. Used in pearl toys, garlands, wall pieces etc. gifts and emporium, handicrafts, corporate and home decoration. More educated women can reduce this type of work, but if the illiterate women of villages with proper guidance can earn this work beautifully.

8. Packaging Box and Folders

In the modern era, beautiful packing of anything is considered an important thing. Packing looks as good as being as attractive as possible. So the well-stocked packing demand is even higher. It is necessary to sell good quality goods by packing them in good packing. Sales can be increased by putting small towels, saris, hosiery, plastic items, cosmetics and other food items in good packing.
For this reason, the packing business can also be done nicely. Raw materials are usually found only from the market. Demand for sale is available everywhere. This business can be done in a nutshell. Packing workers may have a little knowledge of different types of boxes, they can organize professionally. An estimated one lakh rupees per box of different sizes can be made per month.

9. Making Candles

The candle is in the church in the place where the place is to be kept in Puja ghar. Celebrations of national festivals such as Diwali, Christmas, Independence Day (15th August), and Republic Day (26th January), increased the consumption of candles in socio-religious festivals. The consumption of candles increases when villages have electricity. A simple candle in cities is a revenue source for middle-class women, while creating a fragile artistic candle (Aromatic Candle) is a subject of hobby and art for wealthy women. That is why it can be said that the city or the small village, the market of tiny candle is very big. You can also generate income by making a candle at home.

10. Accounting

Accounting and bookkeeping is very easy to write. It can be done from anywhere. This business is a good option for women who are responsible for managing their family responsibilities. If you start this business seriously, you can earn up to Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 100,000 lakhs a month.
Accounting Culture in India
Initially, the accountant in India was known as Munimji, who traditionally used to look after the account book called ‘Bahikhata’. But gradually the industries grew, so the accounting sector grew with it. When the technology entered in the market, accounting software used to be useful in accounting.
What to do in accounting and book keeping?
In accounting and bookkeeping activities, there is a need to keep a detailed note of financial transactions related to everyday business. Accounting usually includes data entry of purchases, sales, cash / bank payments and receipts and all other business related expenses.
How can I make a living at home?
Compared to India, accounting and bookkeeping culture in countries like UK, Australia and USA are different because outsourcing is more in foreign countries than in India. However, there is still no trend of outsourcing for accounting in India. Accounting is the back office work and it is very easy to get home. However, this work is not possible for all businesses from home, but for some businesses it can easily be done from home. Those companies who want to work in the account, send them documents or e-mails by courier to all their daily transactions – documents and you have to set them up in the debit-credit format.
What are the industries that can be used for accounting?

  • Small IT Companies
  • Restaurants
  • A hotel that does not have more than 20 rooms
  • Beauty parlor and beauty salon
  • Tour and Travel Agents
  • Doctors and Fitness Clubs
  • Consultants and Professionals
  • Boutiques
  • The city’s famous CA firm
  • Any small business that has a turn over of Rs. 1.00 crore

11. Potatoes Chips

As a dry snack, the market of potato wafers is around 7,000 to 7,500 crores in India. We have grown in large quantities of potatoes and banana wafers at home in the village of Koth near Ahmedabad and Dholka in Gujarat, but you can do this profession in any of the entire Gujarat villages.
You can also earn Rs 10,000 by starting 5,000 rupees per month by making potato wafers at home and by selling raw or frying pan, salt and pepper spices, or by selling them in small pockets or wholesale.
Potato wafers can be earned by selling from the city’s market to the railway station, bus stop, airport, tea stall, in most food stalls.

12. Leather Shoes

The construction of small-scale leather shoes at home is gradually decreasing due to big factories, but there are still people who insist on wearing a handmade slipper. Apart from this, demand for designer-handmade slippers has increased. Made of clothing, canvas, rexine, and leather. Although leather shoes and slipper are long lasting which are considered good for health as per our climate. Its market is everywhere in smaller cities and villages.

13. Stapler Pin

Stapler pin is an important item in stationary items. Stapler pin is used in the office, at high school, in college, shopping centers, grocery stores, provisional stores, and many more. The stapler pins are used in packing any item. Stapler pins are needed in both cities and in villages. Stapler zipper is available in the market especially in the shops of retail and shops.

14. Homemade Chocolates

This is a trend of giving gifts to young-old age beloved ones, specially the favorite chocolates. There is a growing trend of giving a variety of chocolate choices for giving birth to a new member’s home on giving birth to a baby boy or baby girl. Chocolate is must in all of the children who have a baby’s birthday or a farewell of an employee in the office. How to get chocolate back? Instead of the stereotypical product of a well-known company that is available in the market, there is a growing trend of giving unique homemade chocolates, especially in Unique Flavors, Healthy and Hygienic Chocolates. The chocolate market has been growing at a rate of 19% in the year 2016, by making chocolate exchanges on smaller occasions. It is likely to reach 20.6 percent by 2020. You can also earn Rs 40,000 – 50,000 by making favorite chocolates at your convenience at home starting from 3000-4000 rupees per month. Together, you can bring out the creativity you have for chocolate making.

15. Cold Drinks

We are the Gujarati people who are tasteful people. After eating a meal, we take the help of soda to digest it. The easiest solution to the problem of digestion is soda. Soda water market, which is useful in the problem of indigestion, is very big in Saurashtra and now it is very big in Gujarat, while the use of cold drink increases in summer.
There are many variables available to provide flavor variations in soda water and syrups. Apart from conventional surcharges such as apples, raw mangoes, ripe mangoes, pineapple, roses, khas, oranges, grapes, guava, jambu, litchi, green apple, kiwi, strawberry and cranberry. Heat and population increases day by day. In summer vacation, a large number of people keep the soda and syrup handy when traveling on a country and abroad tour. People try to be healthy and refreshing using the surveillance, even after updating every day from one village to another village every day.
Fruit juices also help in improving health during illness times. In short, there is a soda water that has been used by the people. If there are soda water and all-substitute business with a few pre-arranged planning, then it can be well earned.

16. Papad

Papad is used at home, at the hotel, in restaurants, in lounges, and on small occasions and at parties. We have increased the trend of readymade Papad. So the demand for Papad in the country and abroad is much higher. To meet this demand, you can earn a good amount of money by doing a Papad business instead of a handpicked Papad. Apart from Papad, the mathiya and khakhara are also made in the machine. In Provision Stores of the city, contact the grocery stores in the village and you can do Papad’s retail and wholesale business. You can increase the business you have started with advertising and decent marketing.

17. Crystal Jelly

While enjoying ice cream, have ever thought of making these delicious dishes? China grasps are needed to make both of these items. The question is, what is this China Grass? China grass or powders are used in the manufacture of pudding and ice cream. Pudding and ice cream are bound by this, so that their bonding is good. It can be said that China Grass has the bonding material-necessary material for making puddings and ice cream. China Grass looks like long chicks, like wheat grains. When using ice cream or pudding it is crushed and crispy. Now it gets ready in powder, syrup and crystal form. It is mixed with milk by mixing it. The China Grass market is easily found. There are many in this demand market.

18. Noodles

What to make for guests when unforeseen guests arrive at home becomes a topic of confusion for the house wife. If refined floor noodles packets are handy at that time then it can be made instantly. The easiest and cheapest food item is prepared noodles by mixing with jaggery, or sugar. Spread sugar or jiggery to roasted noodles. In ghee, a dish is prepared by mixing sugar in sugar. Thus, various dishes are prepared using different types of noodles. So its usage is more in use. This can be produced by selling co-operative stores, grocery shops.

19. Idli Dosa Batter

South Indian dishes, which are delicious and healthy, are now home-made. There is a question of what to do in cooking in the evening, especially in the city. The is most popular in ready-to-market bucket. If you are selling Idli-dosha ready made batter at around Rs. 40 in the house, then why to roast or boil the rice and udad dal in a mixer-grinder at home? If you are thinking of earning at home, you can earn by selling idlis – dosa batter. Once this business has come to an end, you can make a good profit by developing a large scale business from monthly Rs. 5000 onwards.

20. Spices

Spices are very integral part of any food item. The entire taste of cuisine depends on it. Every regional area has its own unique characteristic for spice. The job working class, specially bachelor prefers ready-to-cook eateries. The preserved packets of gravy, soups, chapaatis, pastas and many more are available. The health conscious person would cook by himself or herself, would prefer spices instead of this preservative foodstuff. There are numerous dishes available region-wise, for which we can prepare spices of those dishes individually. Further, only this packet of spices needs to be added to prepare the dish. The ready-to-use spices are more popular among the hostels’ students, bachelors and job workers. You need to identify the area in where such people live, and do the start up accordingly.
I would like to conclude that no work is small work. To start with something, we need to initiate that business at the small scale, and check the results, accordingly improve and enhance it.

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