Open WhatsApp Group to Learn Digital Marketing – [Rules & Regulations]

We all use WhatsApp for multiple reasons, but what if we tell you that you could be using it for educational purpose as well? Be it a very nominal user of phone to a business person wholly depending on phone for the business, everyone is associated with WhatsApp these days!  WhatsApp has now become a place where you can grow your business, have personal chats as well as professional ones and just be the source of a startup altogether! Be it any purpose, this application rules up the world of internet across the globe! Now when we talk about certain SEO WhatsApp group mainly for the internet marketers and about creating groups revolving around them, there are certain ground rules and many of regulations that need to be imposed on the one who created, in the first place. This article focuses on the rules, regulations and roles of an administrator who decided to create the group. To start with, how are the groups beneficial You might have come across many groups in your WhatsApp history that have done more damage than better for you. But how are the digital marketing WhatsApp groups different than the normal groups we usually see and are in?
  • These WhatsApp groups have proper link to themselves that are open for everyone to get through. These groups are open, but well coated and properly filtered before they add in people! You can easily join in the WhatsApp group with the help of a link given by the admin!
  • These groups are for information regarding the recent trends, articles about marketing and other informative pieces that one could not have found otherwise. Just like you have Wikipedia and other blogs on the internet at your service, WhatsApp also becomes one of the resources as people drop in informative pieces at your group and you get notified accordingly.
  • If you have an online store or something like a startup, you can use this group of create a group for internet marketers where you can promote your things easily!
Why join our WhatsApp group: Join our digital marketing WhatsApp group You must have already read the benefits of having associated yourself with social media WhatsApp groups that are all about digital marketing and internet marketing. But what specifically, do we hold different than other groups that you might find online? Here are some of the benefits you will have once you join our association-
  1. Internal communication and connect- You can be on a number of blogs, subscribed and all. But having contacts at your ease at the group and also being in a digital marketing associated group will get you more benefits with internal connections that being on a blog will. Having these communications in the group will also have majority of your doubts solved, if not all!
  2. Customer support- You will also get instant customer support and give back the same, unlike being on a website does. Now the main question still is how do we get to the customers? Well, you, as the owner and the admin will send out links that will attract all your customers to the group. Once they have added themselves, you can interact with them personally or in the group. That’s the easiest way you can handle the business if you are in any.
  3. Promotions and marketing- Nowadays, you can also use the affiliate marketing WhatsApp groups for your own benefits. You can easily promote your brand and items to a number of past/ present customers by simply having the group or being a part of one of the marketing groups!
There are certain ground rules that you must follow when it comes to the groups that are strictly for business. You being a member of the same also share some responsibilities that have been noted below:
  • DO’s
  1. There’s a way one should be communicating in the official group. The decorum is a must to be maintained.
  2. Before you share articles or post any promotional content in the group, thoroughly read the same so as to not offend anyone in the group and not to post anything that does not involve the subject of the group!  
  3. Ask questions if you have any, in the group rather than messaging the person who’s posted the piece personally. This might not sound as something offensive, but is to be followed.
  • DON’Ts
  1. Post offensive or any other promotional content in the group that might distract the main subject of the group formation!
  2. Post jokes and random WhatsApp forwards that have no meaning in the group and that might, again, distract the motive.
  3. Do not gossip about the members of the group and their personal lives in the group or in personal windows that might completely disrupt the decorum of the group.
  4. This group is not for people to gossip/ joke/ starting conversations. This is highly professional and the language of content should be the same too.
  5. Avoid posting or having conversations at times when people are usually inactive. By the time they come online, there will be loads of messages that they might end up ignoring and missing out on important pieces.
What are the roles of a group administrator The group admin is absolutely important and of substance when it comes to these groups. One cannot neglect the roles of the admin now that he has created a group solely for informative content and which is open for all:
  1. Be very sure of the content that is being posted by any member of the group. If you find anything offensive or not of the subject, take measure to remove and report it.
  2. According to the recent developments, the group admin would be held responsible for sharing content that is abusive. So be very sure of the same.
  3. Initiate conversations with people that include discussions of the subject.
  4. Add or remove members as and how required.
  5. Share free tools and apps that are beneficial for the group members!
  6. Maintain database of the group, chats and data being shared in the group!
Now that you know of what all is needed for the group exclusively for marketing, hop on and join our marketing group!