Top 10 Wine Affiliate Programs to Join

The popularity of affiliate marketing is on the rise today, given that brands are constantly thinking of ways to grow their business. Affiliate is another type of marketing that can help companies gain exposure and attract their target market for a better bottom line. It’s a trendy way to increase sales and revenue, which is beneficial to both the companies and their affiliates. 

Affiliate marketing is also a common method to make passive income. If you are a business looking to get exposure to your brand with minimal cost or an affiliate looking to gain profit, affiliate marketing is a recommended way for you. 

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

To define what affiliate marketing is, it’s a type of performance marketing where an affiliate or fellow has the opportunity to earn profit from every sale their partner company makes in a particular product. The affiliate will market a product or brand through whatever means available, which usually requires them to share a promo code or purchase a product at a discounted price through blogs or social media.

When a customer uses that promo code, the customer gets a discount, while the affiliate receives a certain percentage of profit from that sale. To market the product properly, the business would have to send over products to the affiliate so they could try and post engaging content about them. 

When done correctly, it’s a win-win situation for both brands and affiliate marketers, which is why it’s also an effective way to expand the business and increase the customer base. 

As an affiliate marketer, it makes for a great side hustle to make additional income on the side. You can join several affiliate marketers anytime, at your inconvenience, and the best part about this is that you have complete control of your time. You also get to try new products from brands as an affiliate marketer, which is a plus for wine lovers. 

What’s there for Wine Businesses in Affiliate Marketing ?

With this said, wine businesses should look into affiliate marketing to broaden their customer base and increase sales and revenue. Several wineries are just starting out and don’t know yet how to make their brands known, and affiliate marketing can be an effective strategy to give them the exposure they need. 

It’s just as effective as social media marketing or any other marketing strategy, as affiliate marketing gives businesses that personal touch of marketing lacking in social media. When an affiliate marketer advertises a winery’s products on their chosen platform, their friends and family see that content, and because it’s coming from a reliable source, their loved ones may end up supporting those wine products. 

Another bonus is that since customers usually get a discount when buying products, they’d be more inclined to take advantage of that promo. When an affiliate posts content about trying different wines and actually liking it, the chances of the followers purchasing the wine are incredibly high, especially when that affiliate marketer has a strong online presence with thousands of followers. 

This is why brands go with affiliate marketers that have good content and an adequate number of followers. On the other hand, influencers of all sizes should join wine affiliate programs because the winery is one of the best industries all over the world. 

Not only can you taste different varieties of wine, but you also get to share them with the world. In addition, wine has many health benefits that you can take advantage of, mostly for the good of your cardiovascular health. With that said, here are 10 wine affiliate programs that you can join. 

10 Wine Affiliate Programs To Join

1. Splash Wines

Splash Wines has been in the winery industry for three years, which gives them a solid background to be a credible affiliate program. They have contact with several winemakers all over the world. 

This is just one of the attractive features of why you should join their program. As an affiliate, you can take advantage of their seasonal promotions and discounts. You also get 15% for commissions, which is an adequate profit, if you think about it. 

2. Etching Expressions

If you’re looking for an affiliate program where you can earn high amounts of profit, this is the perfect one, as the majority of their wine bottles sell for $75. The commissions you make from this program are quite higher than from other wineries, allowing you to get as much as 20% of the sale. 

They specialize specifically in handcrafted wine bottles and accessories, which are perfect for special occasions. As an affiliate, you have access to images and text links to help your advertisement strategy with their products. 

3. California Wine Club

This affiliate program offers 15% on commissions and is considered one of the largest wine services subscriptions in the world. It is also one of the longest affiliate programs in the industry, so if credibility is essential to you, there’s no reason not to choose this program. 

They offer a diverse selection of wines, and you can learn and taste a lot of wine as an affiliate. However, you should note that the longer you become an affiliate, the lower your commission will become over the years. This is primarily because as the brand becomes more well-known, they likely won’t find the need to pay affiliates as much. 

4. Wired for Wine

Unlike the other programs in this list, this one only offers 7% for commissions, which is on the low end for profits. However, the prices more than make-up for this, as one basket of wine costs $205, with an average commission of approximately $14. This isn’t bad, considering that’s 7% in commissions, especially since this club is particular about their wines, accepting only those with 90+ ratings. 

5. IWA Wine

Despite the 8% commission for affiliates, International Wine Accessories (IWA) holds the largest selection of wine accessories, gifts, stemware, and a whole lot more. Their products are made from the United States and ship all over the globe, making it a widely known brand. 

They also partnered with Pepperjam in managing their affiliate program. As an affiliate, you have access to their product data feeds with thousands of products. 

6. Wine Down Box

For every subscription, you get $10, which is a pretty decent profit for commissions. It’s a limited California wine and cheese subscription service, wherein each box comes with wine and cheese for the complete experience. In fact, Wine Down Box has been featured in popular websites like The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. 

They’ve also partnered with ShareASale for their affiliate program, where you have access to several ads, text links, and tools on their affiliate dashboard for your perusal. If you prefer a fixed rate instead of percentage-basis commissions, this is the perfect program for you. 


This is the program to choose if you want one that offers a selection of wines with the right value and amount. From small batches to well-known wineries, they have everything at your convenience. Their commission is at 5%, which is the only disadvantage seen with this program. 

However, they are also the largest known winery in the world. Their affiliates have access to the latest updates and promotions, giving you more motivation to be in the program. 

8. Saratoga Wine Exchange

While their commission is fixed at 5%, it’s run by a wine judge with 15 years of experience in buying and selling various wines. The company is committed to finding affordable but high-quality wine worldwide; so whatever your budget is, they have your exact preference. 

Their average order costs approximately $250, making the 5% an adequate profit for their affiliate program. The primary reason to register as an affiliate is their 16,000 different varieties of wine you wouldn’t want to miss. 

9. Drinks

This is a unique marketplace for wines as they accept licensed and unlicensed retailers to create their wine. Their commission is at a fixed 8% for wine sales and $25 for wine subscriptions. They have over 300 exclusive wines worldwide due to their renowned partnerships with winemakers, which is the main reason you should be an affiliate in their program. 

They also use FlexOffers to manage and host their affiliate program, where affiliates have access to banners, ads, offers, and promotions. Asides from the fact that it’s one of the leading online wine marketplaces, you can also promote their wine-related products, such as, as an affiliate. 

10. Vinebox

With a commission of $20 per subscription, you get to try nine different wines per season. You can personalize the wine you try out, so if you’re curious about the variety of wine for each country or state, you can have a wide array of flavors delivered to your doorstep. They also use a closed-nitrogen environment, so your wine can last up to 3 years. 

For their affiliate program, they use ShareASale, where you have access to tools and creatives to help you promote and gain more sales. This is another affiliate program with a high fixed rate of $20, so instead of the usual percentage, you can earn a stable profit as an affiliate. 


Affiliates, business owners, or wine drinkers can all benefit from affiliate marketing as it proves to be an effective way to grow business, make additional income, and taste the world through the different wines available. 

No matter what industry, through the help of individuals who participate in affiliate programs, businesses can spread the word about their brand to a broader audience to gain more exposure and provide a great customer experience strategy. As an affiliate, this is also one of the best side hustles for passive incomes. 

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