Top 20 Motorcycle Blogs for Travel, Adventure and Tips for Riding

Motorcycle blogs are a great way to check out the latest updates about motorcycles and protective gears for the motorcycle enthusiast. Getting to know about the latest protective gears will help you to know about the recent information of motorcycle and its unique importance behind it. To obtain the latest updates, I am going to present you the top 20 motorcycle blogs you should be following. 

  1. has appeared in the top twenty motorcycle blog post. With various topics about protective gears have covered different types of blog posts include unbiased reviews, news, types of bikes, events, detailed how-to guides, specs, classifieds, forums and many more. The site established back in 1994 and grew to be a popular blog site for motorcycle enthusiasts. With the most up-to-date information, has you covered different topics related to motorcycles and other protective gears. This blogsite has the latest information targeted for various protective gear audiences with engaging videos to check out. 

  1. Cycle World

Cycle World has fit in the top 20 motorcycle blogs you should be following. With various topics covered in unbiased reviews, how-to guides, comparisons test, buyers guide and many more. Cycle World established its business of protective gear in 1962 by Joe Parkhurst and grew tremendously in 2001 as Cycle World Magazine. With publishing great YouTube videos, the content has enhanced motorcycle enthusiasts for a fun and engaging experience. The protective gear blog site has featured the most updated topics about motorcycles and other protective gears to keep you informed at all times. 

  1. Bike Exif

Bike Exif is a showcase of motorcycles that established back in 2008 by Chris Hunter. The blog site covers solely on motorcycles of different types, single reviews and how-to guides to stay up to date. If you want an updated profile about café racers, bobbers, scramblers, Bike Exif have you covered. With the engaging content has caught the attention of motorcycle lovers to check out the latest updates about motorcycles ranging from single reviews to how-to guides of a niche market. 

  1. Return of the Café Racers

Return of the Café Racers has targeted its niche audience for café racers enthusiasts back in 2005 by Geoff Baldwin. The motorcycle blog site has got you covered about different bike brands, unbiased reviews, workshop map and apparel store for different protective gears. The blog site also covers different protective gears to keep you updated about the latest news about café racers. If you love café racers and want to know about the latest updates, Return of the Café Racers does the work for you. With engaging content will help you to stay up-to-date on protective gears and café racers. 

  1. Ride Apart

Ride Apart is a popular motorcycle blog site that established back in 2012. The protective gear site is the parent organization of and covered a massive range of protective gears with reliable resources. Such range including reviews, how-to guides, buying guides, news, expert advice, women gears, history, articles and roundups. With greater content, Ride Apart has photos and videos to keep the viewer’s engaging and updated on the latest information about protective gears including best motorcycle helmet. If you want a wide, perspective of motorcycle blogs, Ride Apart have you covered with the latest trends happening around the world. 

  1. Visor Down

Visor Down has fit in the top 20 motorcycle blogs you should be following. The UK based motorcycle blog has covered such information that reaches into each corner of motorcycle readers. Such range of topics includes news, interviews, reviews, racing, features, how-to guides, bikes for sale, top 10, workshop and videos. If you want to get the latest updates about motorcycles, Visor Down does the job for you and provides you with reliable information. With the available content of YouTube videos will allow you to browse the updates about motorcycles for a fun and engaging experience. 

  1. Asphalt and Rubber

Asphalt and Rubber have grown a recognized motorcycle industry founded back in 2008. The motorcycling blog site covers uniquely on motorcycle news, reviews, racing, how-to guides and many more. With the growing popularity has covered a wide range of podcast content to achieve engaging attention for motorcycle enthusiasts. The motorcycle website covers entrepreneurship and business issues about motorcycles. This gained a wider perspective of accessing exclusive interviews and more engagement of Questions and Answers from various authors. If you love to dive in about podcasts and other engaging content Asphalt and Rubber does the work for you. 

  1. Motoress

Motoress has gained its recognition for targeting protective gears and motorcycles for female motorcyclists. The blog site founded in 1998 and grew to be the longest-running motorcycle website for female riders. Motoress covers such topics that no man would want to dive in this site. The blog site updates the latest trends such as news, motorcycle gear reviews, motor essence, riding tips, how-to guides, buyers guide and many more. This blogsite has a forum where they submit their personal stories about the experience of motorcycle riding. Be sure to check out the latest updates about motorcycles and protective gear for the female audience. 

  1. Rider Magazine

Rider Magazine has become a popular motorcycle blogging site that has reached every corner of motorcycle lovers. The blog site discovered in 1974, which was a magazine publication at that time and grew to be the most recognized protective gear website. Rider magazine has covered each topic about motorcycles. Such range of topics includes news, reviews, apparels, accessories, learning to ride techniques, videos, events, touring and many more. Rider Magazine has such engaging content that allowed motorcycle enthusiasts to check out the latest updates about protective gears happening around the world. 

  1. Duca Chica

Duca Chica has come up with another motorcycle blogging site targeted for women. The motorcycle blog site established back in 2018 and gained its recognition for female motorcycle lovers. The site covers an array of topics about motorcycles including news, product reviews, adventures, lifestyles, interviews, gear, events, accessories, how-to guides and many more. If you women want to stay up to date about motorcycles, Duca Chica is the prefect site you want to browse for the latest protective gears. 

  1. Princess Scooterpie

Princess Scooterpie has fit in the top 20 motorcycle blogs you should be following. The blog site showed its recognition by filling in their adventurous rides of motorcycling and visiting exotic places to ride on the road. An old age married couple who loves to share their riding experience wrote the blog site. With the initial stage has gained its popularity of sharing their most wonderful experience of motorcycle riding. If you want to check out the latest update about people sharing their motorcycle adventures, this blog site is right for you! 

  1. Motorbike Writer

Motorbike Writer is a recognized motorcycle blogging site that founded back in 2013 by Mark Hinchcliffe. The protective gear site has covered each piece about motorcycles by meeting the readers globally. With the latest coverage has covered different topics of motorcycles including news, apparel, protective gears, reviews, clubs and groups, tips and travelling advice. Motorbike Writer has the frequent updates where you can reach the site to check out the latest news about motorcycles. If you love travelling by motorcycle and want to receive the latest updates globally, Motorbike Writer does the job for you. 

  1. Pillioness

Pillioness gained its recognition for motorcycle enthusiasts who love to share their fabulous riding adventure. The motorcycle blogging site founded in 2015 by Liz Hardy and continued to be the most updated blog site for those who want to look for answers related to motorcycles. The blog site covers fun riding experience to expert how-to guides for ensuring a better riding journey. If you want to look for the frequent updates about motorcycle bloggers sharing their adventurous riding experience, Pillioness does the work for you. To obtain the latest expert guides, this blogging site is right for you!

  1. Motorcycle Marc

Motorcycle Marc fitted in the top 20 motorcycle bogs you should be following in 2020. The motorcycle blog site discovered back in 2009 by Marc J. Beaulieu and admired by many fans who love to ride their bikes and share their recent riding experience. The motorcycle blog covers from safety tips to rent a bike to the owner’s life tips. With the updated content has continued to be the most recognized motorcycle blogging site for bike enthusiasts. If you want to get the latest updates about riding adventures and safety tips, Motorcycle Marc has got you covered! Do check out this site to know more about adventurous rides!

  1. Web Bike World

Web Bike World showed its popularity for being the most stand out blogging site in 2020. The motorcycle site portrayed its establishment back in 2000 and gained attention by reaching each corner of motorcycle readers. The site covers the latest information including news, reviews, how-to guides, helmets, accessories, buying guides, clothing, and gear guides. With greater attention, the motorcycle site has several blogging pages where you can enhance your interest in motorcycle and protective gears in one click. If you want to get the frequent updates about bikes and protective gears, Web Bike World has got you covered!

  1. Motorcyclist Lifestyle

Motorcyclist Lifestyle has covered each part of protective gears to reach the updated information when looking for a product for a certain ride. The motorcycle blog gained its attention in 2016 by Tom and his team. The blogging site covers each topic about motorcycles including protective gear reviews, how-to guides, roundups, bike care and expert tips. The site has covered for a wide range of motorcycle enthusiasts for both males and females. If you want to know more about how-to guides and wish to look for a certain protective gear with unbiased reviews, Motorcycle Lifestyle does the job for you! 

  1. Pipeburn

Pipeburn have recognized its motorcycles blogging site back in 2009 by the partners of Scott Hopkin and Mark Hawwa. With the massive attention of motorcycle enthusiasts has targeted for various audiences who loves to get to know more about different motorcycle brands. The motorcycle site covers an array of news covering different motorcycle types happening around the world. The site also has submitting the bike section where readers can submit their bikes for covering the story about motorcycles. With greater social media followers has gained recognition for motorcycle fans. If you want to get the latest information about motorcycles, Pipeburn has got you covered!

  1. Moto Lady

Moto Lady has come up with a blogging site that reached the top 20 motorcycle blogs you should be following in 2020. The motorcycle blog site has targeted a wide audience for female motorcycle enthusiasts who have the passion to ride a bike. The motorcycle site began its interest in motorcycles back in 2011 by Alicia Mariah Elfving who shared her riding experience reaching each female rider. The site covers press release, news, apparel store, history, gear and art. With the greatest passion for motorcycles, Alicia has a deep interest in arts. If you want to check out the latest updates about motorcycles for women, Moto Lady does it for you! 

  1. Flies in your Teeth

Flies in your Teeth covers different motorcycling activities happening around the world and in different states. The motorcycle blog site established its content in 2009 by Gary France. The blog covers different motorcycle riding trips he travelled globally by bike. With the greater engagement of content, the site has fun videos for viewers to watch and enjoy the motorcycling activities he has been to. The blog site has touring guides and has its tour named Tour1 that created rallies for a thrilling riding experience. If you want to check out the updated riding adventures and want to know more about motorcycle touring, Flies in your Teeth has all the updates! 

  1. Cyril Huze Post 

Cyril Huze Post covers customized motorcycles and updates the latest information about motorcycles happening worldwide. The site discovered in 2006 by the name of Cyril Huze and updates about custom motorcycles for Harley Davidson, choppers, and bobbers. With the adaptation of American culture, Cyril Huze grew up in France and developed a strong interest in motorcycles in his nineties. The blog site became a recognized online publication of covering custom motorcycles across the world. If you love custom motorcycles, Cyril Huze Post has all the information!

Wrap Up

Here are the top 20 motorcycle blogs you should be following in 2020. You can see these motorcycle blogs will allow you to obtain the latest updates about motorcycles and protective gears happening globally. With engaging content has caught each corner of motorcycle readers for being on this list. 

If you want to get the latest information, do not forget to follow one of these motorcycle blogs!


Who are the top 5 Internationally Famous Motorcycle bloggers?

Given below are the top 5 internally famous Motorcycle bloggers

  • Motorcyclist
  • Cycle World
  • Motorcycle cruiser
  • Return of the Cafe Racer
  • Bike EXIF

What are the names of the books related to motorcycle riders?

  • Around the world on a motorcycle
  • One man Caravan
  • Around the world with Motorcycle and Camera
  • Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance. 

Who was the first motorcycle rider?

Gottlieb Daimer was the first motorcycle rider.

Who are the top Indian Motorcycle bloggers of all time?

Here are the most famous Indian blog authors 

  • Mumbiker Nikhil Sharma
  • Msk blog
  • Zoher Ahmad
  • Vikas Rachamalla
  • Bigbang biker

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