Top 50 Best Makeup & Beauty Blogs You Should Read for Fashion & Makeup Tips

When it comes to your skincare and makeup routine, finding the best makeup and beauty blogs can help achieve that coveted flawless skin. Stumbling upon the right beauty blogs for inspiration and knowledge will encourage you to turn around both your skincare and makeup routines. 

Whether it’s finding the right products for your no-makeup makeup look or the holy grail organic products to keep your skin fresh and moisturized, beauty blogs will give you all the information you need. 

Top 50 Makeup & Beauty Blogs You Should Visit

In the following, we’ll be listing down the top 50 best makeup & beauty blogs you should definitely follow 

1. Makeup and Beauty Blog

This beauty blog mainly focuses on product reviews, makeup tips, and news. Makeup products are also compared, with photos of the swatches of their texture and finish shown side-by-side for better assessment.

2. Into The Gloss

Into The Gloss is a beauty platform that focuses on the empowerment of women through makeup products, careers, makeup how-tos, and more. 

3. The Beauty Department

The two individuals who founded this beauty blog created the platform to make their visitors more confident through tutorials, product reviews, and visual inspirations. 

4. Busy Yoga Mom

What makes Busy Yoga Mom distinct from other beauty blogs is that it doesn’t just focus on beauty alone but also tackles yoga, wellness, and style. 

5. Couture Girl 

The content on this blog ranges from shopping or product hauls and beauty trends to reviews, wish lists, and product favorites. 

6. Beauty is Boring

This remarkable blog gives you a unique and distinct approach to makeup artistry through different models, musicians, and actors, resulting in a modern definition of beauty. 

7. She’s in the Glow

Whether it’s making smoothies, sheet masks, narrating international travels, or exploring organic products, this blog offers a wide array of topics. 

8. The Sunday Girl

This blog won several awards for its high-quality beauty content, such as celebrity must-haves, the latest beauty products, and cult products. 

9. Mary Maquillage

Whether you’re looking for makeup how-tos, tutorials, reviews, giveaways, or inspiration, this beauty blog has everything covered. 

10. ICT

Based in the United Kingdom, the content centers around fashion, beauty tips, lifestyle, and even travel experiences and stories. 

11. Style Vanity

This beauty blog evolved from a personal fashion blog to beauty content and then general lifestyle. With their wide array of topics, their content is attractive for different viewers. 

12. Miss Whoever You Are

This beauty blog is focused on everything in the beauty and style niche, from Sephora recommendations, makeup haul, and fashion wardrobes to skincare must-haves in your routine. 

13. Really Ree

Founded by Ree, this blog aims to keep things real and accessible with her audience in the beauty niche, whether it’s updates on what’s new in the industry or the products worth trying. 

14. Total Beauty

The content of this beauty blog is focused on new products, trends, inspirations, and stories that can help women worldwide discover breakthroughs in beauty and health. 

15. Caroline Hirons

If you’re looking for a perfect mix of opinionated and factual content on the dos and don’ts of skin care, then this blog is for you. 

16. Function of Beauty

Learn from this blog how you can control what formula and product go perfectly with your skin or the beauty product you’re looking for. 

17. Lisa Eldridge

The owner of this beauty blog is a known leading makeup artist, making most of her content about her portfolio, makeup products, and videos. 

18. Camille Tries To Blog

Whether it’s fashion, beauty, travel, or lifestyle, Camille shows a narrative and engages with readers through her experiences with each of those niches. 

19. Kryz Uy

This is the perfect example of a beauty blog in a story-telling type of content. If that’s what you prefer in a blog, then you’ll definitely enjoy the blogger’s take on everything beauty, skincare, and lifestyle. 

20. I am Aileen

As a lifestyle and travel blog, the content isn’t primarily focused on makeup and skincare. The owner also gives travel tips and product ideas for gifts. 

21. Tricia Gosingtian

In the makeup and beauty niche, Tricia blogs about hair, product reviews, makeup tutorials, and inspirations to help women find the perfect look. 

22. The Beauty Junkee

Whether it’s life, food, beauty, fashion, art, pets, skincare, love, fragrance, or inner beauty, this beauty blog has the broadest range of content you can find. 

23. Product Review Mom

From the name itself, this beauty blog focuses on testing different beauty products and brands as shared by the blog owner.

24. Jane Iredale

This blog from the luxury makeup brand features products that promise clean and organic ingredients that won’t damage your skin in any way and prove that beauty can be achieved without toxins. 


This beauty blog has everything about the makeup and beauty niche, from product swatches, reviews, brand comparisons, and stories to makeup looks. 

26. 15 Minute Beauty

The owner of this blog is a doctor, and she gives remarkable blogging advice and tips, including an entire section on pregnancy beauty. 

27. Instant Grooming

Skincare isn’t just for women, as proven by the male owner of this blog. He specializes in making content on razors and other product reviews for men.

28. The Beauty by Bel

If you’d like to learn to create a particular makeup look, watch makeup vlogs, or even pick up fashion or home décor tips, this beauty blog has you covered. 

29.  The Formula 

As a fashion and culture blog, they talk about various topics such as hairstyle, fashion trends, and maintaining smooth skin with the right products. 

30. The Pink Velvet Blog

From suggested exercises and mental health to skin care, beauty, product reviews, makeup tips, and even recommendations to improve your sleep, you can learn many things in this beauty blog.

31. Digital Beauty

Created by a digital marketing agency, their content ranges from beauty product launches and technology to influencers and even the relation of beauty to mental health. 

32. Skin2Skin

This blog recommends good skincare products that can reduce any damage or imperfections on your skin to encourage a youthful appearance. 

33. Editional Beauty

The owner of this blog is a skincare and makeup enthusiast who does makeup and skincare reviews and swatches and, sometimes, even gadgets recommendations. 

34. Organic Beauty Blogger

From the name itself, the owner of this beauty blog tells stories of organic beauty, including product reviews, and swatches and also has a section for general lifestyle to tell others about her life experiences. 

35. Living Pretty Naturally

Whether it’s a natural beauty, food, nutrition, or wellness, this blog tackles organic and natural products and healthy living. 

36. The Natural Beauty Workshop

From the name itself, this is another blog inclined towards natural products, such as handmade soaps and other skincare products. 

37. The Green Product Junkie

The content of this blog primarily focuses on organic and non-toxic skincare and makeup products, especially with the number of harmful products that exist today. 

38. Mademoiselle Nature

The owner of this blog gives honest advice on beauty products, specifically if there are any adverse effects on the skin. 

39. Mommy Greenest

This blog delivers nothing less than sustainable and healthy products, and the owner ensures that her posts and reviews deliver as such. 

40. Vegan Beauty Review

Featured in several online magazines, the blog focuses on recipes for cruelty-free and vegan makeup and beauty products. 

41. This Organic Girl

Whether it’s skincare products, reviews, recommendations, and everything organic and clean, this blog will provide everything for you. 

42. Root

This blog promotes products that are nothing less than cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free, with the belief that every product you put on your body should be natural and affordable. 

43. Organic Bunny

Whether it’s pets, makeup, skincare, or hair, this beauty blog provides every piece of information you need on organic products and care. 

44. A Model Recommends 

From the name itself, a former model runs the blog. Here, readers can learn recommendations for skincare routine and makeup products and read more makeup comparisons and advice. 

45. Hey Aprill

The blog owner is a skincare micro-influencer, so it’s only natural that it has everything on skin care. 

46. My Women Stuff

The content of this beauty blog is the standard product reviews and recommendations, but they are all written in a perspective of a vegan. 

47. The Raeviewer

Focusing on luxury cosmetics, this blog does product reviews, swatches, and tutorials to encourage a balance between splurging and practicality. 

48. BeautyBets

The content on this blog is focused on product reviews, recommendations, how-tos, and advice on makeup, skin care, nails, hair, and wellness. 

49. Prime Beauty Blog

Apart from skincare and makeup product reviews, this blog also does giveaways to encourage women to be confident in their beauty. 

50. Rouge18

You can see a wide array of collections, product comparisons, holy grail recommendations, and inspirations for the exact look you want in this blog.

The Wide World of Beauty on the Internet

Out of all these 50 makeup & beauty blogs, which one is your favorite? Each one has something distinct that sets them apart from others. With these blogs above, you can completely turn around your makeup and skincare routine for the better.


Which are the top Makeup and Beauty Blogs?

Let’s look at some of the top Makeup and Beauty Blogs

  • My Beauty Bunny
  • Brown Beauty Talk
  • The Green Product Junkie
  • Barefoot Blog
  • Barely There Beauty.

Who are some of the famous Beauty and Makeup Bloggers?

Here is the list of some famous Beauty and Makeup Blogger

  • Michelle Phan
  • Huda Kattan
  • Jaclyn Hill
  • Desi Perkins
  • Jackie Aina.

What are some cool posts suggestions for the Makeup and Beauty Blog?

There are many topics that can fit in your beauty and makeup blogs like

  • Latest trends
  • Fashion and styling
  • Beauty care tips
  • Tutorials
  • Morning and night skincare routines, etc.

Do makeup and beauty bloggers make money?

Yes, beauty and makeup bloggers make money through paid ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. In addition to this, after earning handsome money they make their own merchandise company and promote it.

Are makeup and beauty blogs also for men?

Makeup and Beauty blogs are not only for women, men can also take advantage of them. There are many men beauty bloggers who are getting popular lately. These bloggers advise on grooming, fashion, style, skincare and everything related to looks.

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