Top 10 Outstanding Lead Generation Affiliate Programs

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you understand how critical the term performance is to your business. You aim at finding the best performance for your promotion campaigns to maximize your income. Multiple lead generation programs exist that can assist you in meeting your marketing objectives. Although there are multiple programs, some of them may not offer you the best service you need. It’s critical to find out the best networks in the affiliate marketing field and what they offer. In 2020, the most popular lead generation affiliate programs are as follows:


Situated in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Affiliaxe is one of the best lead generation programs in the world. Marketers using this platform enjoy numerous verticals. Due to a wide range of products that the program provides, markers can focus on the niches that can deliver high-quality outcomes. Marketers on this program can also access an affiliate manager who assists them in accessing massive traffic. This translates to an additional bonus that maximizes your earning. Many affiliate marketers like Affiliate because it’s simple to use.

The platform boasts of high-quality customer service, handsome payoffs, and multiple offerings. The program also offers complex monetization features, including XML product Feeds and Cross-Device Retargeting.

DFO Global

When looking for an outstanding affiliate marketing network, DFO Global should be on the top of your list of the best firms. The company offers digital performance marketing and technology services. The company serves different clients, including advertisers, affiliates, and customers in online marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you can enjoy multiple tools and technologies that DFO Global offers. Among the perks you want while using this platform include accessing a secure and closed environment with handsome payments. With this program, an affiliate marketer can enjoy timely analytics and other resources to boost their earnings. The program has localized pages for each region to suit the needs of various affiliate marketers.

Amazon Associates

If you’re a blogger, a publisher, or a platform owner, you can monetize your traffic via Amazon Associates. The platform warms up the leads that you direct to it on your behalf. Your critical role as an affiliate marketer is to refer new customers to the platform, and the network completes the other remaining sales processes. The platform has numerous products that you can pitch to your traffic. 

The Amazon Associate program is especially suitable for you if you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing. You can gain the skills and knowledge in affiliate marketing before expanding to other programs. As an associate on the platform, you earn a commission for the item you direct your web visitors to purchase on Amazon. The multiple tools that Amazon Associates offer helps you to study what your audience may like. The program has multiple merchants and products, so you can’t miss a niche to specialize in.

eBay Partner Network (EPN)

The eBay Partner Network is an affiliate program that enables blogs and sites to promote eBay products on their platforms for a commission. Through this program, affiliate marketers can increase their revenue by sharing their listings outside the eBay market. After signing up on this network, you can access numerous tools to market for eBay. The program also offers analytic tools that help you to track the performance of the ads. Payment is between 50 cents and a dollar when a buyer clicks through your ads. 

Multiple perks exist for affiliate marketers joining the EPN. The eBay marketplace has more than 162 million purchasers and over 5 million sellers. The total sales on the platform exceed $70 billion annually. This means that by joining this program, you’ve got a great opportunity of earning partial income.


Affiliate marketers who join this program access over 200 million people globally. The program specializes in digital products under multiple categories. The network is popular with many affiliate marketers because it pays vast commissions regularly. There are several products that you can market through ClickBank, which assures you of a constant income. The program also helps you to find out the best products to sell that attracts massive commissions.

As an affiliate marketer, there are multiple advantages to joining the ClickBank network. The e-book and other learning materials are a huge market, and you’ll earn handsome rewards if you market the products. Because of the massive demand for digital products, affiliate marketers earn huge payouts from ClickBank.

CJ Affiliate 

For people with experience in affiliate marketing, CJ Affiliate is a great network for you. The program features over 300 brands, with the best ones in the market. The commissions in the system keep growing at a rate of 43% annually. This means big money for marketers with massive traffic on their sites. If you want to keep enjoying commissions from this program, you must be ready to adhere to its stringent conditions. The network has a complex suite of tools that enable you to access unique features to market the products. The analytic tools offered by the platform help you to track the progress of your marketing efforts.


Do you have a knack for promoting software? If your answer is yes, then partnerStack is the best affiliate program for you. The network promotes the not-well-known software brands, plus the famous ones. The firm acknowledges that 30% of its software sales come from associates, and makes it a great platform if your traffic demands particular software. The multiple tools that come with the platform help associates to market digital products with ease. Because of the massive demand for software products, affiliate marketers working with this network earn decent commissions.

Fiverr Affiliates Program

Fiverr is arguably one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. The platform has over 11 million users spread across over 190 states. With a CPA of $150, Fiverr has decent commissions for any affiliate marketer. The Fiverr affiliate program has multiple perks for marketers. For one, referrals are limitless, meaning that you enjoy attribution throughout your life. The program has a user-friendly dashboard and other unique features that you can apply in marketing Fiverr. There are multiple online products that you can promote through this program. For instance, you can market logo designs, writing, business solutions, etc. With this program, you’ve over 250 categories of products to promote as an affiliate marketer.


Sharesale is an affiliate marketing program with over 20 years of experience in marketing. Affiliate marketers who want to join the program sign up for free. The program boasts of having nearly five thousand merchants in different marketplaces. You’re likely to get your niche within the program. The network is reliable in its payment of commissions. The network has a robust technology with unmatched speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

As an affiliate marketer, you can use two models to promote merchants on ShareSale: Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale. While payment on pay per lead is made when a visitor from your site signs a merchant’s form, you get paid on a pay per sale when a visitor from your site purchases a merchant’s product.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran affiliate marketer, multiple programs exist to boost your passive income. The companies listed and explained above offer the best services for different associate marketers in various niches. You can also use various tools to evaluate the quality of these leads by applying various techniques. 

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