Top 10 Indian Female Bloggers: Most Popular Blogs by Women

List of Top 10 Successful Indian Female Bloggers

So, here is the awaited list in which we have listed the Indian female Bloggers as per their priority in the Blogosphere of India and their popularity status also. Anyhow, to have a bias-free list, we mentioned ranks according to Alexa Rankings, Domain Authority, and some other social signals.

1. Shradha Sharma

Shradha is one of the earliest people who started their journey of blogging back in 2008. She is the founder and CEO of YourStory, one of the most popular website of India. As of today, the Alexa rank of her site is about 3,000, making it one of the most popular site in the world and not just India. The thinking and inner ability of this one of the Indian Female Bloggers, today made her one of the most reputed women in the field of business and start-ups too.

Her blog features a lot of things business, start-ups, the country based plans, tips, and ideas. Now, she is not the only author but her blog is supported by many of other quality writers from all across the globe. Before blogging, she gets started with the economic and commercial world. She also worked at The Times of India and CNBC TV18 in the past and in 2015, she was also featured as one of the World’s Top 500 LinkedIn Influencers of the world. Afterwards, her success stories keep on going and is still continuing! Hats off to this able Indian Female Blogger! who merely deserves the first rank in this list.

2. Malini Agarwal

Malini Agarwal, now popularly known as Miss Malini just because of her popular blog, made her one of the most popular Indian Female Bloggers too. She started her blogging journey back in 2008, and she had no any idea about getting so much exposure to her blog as it has gained as of now and is continuously growing.

Her interest was in the Digital world of marketing and according to one of her interviews with someone, she told her three favourite Digital Marketing tools to be the digital content of all forms, influencer marketing and analytic tools to gain more and more engagement. She also told about the three top reasons for why succeed to be the authenticity, their love of content and their hard work and dedication. Really, you want to be a dedicated women first, if you also want to be one of the popular Indian Female Bloggers. One of the major power behind her blog that anybody can notice clearly is the power of their ultimate digital content. Firstly, the website itself is designed pretty much wonderful that nobody would like to go somewhere else.

3. Jyoti Chauhan

Jyoti Chauhan is the founder of, one of the esteemed blogs in the field of Blogging, SEO and Technology News World. She is not just a blogger but also a freelancer who deals with many clients. Being an SEO expert, she might have helped many other bloggers a lot too via sharing her useful tips on her blog and by other ways such as by helping in link-building. She makes use of social networks, mostly Facebook to stay in touch with other bloggers and designators of her field.

She is still continuing her education with blogging and doing MCA. She has also been managing various other blogs. She mostly loves to share problem-solving blog posts and articles. One of the best things about her blog is the true review personality. You may find reviews of various things in the field of blogging, and you may have blind trust on them. She didn’t reveal her earning but shared some of the ways to be successful in blogging. Owing to one of the Best Indian Female bloggers, she has been featured in many other Indian Blogs as in an interview or featuring lists.

4. Lasya k Elzibeth

She is one of the most innovate women in this field, I would say. She runs the blog, AllTop9, which features the complex technology and blogging world tips such as the content about the money making ways and the proxy sites. It seems to be a strange topic for a normal women, but not for a Lasya, who is one of the Indian Female Bloggers and a star in the same sense.

She completed her Engineering in ECE with 80% aggregate from JNTU University and is passionate about the Internet from 6th standard. Anyhow, she talks about many things like Apps, Blogging, Earnings, Even, How-to, Games, Online Shopping and Technology on her blog. Due to her super blogging and earning capabilities, she has been featured at various places such as in Newspapers also.

5. Harleena Singh

Harleena Singh is one of the most professional bloggers from India. She blogs at aha-now, anyhow, from her Facebook profile, we come to know that she is a quotes lover and publish relevant and useful moral quotes about the steps of life. Her blog is all about life. According to her, we can consider her blog as a resource for understanding the various aspects of life.

Harleena Singh started aha-now in 2010 as a family blog in the month of December but in 2012, it grew more and started to consider as a complete personal development blog. Whatever the aspects may be – personal, related to family, or even professional, you may find quite relevant content on this blog. Recently in 2014, she also started an activity forum called as Aha!Now Blog Community or simply spoken as the ABC, which is also growing day by day. Thus, Harleena Singh is superior among the Indian Female Bloggers.

6. Jane Sheeba

Jane Sheeba managed a professional blog at which she shares her ideas, views and tips about achieving a successful business in life. She shares whatever she learned and whatever she is learning in her business and life. Back in 2007, Jane Sheeba started showing interest in blogs. She does all of this for her curiosity that she wanted to know why some people have their online presence to share their knowledge.

She started all of this by just writing whatever coming into her mind in the loneliness. She is married and had completed P.H.D. degree. Afterwards she came back to India. She initially covered the blog expenses with her day job income. And after all of this happenings, about a year spending, she quit her job and started flying with her successful blogging business. Thus, now she is appearing among all of us as one of the successful Indian Female Bloggers.

7. Nirmala Santhakumar

Nirmala Santhakumar is also one of the most popular Indian Female Bloggers from India. She blogs at MyMagicFunds. Her blog features various topics including Blogging, Technology, Online Money making, Communities, Expert’s Tips, Social Networks and reviews. Nirmala Started Blogging in the year of 2009 just as a hobby and from the past few years it has become her passion. According to her, in the beginning, she blogs about Money Making Online, health, and beauty niches but, later on, she got inspired by many of the tech bloggers.

Thus, she started her self-hosted blog, and now we can observe all of this technical topic on her blog. Anyhow, her present main blog which is MyMagicFunds was started in January 2013. By education, she is an Engineering Graduate. She also wrote for many clients before as writing is her passion. Thus, she also practised about writing the SEO based blog posts and all of these things helped her to become the one the best Indian Female Bloggers.

8. Shalu Sharma

Shalu Sharma’s blog labels, Travel Guide to India. Thus, she manages a blog and features guides about travelling India. A huge part of Indian as well as foreign population about travelling to various destinations in India, which is a good sign for such blog as like Shalu manages. This is because most of those people search online before travelling actually and people like Shalu are always there to help and guide them via sharing the useful resources on their blogs.

She is not just the founder of but also the founder of, which is a Social Networking Site of Bihar State. She was born in the capital of Bihar, Patna and also grown up there. YouBihar is the biggest social networking site of Bihar with over 12,000 members and it’s continuously increasing. Owning to her blog topics, she has been travelling all around the world and all of us should be proud of wonderful Indian female bloggers like her.

9. Chitraparna Sinha

Chitraparna Sinha is having an extensive experience in the online industry of content marketing. Her blog offers a lot of business solutions, most of which are related to content marketing only. The present company of Chitraparna Sinha started in January 2014, while that all leads to were started in 2008. According to them, they have worked with many businesses in countries like USA, England, Poland, Australia, India and much more.

We thoroughly checked her blog and found it full of useful resources and guides related to content marketing and digital business. Thus, the quality and content of the blog seems to be and may be considered as professional. Their present start-up is based in Delhi. They labelled at their homepage under the title, “Your Content Writing and Marketing Hub”. Thus, clears the presence of Chitraparna’s blog for what it exists.

10. Shiwangi Shrivastava

Shiwangi says that “her blog is the inception of her path of the childhood dream where may success will turn into a destination.” Pensitdown is a blog which focuses on multiple guides such as blogging, money making online, writing, social media, technology and much more. Her aim to spread the awareness about her niche. As her blog is not focused on a particular topic, we can’t have a review about for what people it may be useful because she is sharing all that whatever she can to help others in various niches.

Thus, blogging for her is medium to share whatever knowledge she has gained herself and also to earn money. We can’t say about money here because it’s the primary purpose of any blogger whether she is among the male or Indian Female Bloggers.

Anyhow, this is our list of Top 10 Indian Female Bloggers. As Indicated above, this list has been compiled after reviewing many of the Indian female bloggers and then arranging them as per some of the factors. But still there might be many other Indian Female Bloggers in the Indian BlogoSphere, who deserves to be featured in a list like this. For them, take this list as a motivation and keep progressing because hard work bore fruit. Thanks for staying here to capture of the names of the most popular Indian Female Bloggers, do share this blog posts with your friends on social networks to spread this awareness among more and more people.

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