Free Document Sharing Sites List [PDF Sharing Sites]

Are you looking for best document sharing sites to share & promote your PDFs, documents, and ebooks online with the world, family, students, friends or anyone else?

In this post, we are going to list the best free document sharing sites you will love to use to share your documents, PDFs & other data with the rest of the world totally for free.

Here’re a few reasons you might need to use Documents sharing sites
  • You want to get more readers, exposure in awareness & leads
  • You want to Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & get dofollow backlinks & web traffic to your blog
  • You want to keep your documents, data & PDF files secured under your private or public account
  • You want to share your work with the world
  • You want to sell your ebook & other stuff

Here’s a complete list to know about the sites. You can use these sites to share your PDF files & other data such as videos, images etc

1. Issue

When talking about the Free Document Sharing Sites, Probably Issue is the no 1 site that we might think about. Issue is the site where millions of blogs, magazines, publications & other stuff are published and read by users & customers across the world.
You can sign up for this site & share your own files at no cost too.
Now let’s go to the next one on our list.

2. Scribd

Scribd can be called as another catalog where you can read written & audiobooks, magazines, Slideshows & documents apparently, in the PDF formats.
The key thing to remember before joining Scribd is it’s a premium service which means you need to purchase their premium version to see their ebooks & other stuff, however, you can evaluate their 30-days trial version totally for free.

3. Yumpu

Yumpu is the best magazine publishing site that lets you freely publish publications, ebooks & PDF files which will help you get more readers, leads, & get more sales etc.

4. Calameo

Another amazing platform to read, publish & share documents, ebooks, articles & other publication is Calamêo. The best part of the site is that it’s completely free and in the free version of the Calamêo, you get 15 GB Storage for a lifetime, Unlimited Publications, 500 Pages limit per publication (which is awesome), 100 MB maximum size limit for each document you will upload and much more.

5. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs offers you up to 5GB storage as a free user, Dropbox integration feature included which lets you connect your Zoho Docs account with Dropbox to save all of your documents & publication in your cloud server, gives a secure file uploading, Desktop syncing and much more.


With, you get a free account & get a feature to share your publications, magazines, ebooks with millions of users across the world totally for free. You can also discover & read ebooks & publications published by skillful authors & writers which make the site super amazing platform for readers.

7. Slideshare

You may better know about Slideshare and probably if you do not stick that much with the Internet then you may not. However, let’s make things easier for you here. Slideshare is one of the top slideshows sharing site that lets you share your slideshows, ebooks & documents online with millions of readers across the world.
Like other document sharing sites, Slideshare will give you a unique link to your uploaded publication which your users & readers will use to reach to your publication on the Slideshare.
Tip:- Slideshare is the growing slideshows sharing site and Google & other search engines trust this site too much that there are chances your publication is ranked highly.

8. Slideboom

In case you’re not going to join Slideshare, or you need to know about the best Slideshare alternative, then Slideboom is here that fits the best with your concerns.
Like Slideshare, you can also use Slideboom to share your slideshows, documents & other PDF files with your existed readers & new ones.

9. DocDroid

DocDroid is built with an aim to provide you a unique & simpler platform/interface where you can easily & free share your Documents, PDFs & other publications even without signing up for the service. Even though on your first attempt to share the file, you’ll be asked to sign up but you are not forced to do so.

10. edocr

edocr is another free digital publishing platform where you can share your own documents, PDFs and much more totally for free. This is a perfect platform for those who want to attract users, customers & readers & get leads.

11. Dropbox

Dropbox is a powerful Cloud software that lets you store & share your documents, files & much more securely on your own cloud account. You get a unique URL for each file or to the entire folder you can share with the rest of the world.

12. Google Drive

Google Drive is another cloud software which gives you up to 15GB free storage including all of the Google Products such as Email etc. You can upload any kind of data & document to your Google Drive and share with the world, embed into your website and along with all other features, Google Drive gives you the ability to open PDF & Documents directly using the Google Drive PDF file opener online.

13. Turbobit

Turbobit is another faster cloud storage software that we discovered recently that gives you free access to share files to your secure server and access your files at any time for free and can download to your PC.

14. Sync

Sync is the perfect secure cloud storage site that lets you automatically sync your files, images & documents directly from your PC using secure servers directly to your account.

15. Box

Box is the easiest interface free secure file sharing platform which lets you make documents sharing easier for you. You can use the site to manage your data & collaborate with your friends, students & many others.

Bottom Line

We have listed the best documents sharing sites you needed to know about. Let me know in the comments below if you have anything regarding this list, or you have any best site or software you want to share with us.

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