Top 10 Health & Fitness Influencers, Bloggers in India

Fitness has been attractive to humans since the ancient era. It is not at all common to see people following the steps of fitness freaks.

From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Olivia Newton-John, or Indians like Ranveer Allahbadia, people have gone crazy over their tips.

It takes years of practice and focuses on building what people admire.

But their sheer passion and will bring out inspiration from the people.

Let us look at today’s Top Health Fitness influencers in India


He is one of the most shining fitness vloggers and Health Fitness influencers in India.

Combining all his three channels, viz Flying Beast, Fit Muscle TV, and Rasbhari Ke Papa, he has a subscriber base of more than 40 Lakh people on YouTube.

  • Inspirational Story

Gaurav was born on 12th July 1986 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, in a middle-class family. He completed his degree from IIT Kharagpur in 2008. 

He married Ritu Taneja on 5th Feb 2015 and has a daughter named Kaira (Ras Bhari).

He started bodybuilding from his childhood and has experienced more than 13 years in the bodybuilding industry.

He is a pilot by profession now, a certified nutritionist, and earns heavily from his channels on YouTube.

He and his wife are both pilots of Indigo Airlines.

  • Achievement or Awards
  • Has more than 7 Million Subscribers (Combining all his channels)
  • Earned YouTube Gold Creator Award (Gold Button)
  • Instagram followers – More than 1.5 Million
  • Twitter Followers – More than 3,70,000
  • Facebook Followers – More than 1,50,000
  • Met Barack Obama
  • He has big YouTuber friends like Mumbiker Nikhil, Ranveer Allahbadia, and Gaurav Chaudhary.
  • Indian Bodybuilding Federation National Pro Athlete
  • Delhi Bodybuilding Association Champion 2013
  • Current and former Affiliations
  • Air Asia
    • Captain – 1 Year and 7 Months – From May 2019
  • Indigo Airlines
    • Former Captain – 4 Years and 6 Months
    • Former First Officer – 3 Years and 5 Months


Sapna Vyas, one of the top Female Fitness Enthusiasts and Health Fitness influencers in India, has a combined following of more than 3.8 Million from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Inspirational Story

Sapna was born in a Gujarati politician family of Jay Vyas Patel on 10th Nov 1989 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Sapna was just 19 when she realised that being overweight at 87 kgs was hurting her image.

She intended more to cover her bulge.

Her weight loss journey started back in 2009 with a crash diet. She failed miserably but learned that correcting her lifestyle is a real-life solution.

She lost 30 kgs weight just by walking and weight training and avoided loose skin, dark circles, stretch marks, and other side effects.

  • Achievement or Awards
  • Earned YouTube Silver Creator Award (Silver Button)
  • Current Affiliations
  • Works as a Gym Instructor


One of the hottest Yoga social media stars, Natasha Noel, is an inspiration to the younger generations. Her story tells everyone how, even after being sexually abused, she raised her with inner positivity and became Health Fitness influencers in India.

  • Inspirational Story

Codenamed Yogini, Natasha was born in 1997 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Natasha’s mother tried to commit suicide when she was 3. When she was 7, a male servant sexually violated her. After this, her cousins also sexually abused her.

Through all of this trauma and pain, she found a little relief in dance. Eventually, she got another heartbreak moment from a break-up.

But, she did not lose her confidence in life. After adopting Yoga as her passion, her views changed, and she changed herself to an optimistic person.

  • Achievement or Awards
  • Earned YouTube Silver Creator Award (Silver Button)
  • Current Affiliations
  • Works as a Yoga Instructor
  • Self Motivational Speaker
  • YouTube Blogger


He is one of the popular fitness actors who is actively followed by people on social media. He is also a fitness entrepreneur, a famous YouTuber, and a Health Fitness influencers in India.

  • Inspirational Story

Sahil was born on 5th Nov. 1976, in Kolkata, West Bengal in a medium class Indian family.

He carried his film dreams on his shoulder and reached Mumbai in 2000. As of now, he has worked in six Indian films.

He has set records in the bodybuilding industry.

He is a professional bodybuilder and follows his personal made diet chart.

Sahil launched India’s first beach Gym in Goa and endorsed the world’s 1st First anti-doping drink energy.

Through his Instagram and blogging techniques, he is proving to be a gold mine for young generations in the bodybuilding field.

  • Achievement or Awards
  • Earned YouTube Gold Creator Award (Gold Button)
  • International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness awarded him a certificate of appreciation.
  • Karnataka Superstars Cricket League appointed him as the Master Fitness Coach.
  • He was selected as the Judge for Fit Factor Regional at BodyPower India.
  • Current Affiliations
  • Professional self bodybuilder
  • Professional Actor
  • Fitness Entrepreneur
  • YouTube Blogger
  • Brand Ambassador and Executive Director of the company Bigmuscles Nutrition


Professional bikini model and bodybuilder Ankita Singh adopted a healthy lifestyle, broke the gender stereotypes and became a three-time bronze medalist at the Miss India Bikini Physique, and Health Fitness influencers in India.

  • Inspirational Story

Ankita is a former Lucknowite and broke numerous taboos by becoming a bikini and fitness model. Her father is a former MLA from Mirzapur and Sonbhadra District.

Ankita started working out when she was graduating from M.S. Ramaiah Institute Technology, Bangalore. After a suggestion by a doctor not to take oily food, she joined Gym casually. Her only goal was to stay fit. But, she found her passion in the Gym.

Her family disowned her, but when she was placed 5th in the 6th International WBPF Championship in 2014, they had to accept her ambitions. She has never looked back since then.

She has represented India in fitness competitions on multiple occasions.

  • Achievement or Awards
  • Miss India Bikini Physique 2017 Bronze Medalist
  • Fitness Guru Magazine, in the year 2015, chose her as the Cover Model.
  • She secured 3rd Rank at Miss India 2016.
  • Beauty, Fitness and Wellness, an Africa’s leading lifestyle magazine, featured her as a fitness model.
  • Current Affiliations
  • Professional self bodybuilder
  • Brand Ambassador of Rite Bite Max Protein Bar, Divine Nutrition
  • Fitness Entrepreneur
  • Reebok India’s apparel model


Namata is a certified Pilates chair, reformer, Cadillac instructor, and ladder barrel. She has always been interested in motivating people towards pushing and meeting fitness goals.

She is also a certified Pole Fitness Instructor in India by Pole Studio. She also pushed her boundaries by her athletic training and became Health Fitness influencers in India.

  • Inspirational Story

Born on 24th August 1993, in Mumbai, India, Namrata is known as a Pilates girl. At the age of 16, she attained the status of being the youngest Stotts Pilot Instructor. She completed all courses of the Sottos Pilate at the age of 19.

She has graduated in the field of Major of Economics and Master of Science in sports. Namrata has authored the book – ‘The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit’.

In her school days, she has been a national level squash player and football player.

After she fell off a horse in 2016 at the age of 16, her career ended in Squash. But, she found motivation in pilates and continued her passion for fitness.

  • Achievement or Awards
  • Youngest trained Stott Pilates instructor
  • Wrote – The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit.
  • Was an official Pilates coach to the Mumbai City FC team in 2014
  • Current Affiliations
  • Professional fitness entrepreneur
  • Official Partner of Femina Miss India Organization since 2011
  • Cofounder of the Pilates Studio


Crowned as the 10th Mr India title in March 2017 in Gurugram, Uttar Pradesh, Sunit is a hard-working and smart professional bodybuilder.

He is a disciplinarian when it comes to his fitness approach and advises the younger to follow the same to stay fit and became Health Fitness influencers in India.

  • Inspirational Story

Born on 21st December 1992, in a Maharashtrian family, Sunit works hard as a bodybuilder by following a balanced diet.

Due to his sheer passion and will, he won The Federation Cup Overall Championship in 2014. Then he proceeded to win the Mumbai Shree in the same year.

He made a spree by winning the Maharastra Shree in the years 2014, 2015, and 2016.

It was 2018 when he finally made his name by winning the Mr Asia title in 2018.

  • Achievement or Awards
  • He won:
    • The Federation Cup Overall Championship in 2014.
    • The Mumbai Shree 2014.
    • The Maharashtra Shree in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
    • Mr India 2017 title in March 2017
    • The Mr Asia title in 2018
  • He was the Mr.Dubai International in 2016.
  • Current Affiliations
  • Professional fitness entrepreneur

VJ Bani

Bani is known for her participation in Big Boss Season 10, MTV Roadies 4, Fear Factor 4, Four More Shots Please, and as a fitness model.

  • Inspirational Story

Born on 29th November 1987, in Chandigarh, Gurbani Judge is a fantastic fitness model.

Bani has shown that success comes with efforts and smart work. She is an excellent example of success looks like. Her father is a businessman and mother is a housewife.

One of the multi-talented persons, Bani, has participated in multiple shows, including MTV Roadies 4, 6,7, X, and I can do That.

You can call her a fitness freak as she hardly misses the GYM!

She has put a shame to men in comparison to her body physique. She diet chart includes intake of nutrition, vitamins, and proteins.

  • Achievement or Awards
  • Hosted 5 Seasons of MTV Roadies.
  • In 2009-2010, she appeared in a Disney Sponsored show as a cast for – Kya Mast Hai Life.
  • She has appeared in two Bollywood films – App Ka Suroor in 2007 and Soundtrack in 2011.
  • Bani also appeared as a contested of Big Boss Season 10.
  • She has been one of the top contestants of Fear Factor 4: Kahtro Ke Khiladi.
  • Current Affiliations
  • Professional Fitness Artist and Model
  • Bollywood Actor
  • Video Jockey
  • Television Host


This man has overcome depression, alcohol habits, and break up. To remember his darkest side and how he overcame it, he tattooed his right arm. The tattoo constantly reminds him of the fitness challenges he yet has to achieve in his life.

  • Inspirational Story

Born on 2nd June 1993, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ranveer Arora Allahabadia is one of the hardcore fans of the fitness and inspires the younger generation for committing to the fitness.

Ranveer has been graduated in B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication from Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai.

His father Gautam is a Gynaecologist and mother Swati is a doctor by profession.

He is a popular Indian YouTuber and influencer and is known for his brand, BeerBiceps. Ranveer launched BeerBiceps in 2014 and Monk Entertainment.

He has a massive following on both Instagram and YouTube, which combined exceed over 9.64 Million.

  • Achievement or Awards
  • A successful YouTuber having more than 28 lakh subscribers on his BeerBiceps channel and 20 lakh subscribers on Ranveer Allahbadia channel.
  • Awarded with the Silver and Gold YouTube Buttons.
  • Interviewed celebrities like Boman Irani, Priyanka Chopra, CarryMinati, Darren Bravo, Saif Ali Khan, Ayushman Khurana, etc.
  • Current Affiliations
  • Professional fitness entrepreneur
  • Professional fitness YouTuber
  • Co-Founder of BeerBiceps and founder of Monk Entertainment Ltd.


Shilpa’s life has never been easy on her. Known for her witness, you can call her one of the ultimate fitness freaks. Even being a mother, she maintains herself a lot through Yoga and Life.

  • Inspirational Story

Born on 8th June 1975, in Mangalore, Karnataka, Shilpa was born in a traditional close-knit family in Mangalore of the Bunt community.

She started modelling at the age of 16 and made a debut in the films with Baazigar in 1993, which led her won the Filmfare’s Best Supporting Actress Award.

She performed her first leading role in the average film Aag in 1994.

Shetty has also been a proud contestant of Celebrity Big Brother 2007 UK and has also hosted Big Boss in 2008.

She along with her husband, Raj Kundra, are part owners IPL Team Rajasthan Royals.

In fitness, she is phenomenal by maintaining her physique approximate to zero figure.

BTW, she is YOGA freak!

  • Achievement or Awards
  • Won multiple films and TV Awards
  • Awarded with YouTunbe Gold Button
  • In 2007, the Indian Govt. awarded her with the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Award.’
  • Current Affiliations
  • Part Owner of IPL Team Rajasthan Royals
  • Judge o the Dance Reality Show – Super Dancer on Sony TV
  • Professional fitness activist
  • Professional Bollywood Actor
  • Television Host
  • Brand Ambassador of the Swachch Bharat Mission.


Fitness is now pushing India towards a more generous health goal. Indians are eventually becoming fitness fans by seeing real-life transformation changes.

Some Indians see fitness as popularity gainer while the others see it as a mode of free oneself from the soul.

Fit India is the new goal of society, and these mentioned stars are teaching Indians how they can realise this goal in the long run to become Health Fitness influencers in India.


Who are the most famous Fitness and Health Influencers in India?

Here we have mentioned some of the most famous Fitness and Health Influencers who motivate people to live healthy and fit lives

  • Mandira Bedi
  • Sahil Khan
  • Gaurav Taneja
  • Ayesha Billimoria
  • Shilpa Shetty.

Which are some Leading Health and Fitness blogs in India?

We have shared some of the leading Health and Fitness blogs below 

  • Health and Healthier
  • Put that cheese burger down
  • Fitness vs Weight loss
  • Picky eat
  • Fit be well
  • Gyan Unlimited.

How do health and fitness influencers earn money?

Health and Fitness Influencers ways of earning money are

  • Through Nutritional plans and Ebooks 
  • Educational Programs
  • Advertisements and Sponsorships
  • Affiliate Commission
  • Giving Health and Fitness classes.

How to become a Health and Fitness Blogger?

Let’s take a sneak peak at how to start your journey as Health and Fitness Blogger

  • Find your niche
  • Research and collect a knowledge about your niche
  • Build a strategy
  • Be active at social media platforms and interact with audience
  • Post images and videos 
  • Be consistent and develop your brand.

What are the strategies to get huge traffic on your fitness blog?

Here we have given some strategies to get huge traffic on your Fitness Blogs

  • Collaboration with other fitness bloggers
  • Strong personal brand
  • Find a good time to post and use keywords
  • Make content that attracts peoples
  • Create your content highly shareable. 

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