Top 10 Ad Monetization Platforms for Your Android Mobile App

The Android apps have earned huge revenue over the past few decades. Androids are the most leading operating system across the globe. This is the reason various enterprise owners are going for app development. 

Are you looking for an app monetization platform? 

Before jumping into different types of ad monetization. Let’s first check the models that are earning prominence in the market. 

Models for Android app monetization

  • Paid Android applications: Obviously, the strategy is incredibly straightforward. Yet the errand of persuading a client to purchase the obscure program would be uncomfortable. 
  • Freemium and subscriptions: These are comparative application adaptation models. The quintessence of which is without giving essential basic functionality. It is the best proposal to purchase a high-level feature package. 
  • Sponsorship: The user gets rewards in the wake of performing some basic tasks. And the application proprietors get a level of benefit. This means it is a great opportunity for you and your brand. In the case of fitness applications, such an undertaking may be the need to play out a specific number of steps each day (or something to that effect). 
  • Models of data monetization:  For this situation, the user permits the application proprietor to exploit their information. It will in return give this model utilizes the program without installment. Normally, the data monetization model offers such data to other intrigued organizations (which consider the client a possible customer). 
  • in-app purchases: The proprietors can sell the features of the paid app, virtual materials to the user, etc. 

Also, the fundamental thing is to attain monetization from Android apps employing advertisements. 

  • Video

As per the latest global trends, perhaps the best format adaptation model for ad monetization for Android mobile apps are video. As insights claims, 64% of clients see video ads better and are bound to purchase the promoted item. 

The benefits of video in the network of the social circle includes the following:-

Automatic playback: As soon as the user scrolls through the news feed, the video quickly begins playing. Regardless of whether an individual sees just the initial 2 seconds of the video, this might be sufficient to retain and promote the brand. 

An Android app monetization stages offer different video formats for promotions, for example, 

  • Video in Full-screen  (the name justifies)
  • Out-stream: This is a unique configuration of video advertising. It permits you to expand the awareness of your brand among the user. Simultaneously, it is best to reach wider users. 

Have you ever noticed that the news feed displays itself while you are on social networking sites? This is one of the best. Once you display the ad, the user while scrolling any social page will see your ad. 

They may not visit your site, but your brand name will remain in their mind. So, while they have the requirements (similar to your product), they will reach you. 

  • In-stream: This is a short and promotional video. It will start playing by itself as soon as the user is checking their main video. 
  • Rewards: It is a type of video promotion that urges the user to watch the video if they want to earn a special reward. It is specially implemented in in-game apps. 

Ludo King, Farm Heroes Saga are some game brands that have implemented this strategy. So, when the user has to collect a bonus or does not have any moves left. They can use these bonuses to get extras to complete one stage. 

  • Playable

These types of ad monetization are completely new. And has earned profits for business owners who adopted app development. They are computer short computer games and assists in entrancing. Later, he can play and download the Android app. 

These types of models have largely attained the attention of the user. They have given an amazing promoting experience. Even though it showcases the publicized apps, it has excellently captivated the user. 

Interstitial is yet another type of model for promotion. It covers the entire Android screen. It will give you more space to promote your product. It very well may be executed as a standard or video played during a couple of moments. To close it, an individual must tap the button. 

  • Native ads

Native Ads have a place with amazing tools for monetization. Similar Android ads will be a great hit. It looks like a piece of the content or application interface. 

The conversions from Native apps are higher on the grounds. It is because the user doesn’t understand that what they see is an advertisement.

This is affirmed by various examinations which include the Contently analysis. Indeed, even the “Promoting” or “Sponsorship Content” doesn’t change the circumstance.  

Native Ads are distributed in two categories:-

  • Content Stream
  • News Feed (In-Feed) 

Top 10 Ad Monetization Platforms for Your Android Mobile App

1. IronSource

IronSource is the best platform that can help you earn great monetization. This platform upholds a beautiful and wide scope for Android platforms. It provides four advertisement formats. These include:-

  • Banner
  • Interstitial
  • Offerwall
  • Rewarded video

IronSource has the business’s widest in-application video network.

2. Unity Ads 

Unity Ads is the most most-sought platform. This platform is best for advertising monetization. It is the best answer for mobile game applications. 

Additionally, it is the principal sort of service that upgrades for LTV. It provides great support for Android. They will help you with various sorts of promotions. This includes AR advertisements, playable advertisements, banners, videos, etc. 

Unity upholds currencies such as KRW, BRL, JPY, USD, EUR, CNY, etc.

3. The Amazon Mobile Ads API 

This platform is just for clients in Japan, U.S., France, France, United Kingdom, etc. 

With Amazon Ad Network if your user is not qualified for the payments via electronic, then they can opt for cheque payments. 

To utilize the Amazon Android ad network,  you must have an application on Amazon Appstore. 

4. Audience Network 

Audience Network by Google has opened new doors. It will assist you to make money with the Android application. 

To begin you need to have an Android app on the Google Play Store.  You must also have a Facebook account. 

Facebook Audience Network works worldwide and upholds the DIY approach for monetization. Hence, you can undoubtedly enjoy the quick setup and acquire great money from advertisements. 


AdMob is the biggest platform that can earn you great monetization. This platform is an auxiliary of Google. AdMob adapts your application with actionable insights and in-application advertisements. It upholds numerous currencies and it permits you to earn money throughout the planet. 

Like any other products of Google, AdMob is an incredible platform that is truly simple and intuitive in utilization. 

6. MoPub

MoPub is additionally the top Android advertisement network. This is loved by application designers and distributors throughout the planet. 

MoPub provides four kinds of ad promotions. They are:-

  • Banners
  • Rewarded
  • Native 
  • Interstitials

Other than that they give more effective technical and troubleshooting investigating support.

7. is yet another advertisement organization on the planet. It is termed as the first creator of the format- “display to search”

This platform serves relevant, native, and display ads. 

8. Yahoo App Publishing 

This platform permits you to gain admittance to a huge number of top-notch Yahoo advertisers. It serves full-screen, native advertisements, and banners on your application. 

The enticing feature about this assistance is that with monetization openings.  It acquires your admittance to Flurry Analytics also. 

9. Verizon Media 

This platform serves more than 90 billion day-by-day ad demands. This can essentially build your income. In addition to other things, their streamlined solution for monetization permits you to improve on complex cycles continuously. 

10. AdColony 

AdColony is an Android application advertising platform. It promotes Aurora™ HD Interactive video, Instant-Play™ HD video, etc. They are best for video promotions. 

In this manner, it is driving higher commitment in versatile application promotions.

11. ConsoliAds

ConsoliAds Pte Ltd. is a leading Singapore-based one-stop mobile ads management platform
that focuses on mobile app growth. We enable app publishers to boost in-app revenue and
foster growth by offering out and out monetization services and powerful user acquisition.

ConsoliAds for App Monetization

Having an acclaimed footmark across all regions globally, the platform is acknowledged among
the best mobile ad networks for publishers. ConsoliAds thrives on customer satisfaction
providing easy SDK integration with exceptional revenue increments via in-app advertising. Our
feature-packed platform mediates revenue generation via a partnered fleet of top Ad Networks.
The mobile app monetization platform gives absolute control in the hands of the publisher to
evaluate and optimize at ease.

ConsoliAds for Mobile Advertising

Besides, ConsoliAds thrives as a dynamic mobile ad network leveraging advertisers with
innovative advertising campaigns. We ensure higher ROAS by empowering advertisers with the
best mobile advertising solutions. Our Ad Network enables advertisers to set up dynamic
campaigns with crisp targeting and audience segmentation for highly relevant conversions.  

Vision of ConsoliAds

We are envisioned towards growing in-app revenue for mobile app publishers and upgrading
advertising opportunities for advertisers. Our mission is to build a sustainable economy that
would enable individuals to prosper through value addition to society.

Have doubts about which Android monetization platform to embrace? 

  • You must always choose a platform that suits your app and strategy objectives. 
  • If one platform does not give you that prominence, try the other.
  • Do not get disheartened if your app does not make it instantly.

Some Frequently Asked Question

  • What do you mean by the term “ Android ad network”?

It is the place where the publishers and advertisers can connect together. They can sell and purchase an inventory of Android display ads. 

  • Is running more network ads helpful for business?

If you are operating your app via ad servers it can give you more access to the demands of advertisers. 

Each model works differently. You can use different combinations. 

  • How can you add networks of mobile ads to the networks of Android apps?

Every enterprise tackles things differently. They will integrate the mobile app with the best strategy. You can be at ease with support or proper documentation.

In a nutshell,

An adept mobile app development company can guide you more aptly. They will certainly implement the right Android Ad Monetization strategy that can help your business to earn great ROI.

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