100+ Blogging Communities To Bring Massive Traffic To Your Blog

Still on the aspect of promoting your blog, blogging communities made the list! Is there any limit in promoting your blog? the answer depends on you. There are many new blogs out there looking for ways to drive traffic, build relationships and generate backlinks to their blog, well this is for you. I joined communities a few weeks after my blog launch and all my blog posts are submitted on most of these communities mentioned below. What have I gained? I’ve really gained a lot, made friends and got to know some bloggers and most importantly, traffic became my playground.

Blogging communities are places where you relate with likeminded bloggers to learn from and promote each other.

There are thousands of bloggers out there in these communities waiting for you to drop your quality article and you might be missing some good amount of readers if you overlook this platform. Ready to promote the heck out of your post? Join these communities below, promote others by sharing their post and voting for them, they’ll definitely do the same for you.

Blogging Communities to Promote your Post

1. Blogengage

Blog Engage is a premium blogging community but you’re really going to get the best out of it because it’s worth it. Just like the name says, it’s a platform where bloggers engage with each other. If you really want to build relationships with other bloggers then you must take a look at this platform. I’m a member and the result I’m getting from it is really awesome. There’s even more features than what i said, just hop over and see what they have to offer. Want to get the best too? Join blog engagenow!

2. Bizsugar

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, it’s a commonly used blogging community and also similar to blog engage. If you’re a new member, your first submission is going to be moderated and when approved, you’ll be free you submit your blog post without moderations. There are also thousands of bloggers in this community and getting visitors from this platform is awesome. Join Bizsugar now!

3. Inbound

Inbound is another great community and there are lots of active users there. You need a good number of votes to make it to the first page and in order to get the best out of it, you have to join discussions, vote for others and build good relationship. It’s quite an easy place; you’ll start promoting your post as soon as you register. Join inbound now!

4. The Writers Social

I came across this community a couple of weeks ago and I must say it great platform to learn from others and at the same time promoting your post. I was introduced by a friend and its result is also awesome. It’s simple, submit great articles and your submission will be approved. The name says it all, “the writers social”. Looking for a social community? then join the writers social now.

5. Blokube

An awesome community similar to the ones mentioned above, there’s just no difference. It’s also based on voting and the higher your vote, the higher your post ranking in the community. Need a wider audience? Join Blokube now!

6. Klinkk

This is another new blogging community created by Erik Emannuel, Thanks to Tommy for mentioning it in the comment, tons of experts are flocking into this community and you can get to know them too if you join, what are you waiting for? Join Klinkk now!

7. List.ly

I got to know about this community through some friends, my content was shared on the platform and i saw great results in my stats, you might be missing something big if you over look this community. Join List.lynow!
Reminds me of my biology days. “Symbiosis” does it ring a bell? A situation where two different organisms live with and are dependent on each other to the advantage of both. That’s exactly how blogging communities works.
Are you hesitant? Check out what you’re going to get from the community.

A higher ranking

All the communities mentioned gives you a dofollow link back to your blog, this means that google is going to follow up your link and give you a higher pagerank. And the higher your pagerank the higher your ranking on SERP. Don’t be mistaken, you’re pagerank still increases even if there’s no pagerank update.


There are thousands of users that are ready to read your content, connect with you and even promote your blog. heads up, building relationship doesn’t have an automated process but by interacting and commenting on other member’s submission or blog post. That is the perfect way to build a lasting relationship and of course you know its significance.

Higher domain Authority

Google pagerank is not dead, the calculations never stops but google doesn’t want to show us our result right? This is one of the reasons why folks now prefer domain authority to pagerank. In case you don’t know, submitting your blog post to blogging communities increases your domain authority. To check yours you can quickly hop to OpenSiteExplorer. If you really want to improve your domain authority then you must join these blogging communities.

New Ideas

Blogging communities are not only about promoting your post but also about reading and learning from other submitted posts by community members. See how it works? They submit their blog while you read the helpful post, comment and share it you your followers. That’s another great way to build relationships.

How does blogging communities work?

Communities is all about voting, the higher your votes the more likely you’ll make it to the first page, that’s where you’re really going to get some cool traffic. Instead of promoting your blog post on social media, promote your submitted post on social media. Why? Because after reading your summary, they’ll likely vote for you and eventually hop over to your blog to read the full content. So what are you waiting for? Hop over and see what they have to offer.

Commenting on Peoples Submission is also a good way of creating good relationships especially when their article is also shared. They’ll always look for a way to pay back and of course you know what they’re going to do. They’ll also promote your blog, it’s a win – win situation.


I’m a fan of communities and I know there are folks out there that prefer other promotional strategy than blogging communities. There are hundreds of blogging communities but these are my pick, joining a whole bunch of communities might be a lot of stress, actually it might not work out for you, it’s better you concentrate on a few. I do submit almost all my latest blog post there and the result is crystal clear. I’m sure there are other blogging communities you use in promoting your blog, do mention them below and are you using these ones mentioned above? I would love to know if you’re getting good results from it. In case you haven’t read, can also check out more ways you can promote your post. What are you going to do after reading this article? Join the blogging communities mentioned above right? that’s great. I’m off to promote this post and I’d love to see you there.

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