100+ Blog Post Ideas For College Students

If you’re a student and want to start your blogging website, you’re looking for some cool and attractive ideas to write new topics that are easy to rank and easy to write. That’s why we’ve Handpicked 100+ blog posts ideas that you can use to write. After reading this article, you have so many topics in your mind to write about.

Awesome Blog Topic Ideas For Students

#1 Study Hacks Blogs 

Study Hacks is a great topic to write about. So many students are eager to know such tactics to boost their productivity in studies, especially during exams.

#2 Best Academic Blogs

These are very serious articles that are more engaging for almost any severe person. Such blog posts consist of academic life, problems during research, and scientific findings of a novel. 

#3 Blogs Posts About College 

College blogs are trendy and engaging. Students have so much interest in knowing about the campus, faculty, events, extracurricular, etc. 

#4 Blogs Posts on Studying Abroad

You can guide students about the requirements and other things of studying abroad in your blogs. Students also like to read about the lifestyle of the students who are already studying abroad. 

#5 Study Blogs on IT

Programming and Developing are growing these days, and they are an essential part of life. You can write about such things since you don’t love to read about the advent of new technologies.

#6 College Admission Blogs

You can also write blog posts on the admission of college. You can cover all the challenges that come in the admission process and give suitable solutions for each. This guide will help students in various ways. 

#7 Unique College Supplies

You can list all the essentials needed for college life. It will be helpful for all the freshers and will also give them a great start. 

#8 How to Increase Productivity?

This is a very crucial topic to write about. Being a student, they have to go through many complexities and disciplines to make themselves more productive. Thus you can write about those productivity secrets. 

#9 How to Study Effectively?

Not a single student wants to do unnecessary hard work if they can achieve more with the help of Smart work. And this intelligent work teaches us to study effectively. You can write those principles to follow.  

#10 How to Write A Paper?

Learning anything is just a waste if you can not express it in your terms, and this is why every Student checks out one of the best ways to write papers to get more marks. 

#11 Teacher Gift Ideas

Events like “Teachers Day” are widespread in schools and colleges; thus, it could be a great idea. 

#12 Easy Recipes

So many students live on their own in different-different cities; thus, they need to make food by themselves. 

#13 Time Management

Time Management is the key to success in a student’s life, which most students lack. 

#14 Living Alone: Pros & Cons

So many students live alone during their higher studies. This kind of blog post will help them a lot to be prepared. 

#15 Gifts For Kids

You can make a list of the best gifts for kids. This is also a very engaging topic. 

#16 Gifts For Teenagers

You can list some top-rated teenage gifts that will make their life effortless. 

#17 Gifts for College Students

List all the creative gifts in your blog posts, and this will surely be a fantastic idea. 

#18 Homecoming Proposal Ideas

Please list all the Homecoming Proposal ideas, and it surely will be so engaging.

#19 Homecoming Outfit Ideas

Make a list of top-rated Homecoming Outfit Ideas, and you can also rate them. 

#20 HomeComing Theme Ideas

List all the best theme ideas in your blog post and make it the latest enough to match this year-s requirement. 

#21 School Year Goals

You can write some general goals and also list some specific goals-making ways. 

#22 Coupon and Deals For Shopping

You can make blog posts about all the actual coupons, and hence it will be a delight for all. 

#23 Lunch Box Snacks

Considering factors like health, easy to make, quickly prepared, and attractive, you should list all the ideas. 

#24 Lunch Box Ideas

Kids like creative lunch boxes, and you can list them and share them. 

#25 Planning Tools 

Make people aware of these Planning Tools and their power. 

#26 How to Stop Procrastination?

Everyone procrastinates, especially in their college and school life, so solve this issue. 

#27 How to Deal With Stress?

Dealing with stress is one of the significant issues for anyone in any stage of life. 

#28 How to Speed Read?

So often it happens when students run short of time, all these tips and tricks will help them. 

#29 Study Techniques Aiming for Efficiency 

Make a list of the techniques and strategies that can help students study with more efficiency. 

#30 10 Must Items For A College Freshman

List all the essentials and share them with your readers. 

#31 How to Deal With Teachers?

This is one of the best things to write about.

#32 Backpack Ideas

 Make a list of excellent and creative-looking backpacks under budget and share them. 

#33 After-School Activities

Make a good list of all the activities students can do after college. Be aware of all the factors while making this list like – popularity, best ones, benefits, downside, etc. 

#34 Best Book Ideas For Kids 

Recommend all the top-rated books to the students who can bring good changes in their life. Students will like to read such blog posts. 

#35 Planners 

Make students aware of the power of planners and teach them how to make them. 

#36 Tips For Freshmen

You can also make a list of tips that can be helpful for all the new admission students ( Freshers)

#37 How To Choose The Right Career

Deciding on a career is a highly complex task these days, so you can make a list of very out-of-the-box ideas and share them with readers.

#38 Expectations vs Reality

You can talk about such things, and students will like to read about such things. For instance, you can write about college life Expectation vs Reality. 

#39 How to Build The Right CV 

List all the best tips to build a suitable CV and make a blog post. 

#40 Students Club Ideas 

You can list all the popular club ideas you have heard about. 

#41 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This one is very creative. You can answer all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in your blog posts. 

#42 How To Make Money While In College?

List all the legit ideas and give students this delicious opportunity to make money while in college/school.

#43 How To Start Your Own Business In College?

Every second Student is thinking of building a business in their college and hence you can list a guideline and some ideas. 

#44 How To Meet The Right People In College?

Every student needs to have good connections during their college, and hence you can tell them about the dos and don’ts. 

#45 DIY Crafts For Kids

This is a very engaging topic, and kids will love it. 

#46 How to Help Your Kids Love Reading

You can write about some habits to be taught to the kids to generate their interest in studies. 

#47 How To Have A Better Relationship With Kids?

This is what most parents search about and eagerly want. This takes so much patience and wisdom. 

#48 How To Deal With Teenagers?

Write all the possible things to deal with teenagers and share them with your readers. This will majorly be helpful for the parents. 

#49 How To Make Our Child More Responsible?

This will be helpful for the parents to make their kids mature. This is a good idea to share. 

#50 How To Buy School Supplies On A Tight Budget?

This is great to make a list about, and every Student will love reading about it. 

#51 Homeschooling: Pros & Cons

Everything has its pros and cons. Hence you write about it. 

#52 Tips for Teachers

You can list all the best tips for teachers to make students respect them. And teachers can also deliver knowledge in the best possible way. 

#53 How To Prepare A Kid For The First Day Of School?

This will help parents get ready, which will be effortless for kids as well.

#54 Cool Class Project Ideas

List all the creative and cool ideas for your class projects and share them with your readers. 

#55 How To Motivate Students?

You can write X Tips that will keep Students motivated. 

#56 Ways to Get Involved On Campus

Write X ways and share it. 

#57 What You Should Know about Sorority Recruitment?

Make a good list about it and share it as a b9lg post. 

#58 Helpful Tips To Maintain A Long-Distance Relationship

This is a ubiquitous thing in a student’s life, and hence you can write about it. 

#59 X Tips to Maintain A Healthy Relationship In College

So many students have a relationship in their college times, and thus it can be an excellent topic to write about. 

#60 X Things You Should Know Before Leasing An Apartment

So many problems occur after paying the amount, so make students aware before they make any mistake.

#61 How to send the email appropriately to Your Professor?

This is where almost every Student lacks and loses confidence to teach them in a beautiful universal way. 

#62 Make A List Of Shoes You Need in college

Make a good and beneficiary list and share them with your readers. 

#63 Money Management As a Broke College Student

Every student has to spend their college life on a budget, and hence it’s a great idea to write about.

#64 X Apps You Should Know In Your College Life

There are so many apps that help students in their college life. Thus it can be an engaging idea. 

#65 Final Week Stress Management

In every college/school, the final week requires a different level of discipline, and You can write some tricks to survive the last weeks properly. 

#66 Self Awareness Concept

You can teach students so many things through your blog posts, like the concept “A Letter To Your Future Self”. 

#67 Pros and Cons Of Living in Campus

You can write about all the essential aspects and let students know each and everything. 

#68 Essentials For A College Tour

 Make a list of the needed items students should have in their backpacks to make their college/school tour successful. 

#69 Dorm Room Studies 

Reveal all the secrets of the Dorm Room Studies and make your readers aware of it.  

#70 How To Be Successful In College?

You can write about the main concepts you should follow to make yourself leading ahead in college.

#71 How To Survive Long Classes?

Give tips to manage all these long lectures and be aware each time. 

#72 How To Write A Letter To Your Younger Sister, Brother, or Any Family Member?

This can bring a good change in a student’s life in terms of their relationships with their family. 

#73 How To Maintain Mental Health In College?

Mental Health should be the priority of every college/school-going, Student. And it would be best if you openly talked about it in your blog posts with your readers.

#74 How To Make New Friends In college?

This is a massive problem for introverts, and hence you can solve this problem. 

#75 Discounts For A College Student

There are always some special discounts for the students that not everyone knows and you can write about them. 

#76 How to Get The Mr./Ms. Fresher?

This is the dream of every college student, and hence it would be a very engaging one to write about. 

#77 List of Gifts for Graduation Men/Women

You can list the best gifts for Graduated Men and Women, and hence it will be a great idea.

#78 Tips to Maintain Relationship With Seniors 

Maintaining relationships with seniors is a must, and you can reveal the insider truths in your blog post. 

#79 Facts You Should Know Before Applying To Any University

Reveal every secret of the college so that it will be a piece of cake for Students to filter whether to opt for the college or not. 

#80 College Application Mistakes To Avoid

Write a list of the general mistakes that every Student should avoid committing. 

#81 How To Nail Your Interview College?

Write a complete guide to nail the college interview and impress the interviewers. 

#82 How to Prepare For Placement Interviews?

Placement interviews have different procedures and criteria, and you should write every possible and needed thing. 

#83 Don’ts In Your College Interviews

Write a list of all the don’ts in the college interview to avoid rejection. 

#84 Pros & Cons of The Dropout

Dropout is a very crucial decision, and every student should take it very carefully. So write about it and share it with your readers. 

#85 Right Time To Tour College Campus

The college has its own rules and restrictions, and students have to follow everything. Thus you can write about it. 

#86 Tips To Prepare For Internal/Sessionals

You can list all the essential lists for preparing the internals. 

#87 Scholarships Secrets

Reveal all the secrets of the scholarships and let students know about everything to save their money. 

#88 How To Go On An Internship?

Finding an internship is a difficult task, and you can list some platforms like Internshala to make it easy for students. 

#89 Top Study Spots On Campus

Every campus has some spots for studying; find them and list them in your articles. 

#90 How to Study For Semester?

Students should be well prepared for the exams, and here you can give some tips. 

#91 Inspirational Stories 

Students love reading about such stories, and such blog posts usually stay so much engaging. 

#92 How To Do The Part-Time Job?

Part-Time is not at all an easy task to find out; list them in your blog posts. 

#93 Life Of A Hostel Student

Hostel life is not an easy one, and hence students usually search about such things. 

#94 Student’s NightLife

The entire college has excellent importance in nightlife. And hence every Student should have a great understanding of it. 

#95 My Story of A College Student

You can write about your college life if it has any interesting parts. 

#96 Tips For Living With Roommates

Living with roommates is a challenging task, and you can give students some tips about it. 

#97 Career Advice

You can make students’ lives effortless by listing some of the best career opportunities according to their strengths and weaknesses. 

#98 How to Go For A Walk In Interview 

Very few students know about the walk-in interviews. Thus you can make them aware of it. 

#99 How to Be A Topper Of The Class?

List all the secrets of the topper to be a topper in the class and share it with your readers.

#100 Where To Find Scholarships

There are so many platforms that can help students know about the scholarship programs, and you can list such trustworthy platforms. 

#101 Campus Building Tour

You can make blogs about the building of the campus because students love to read about such things. 

#102 X Side Hustles You Can Pursue While Your College/School

List some of the best side hustle ideas to help all the severe students about their careers. 

#103 Student Study Table

The study table has a significant relationship with students’ success, hence teaching students about the importance of it. 

Final Verdict

After reading this article, we hope you don’t have a shortage of new and eye-catching Topics to write about. Most of the topics are engaging, and you’ll love to write content for your website. Drop your comment and let me know which topics you like the most to write about.

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