Top 10 Cricket YouTube Channels for the latest News Videos, Highlights, Interviews and Scores

Cricket enthusiasts always want cricket updates without any delay. For that, they search for it on different platforms like YouTube channels for cricket, news channels, Apps, etc. One of the very favorite platforms for all cricket lovers is cricket YouTube channels as YouTube gets updates real fast so more people usually prefer to search for the latest news Videos, Highlights, interviews and Scores on YouTube only. As using YouTube is easy and doesn’t cost any money it becomes more comfortable for people to use it and utilise it.

There are several YouTube channels that provide the latest Highlights of cricket, interview videos of the players, score updates, information related to cricket and the latest videos. 

Now it becomes a tough situation for cricket fans to select a YouTube channel for all the updates, as there are many cricket-related channels on YouTube with some false and pseudo news. So here we have provided the Top 10 Cricket YouTube channels for the latest News videos, highlights, Interviews and Scores that you should go through for the best information.

SD Factz Hindi

  • SD Factz Hindi is a Cricket YouTube channel that usually focuses on cricket updates and lifestyle. 
  • It generally features the latest cricket-related news, Highlights, Trends, and analysis. This channel also promotes cricket lifestyle topics like culture, Fashion, and Travel.
  • SD Factz Hindi provides cricket enthusiasts with some very refreshing insight into the cricket world.

Cricket Classics 

  • Cricket classic YouTube Channels convey cricket activities from the past, which many of the audience have enjoyed watching. 
  • With all the commentaries and cricket analysis, they post the cricket highlights on their cricket YouTube channel. 
  • Cricket classics mainly focus on the big cricket games and big names as they convey some of the best highlights from past played cricket. 
  • Cricket classic post somewhere short videos but it’s worth watching.

Daily Cricket

  • This YouTube cricket channel generally posts videos about the latest news of cricket and its highlights.
  • They also provide their suggestions about the particular match and post the most neutral and unbiased favor on their YouTube channel. 
  • This YouTube channel with all dedication, gives overall news related to cricket, including T20s, the World Cup, IPL, etc.


  • The Cricbuzz YouTube channel gives all the latest updates on cricket in two languages Hindi and English. With all the old and new news and updates, it has become one of the favorite platforms for cricket enthusiasts.
  • The Cricbuzz YouTube channel delivers the latest News Videos, Highlights, and Scores related to cricket
  • It provides information about all tournaments and matches whether it’s a domestic cricket match or an international. 
  • All the highlights of Cricket leagues National or International, like IPL, CPL, BPL, T20, etc. are provided by the Cricbuzz channel. 
  • Cricbuzz has its application on the Play Store.

Windies Cricket

  • The Windies Cricket YouTube channel covers all the news of the West Indies cricketer and cricket team. 
  • It features the latest News Videos and Highlights Of cricket. It helps cricket lovers to stay up to date about cricket and scores.
  • You can capture all the latest updates of Windies cricket and watch live matches on YouTube with extra highlights on the channel. 

Super Cricket

  • The Super Cricket YouTube channel is devoted to cricket and all its updates.
  • This cricket YouTube channel broadcasts live cricket matches, the latest News Videos, Highlights and interviews with awesome commentaries by retired cricketers and experts.
  • For staying up to date about cricket, this channel is the best resource for cricket fans.


  • On the ICC cricket YouTube channel, they show all the information about the latest cricket Videos, scores, highlights and interviews
  • Whether cricket World Cup, ICC T20 or T20 World Cup all the latest highlights and news are provided by this YouTube channel. 
  • ICC’s YouTube channel also posts some clips of international cricket matches and insights from the top cricket stars. 

Cricket Life Stories

  • In the YouTube channel of Cricket Life Stories, they interview cricketers, coaches and managers. 
  • They discuss the new or old players and their playing skills, the sports journey of retired cricketers, the latest updates of upcoming cricketers and many more topics.
  • The show is hosted and produced by Neel Khagram. 
  • They talk about the highlights of the match and interviewers.
  • They also provide highlights and clips of their show on their channel.

Sky Sports Cricket

  • Sky Sports Cricket brings the latest highlights, live games, and interviews of cricketers with in-depth research of matches.
  • It is a new channel and made specially for cricket enthusiasts. With all the highlights clips and expert commentaries Sky Sports Cricket YouTube channels stand high on the list of best cricket YouTube channels.
  • Sky Sports Cricket YouTube channel also streams podcasts of some of the very famous personalities of cricket and interviews them.

The Hundred

  • The Hundred YouTube channels of cricket provide all the updates about men’s as well as women’s cricket matches. 
  • Bringing the latest highlights and clips is a special feature of this channel.
  • It Features the news and highlights of international cricket teams. Players also enjoy playing some other indoor games other than cricket here. 
  • They post some interesting videos of players’ highlights of shots they hit during matches.


YouTube is a crucial tool of social media and one of the most influential platforms, especially for video sharing. For all the small or big information, we always switch to YouTube for suggestions. 

As we have already mentioned so many important ways in which you can gather information about cricket and cricketers. Try exploring all the given cricket YouTube channels for better knowledge and extra information. These YouTube channels of cricket provide the latest News Videos, interviews, Scores and highlights of cricket whether it’s about national matches or international tournaments. 

A deep analysis of those top YouTube channels of cricket helps in gathering the latest information and passing the information to others through different social media platforms.


Does YouTube stream live cricket?

Yes, there are many channels on YouTube which do live streams of cricket during the match. You just have to search for it on the search bar. It’s free and doesn’t cost anything. 

Which cricket player has a channel on YouTube?

Some famous cricketers who have YouTube channels are

  • Shoaib Akhtar
  • Akash Chopra
  • Pat Cummins
  • Snehal Chauhan
  • Brad Hogg

What are some of the foreign YouTube channels related to cricket?

Here are some foreign YouTube channels related to cricket

  • Cricket Victoria
  • All Out cricket 
  • ECB
  • Lords Cricket Ground 
  • HD Cricket Videos 100

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