Top 10 Best Cricket Games for iPhone (iOS) and Android 

Being one of the most popular sports, cricket has millions of followers all over the world. Whether we talk about playing outdoors or on a smartphone, cricket has its charm everywhere. Now that people know App stores are flooded with tons of cricket games, they play it more often. To accelerate users’ experience these applications majorly focus on the particulars of cricket like balling, batting and fielding. However, as our technology is growing, feature advancement is more likely to occur every minute. Cricket games for Android and iPhone may comprise real teams, players, accurate movements, stunning graphics, realistic simulation and real cricket visualization but if we connect all these factors, a game becomes quite hard and challenging. 

Here we have provided some great and challenging applications of cricket games for iPhone as well as Android phones. 

Epic Cricket

Epic Cricket application provides some important formats of cricket like Test matches, ODI and T20. 

This game allows around 20 International teams, live events, 8 tournaments of world cricket championships, and even the auction of players by building your team. Besides all the championships and leagues, It provides a unique multiplayer competition called the Epic Cash League. thus , Epic cricket is among the best cricket games, offering some Special reward-based features for multiplayer battles where you can illustrate your unique premier league skills and get genuine rewards. So rather than stopping yourself, take a step and start to play.

WCC Rivals- Realtime Cricket Multiplayer

The WCC Rival game is created by NextWave Multimedia. It is a multiplayer cricket application that provides some real-life experience on both Android cricket games and iPhones. You can encounter some real matches with players from all around the world and help yourself to prove your talents in cricket. 

This game provides a competitive environment for players to prove themselves. It conducts several kinds of tournaments to keep players busy and improve their gameplay. By challenging the opponent, WCC rivals help players showcase their ability to play even in intense battlegrounds. 

Gully Cricket League Sport

Being nostalgic and showing the essence of cricket even in the streets, the Gully Cricket League Sport application gives you all the feel of the gully or street cricket online. Through this app, you can have one of the best mobile cricket gaming experience and play cricket by customizing your playing character, selecting the gully where you want to play and the jersey which you like. 

This app brings all the memories back from childhood adventures of playing cricket on roads and streets. 

Captain Cool Cricket – Manager

To test your skill of managing a cricket team here’s an app called Captain Cool Cricket- Manager. With some easy steps, you can choose your team players and train them according to your cricket skills. You can also play a match with the competitor to test your team. 

Naming your team and selecting your sports jersey depends upon you as you are the manager of the team. This is a very interesting app for those who are cricket lovers and want to learn more about cricket. 

Stick Cricket Super League

This app is for Cricket lovers who prefer a more simple gaming experience. They provide addictive and enjoyable gameplay techniques. You can customize the player’s appearance and choose the uniform according to your liking.

The easy-to-play and cartoonish graphics make this game more comforting. If you want to play a little gameplay session you can choose the T20 format and enjoy a short game.

Sachin Saga Cricket Championship 

For cricketers who idolize Sachin Tendulkar and want to learn his gameplay techniques, this game is perfect for them. To relive the legendary moments of Sachin this application has provided all the matches that Sachin has played, which you can also play through this app and his journey of cricket. 

The game offers some real-time championships, challenging tournaments, amazing gameplay modes and multiplayer matches.

Cricket Captain 

The cricket captain application is for those who like managing cricket. 

This game helps you to experience becoming the cricket team leader and making some crucial decisions during the matches. With all the realistic match imitation, team management opportunities and thorough player statistics, the Cricket Captain game becomes more hooked for fans of cricket who are seeking a strategic cricket simulation gaming experience. 

Cricket Bowling

It is a game of bowling in a 3D manner. Learning this game is a piece of cake. You just have to know the balling techniques and rules related to it. 

To unlock the new features of the game you have to collect the coins through playing it. You can unlock new stadiums, balls and environments. 

Cricket Megastar

Cricket Megastar is among the top mobile cricket games that provide some thrilling experiences to young players competing internationally. Every decision in this game is crucial as it promotes match performance, decision-making, and skill development. It offers customization opportunities and some dynamic features to explore while playing. 

ICC Cricket Mobile

It is a simulation of the international cricket field. ICC Cricket Mobile game is an Android cricket gaming app that allows players to pick their favorite teams and players. It provides a huge variety of gameplay modes, like ODI, T20, Pair series, and World Cups. 

This game is very famous among smartphone gamers as it gives some thrilling experiences in international cricket matches.


There are a variety of cricket games for mobile phones. It depends upon you which one you want to play. These games give you some experience of cricket. Whether you want to play as a bowler, batsman, fielder, or team manager, it totally depends upon you. If you want to play a short game session, you can choose T20 or ODI, and if you want to play the whole game go for the World Cup. 

Multiplayer techniques can keep you connected with your friends and family online. And lets you compete with other players to examine your cricket experience. The instant decision-making feature makes you the leader of a team and opens up your mind. 


Do actual players appear on mobile applications of cricket games? 

It is possible only if the app has an official license to show real players and teams. 

Does online cricket have authorization for two players to play simultaneously?

Yes, a lot of cricket applications have features like the multiplayer option which lets you play with your friends or family.

Do mobile applications of cricket have frequent updates?

To provide perfect gameplay the app developers frequently enhance the functions and features of the cricket application. They try to fix inaccuracy fast for better playing. 

Can I play cricket with anyone online?

Yes, you can play online cricket with anyone all over the globe with a better experience. 

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