10 Best Free Online Flowchart Creator Tools

A flowchart is one of the best ways to pre-decide what your actions have to be in case you face any emergency during the project life cycle. If not an emergency, then what has to be the sequence of events and decision-making can also be pre-decided more sequentially through a flowchart. Moreover, if you are someone who makes a flowchart for your projects, then you do not need to create separate flowcharts for similar projects. 

Here are the 10 Best Free content creator Online Tools that you can always use.

1. Lucidchart

Lucidchart allows you to visualize all your data through its diagrammatic feature. It also offers you some features that you could use while collaborating with other brands. It is made up in such a way that it improves and smoothens teamwork. 

  • Lucidchart is a user-friendly tool, meaning it is too easy to design various kinds of flowcharts through it.
  • Numerous features help remote teams ease their work through easier collaborations like embedding, comments, etc.
  • Lucidchart is also available in its free version with enough templates that you can use.

2. Creately

Creately is another such tool that is designed to let you make flowcharts efficiently. To begin with, create has a large number of templates with diversified themes. Therefore, you can always find something or the other related to your tune of work.

  • Creately not just lets you create aesthetically pleasing flowcharts but also is very smooth to use.
  • Creately has very unique collaborative features that make it different from other free online logo creator tools.
  • Creately provides you with a video conferencing feature that helps you and your team to work efficiently while drawing.

3. Cacoo

Cacoo is another diagramming tool that aids you with real-time partnerships and is cloud-based. Cacoo offers numerous templates and styles; hence it makes creating a flowchart easy and interesting.

  • There is a free version of the tool available with as many as 3 sheets, and each sheet can have up to 15 shapes.
  • The paid version is also budget-friendly; it starts at 5$ per user per month that extends a 14-day free trial.

4. Draw.io

Draw.io is a free tool that helps you design charts, diagrams, and other diverse visualizations online. It is a user-friendly tool that comes with a variety of templates, shapes, and other options, leading to a content experience of using the device.

  • Since it is a free tool and hence it tops the ranking of online logo creator tools when it comes to value for the price.
  • Even though it lacks certain features when compared to other tools that come with subscriptions. Hence, it can be best suited for small teams that are just beginning their content-creating journey.

5. Visual Paradigm Online

With Visual Paradigm, it is straightforward to build flowcharts with just a few drags. Its editor resembles a spreadsheet that tracks and represents the data in a visual format. There are various videos available on the internet that will help you initiate your journey with Visual Paradigm. 

  • You can always choose to experiment with the free version of the tool so that you pay for the subscription only when you are delighted with the tool.
  • There are plenty of diagramming tools available; hence if you are handling more than one team at a time, VP is your stop.

6. Canva 

Canva is another online designing tool that is popular for the attractive templates and shapes it offers. There is a variety of templates and shapes available in the free version of the tool. But you can always enjoy additional features with paid subscriptions. 

  • Canva has recently launched a tool that allows video editing too.
  • Moreover, Canva claims to compete with Google and Microsoft to deliver the best software to its users.

7. Gliffy

Gliffy is another cloud-based designing software built to design various flowcharts for your content. There are various diagrams, flowcharts, floor plans, and other sorts of visualizations that can be created through Gliffy. Moreover, Gliffy lets you share and edit the diagrams with the users easily.

  • Users can export the diagrams created via Gliffy in a variety of forms like PDF, SVG, JPG, etc.
  • Gliffy is supported in all sorts of the web platform.

8. Pencil project

Pencil project is a free tool that lets you design diagrams along with various visuals. It is a very handy and easy-to-use tool that makes your content look creative and well-structured. There are a variety of visualizations available the user can use that according to their preferences.

  • There is a versatile library provided by Pencil Project that includes a wide variety of shapes and templates.
  • The best feature of Pencil Project is that it requires no active internet connection to operate and hence can be used anywhere.

9. Whimsical 

Whimsical is a specialized tool designed for creating flowcharts. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to design flowcharts via Whimsical, making it a user-friendly tool.

  • Whimsical can be claimed as one of the fastest shape creators online, as it does not require any additional extension or tools to work. 
  • Flowcharts created by Whimsical can easily be collaborated with its other files, allowing you to switch between projects smoothly.

10. Smart Draw

SmartDraw offers a wide range of online diagrams that can be used for multiple purposes depending upon the creativity of your content. It can be counted among the most loved diagramming tool as it offers a variety of diversified features that add up to the value of SmartDraw. Also, it is easy to use and hence loved by the users.

  • SmartDraw diagrams can easily be integrated with any app, including Word, Powerpoint, and whatnot.
  • Apart from so many pros of using the tool, there are specific cons too. It needs to take better care of loaded software and hence sometimes results in a loss of data.
  • The tool also makes you face difficulties while saving your work. 


1. What is the best free program to create a flowchart?

Here are some of the best tools to create free online flowchart-

  • Draw.io
  • Gliffy
  • Wireflow
  • Google Drawings
  • Cacoo
  • Lucidchart, etc.

2. How do I make a flowchart online for free?

If you want to create free flowcharts online, you can use these tool

3. What is the best tool to create a flow chart?

Here are a few flowcharts online-

  • Textografo
  • Diagrams.net
  • SmartDraw

4. Does Google have a flowchart tool?

Yes. You can use Google Drawings to create a flowchart for free. 

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