Top 20 Games That Will Pay You Real Cash To Play

Before, people view video games as entertainment and a way for people to pass the time. But as the industry evolved and grew, video games became more than just a way for people to give the time. Many people are now using video games to make money, usually in blogging, live streaming their gameplay, or participating and winning esports tournaments. However, these ways of earning money playing games would require dedication and hard work.

It’s like playing video games would have to be your full-time work. Fortunately, blogging, live streaming, or winning esports tournaments are not the only way that you can make money playing games. There are many games out there that will allow you to earn real money just for playing. Let’s look at the top 20 games that will pay you real cash just to play it.

Top 20 Games that Pays In Real Cash


When you search for making money online playing games, Swagbucks will always be one of the top recommended opportunities. It is a Get-Paid-To website, where you will make money to do the things you already do online. This thing includes using the site’s search engines, answering surveys, and of course, playing many of the games that the site has.  

You earn credit called Swagbucks whenever you play games, and you can convert the credits into rewards like gift cards and cash. Paid Cash via PayPal, and you just need to reach the minimum required to cash out. Just remember not to expect to make a lot of money from this site. It will only be a supplement for your primary source of income.

Second Life

If you like playing life simulation games, then you will enjoy playing Second Life. It’s an online virtual world that simulates real life. In this game, you create an avatar and then make it do things you usually do in real life. This matter includes interacting with people and going to places. The virtual world even has an economy of its own and uses its currency called Linden Dollars.

You can earn Linden Dollars by creating online content and then selling them inside the game. Another fun fact is that you can also sell and buy some virtual properties. You can even earn Linden Dollars making your avatar perform in concerts or events. Second life offers many different ways to win. The Linden Dollars you earned can get converted into real cash. The conversion will vary, but as of this writing, 1 LD is equivalent to $0.00313.


If competitive gaming is your teacup, you should visit GamerSaloon if you want to make money playing video games. It’s a website that facilitates head-to-head tournaments of skill-based video games. The beauty of this site is that it supports many popular video games that you usually play on PC, significant consoles, and mobile devices. You can make money playing games like NBA 2K20, Tekken 7, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and many more.

But there is a catch. First, there’s going to be an entry fee for each tournament, usually $5.50 or $10. Then, you will need to win the championship to get the money. Cash prizes vary with the lowest being $10 and the highest $1,000. Unless you are confident with your gaming skills, making money from this site would be very difficult.


Another gaming site that you can go to if you want to earn some money playing games is Gamesville. It’s an online gaming site that rewards people with GV points redeemed for cash and other prizes. However, the place was recently purchased and is changing. New games will get added as well as bringing back some of the favorite games.

Currently, the game only has the Cheap Sweepstakes Stakes, where you can win different prizes. The site would have a weekly drawing, and you can be part of that. There is one entry per day limit, so you can’t put as many entries as you want.

World Winner

This thing is another great site where you can make money playing games. World Winner is similar in a way to GamerSaloon that you get to earn by competing in tournaments. But unlike in GamerSaloon, the games that you will play here are mostly casual or card games. The site has matches for Solitaire Rush, Bejeweled 2, Angry Birds Champions, and many more.

You can play the game in a head-to-head or multiplayer match. But like GamerSaloon, you need to make an initial deposit first that you will use to participate in the tournament. And you also have to win to make money.


If role-playing multiplayer games are the ones you like to play, then Exodus3000 is the game to play to make some money. It’s an online role-playing multiplayer strategy game where you get to explore the surface of the planet Mars. In this game, you can attack, defend, form alliances, and earn money.

The game uses an in-game currency called Mars Dollars. You can get them by searching for ruins and mining volcanoes. The in-game currency is what you will use to upgrade and purchase other things. You can also exchange your Mars Dollars for real money, and the conversion is 300,000 for $20 (but this is dependent on your stats).

Classic Rummy

If you know how to play the Rummy card game, you can also make money playing Classic Rummy online. It’s a card game that is usually played with two decks. And each player tries and checks to form sets and sequences of each cards presented on the floor. But this card game usually has many variations. In Classic Rummy, there are many different variations that you can join to make money.

But like with GamerSaloon and World Winner, there’s a fee that you need to pay to participate in the Rummy Cash Games. And to make money, you will need to win the tournament.

Brain Battle

Brain Battle is another game that you can download where you can also make money. It’s an application that’s readily available in both of the top gaming stores online for free; The Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It has a variety of fun games that you can play to have a chance to earn money. In this app, you get to win tickets whenever you play one of the games that they have.

Those tickets will be your entry to the many cash prize drawings that Brain Battle conducts. You need at least one card to enter, but the more ticket you have, the higher your chances of winning. Of course, the problem here is that the earnings are not guaranteed. You need to be one of the lucky winners of the draw to earn money.

Lucky Day

Gambling is one of the things that many people would usually try to make quick money. With the Lucky Day site, you won’t have to worry about going to a casino since this site will bring it to you. This site will allow you to play casino games like Black Jack or participate in Lotto draw. The beauty of this app is that you can win real money.

Even if you don’t get the jackpot, you can still earn points, which you can redeem for other rewards like gift cards. You can also use those points to enter sweepstakes, and additional raffle draws.

Global Beta Test Network

Testing new video games is another way for you to earn some money while playing games. And when it comes to game testing opportunities, Global Beta Test Network (GBTN) is best to try. What’s great about is that the games you will test aren’t even out yet. This matter means you’ll be one of the lucky few who will be trying out that game for the first time and get paid for it.

The only problem is that the opportunity is scarce. The number of test invites that you will get will depend on your profile (including the game consoles that you have) and the Game that GBTN requires testing.

Beta Family

Another testing site that you can try is Beta Family. Unlike GBTN, this site will test Android and iOS apps, including games. Your role here is to check the app and look for bugs. The test will come with instructions that you will follow and then just report all of the bugs that you find. The site offers both free beta tests and paid ones. You will have to start with the free trials before you considered the paid criteria.

Unlike GBTN, where you will have an invitation, You will have to check Beta Family from time to time to see if there are new tests available. You will need a good score first to get considered for the paid tests. You can earn $5 to $10 per test, but you will need at least $50 to cash out from your Beta Family account.

Wealth Words

Crosswords puzzles or other similar brain games are great games that won’t only help you pass the time, but also keep your mind sharp. But you can also make money playing these games, and this is made possible with Wealth Words. It’s a website where you can play different brain games and make money from it.

You can earn money if you get the crossword puzzle right. But remember, each problem has a time-limit, and players are only required to put it one letter for each blank space, so you need to make sure that what you’re entering is correct.


Blast is a labeled app that serves as the Gamer’s Savings Account. It’s an app that will help you save money whenever you play your favorite game. You just need to link a bank account and your favorite game to the app. It will then put in 1 cent every in-game action you perform on the game that you linked in.

What’s excellent about Blast is that it can also enhance your savings with the help of Plasma rewards. You earn reward points during every game session. You’ll have a bonus for every in-game mission or action that you complete.

Corporation Master

Corporation Master is a game that simulates the real-world economy. It will test your abilities and skills in business, management, and strategies as you try to make as much money as possible. You can work, start a company, join the military and gain in ranks, and build your corporation. The great thing about this game is that the money you earned here can get converted to real money.

You can exchange your Corporation Master Currency for Euro. You first exchange the currency to gold, and then you transfer it to Euro. One Euro is ten gold, while one gold is 10 Corporation Master Currency.


This game is another match testing opportunity that you can try. iGameLab is part of PanelPolls, and the site will allow you to test different games and get paid for it. You will be checking online games, mobile games or apps, websites, and virtual worlds. You will be receiving invitations to participate in game testing opportunities that will fit your profile.

A testing project can take about 3 to 4 days. You can expect to earn $10 – $100 per test, depending on the length of the survey and video.


Another game testing site that you can check out is Betabound. It’s a site where there are many opportunities for beta testing games. However, unlike the other game testing opportunities mentioned here, you won’t usually earn anything upon completing them. But some game developers reward testers with incentives if they provide high-quality feedback about the game. Betabound will put in the description if the game testing opportunity has a motive or not.


Nintendo offers an opportunity and objective to be one of their game testers. However, the only problem is that the company doesn’t have a remote game tester option. You need to live near Redmond, Washington, to apply as one of the company’s game testers.


Gamezop is another website that provides online games for you to play and also have a chance to make some money. The site contains many different games that you can play, and each time you earn money whenever you come out on top of these games. You can also make some money for referring other people to the site. The money you earn can get withdrawn via Paytm.

Long Game

A long game is an app to help you save money. But what’s great about the app is that it has a gaming component. You earn coins whenever you put more money into the app. The more money you put, the more coins you earn. The coins can enable you to play different games that can get found in the app.

These are mostly gambling games, and you can get additional coins whenever you win. But some of these games will reward you with cash that will get added to your savings. It’s a great app that makes saving money more fun and exciting.

PCH Games

Another good site that you can visit to make money playing games is Publishers Clearing House. It’s a site where you will have a chance to win different prizes that the site offers, including cash. You will need tokens to enter raffles and sweepstakes. To get these tokens, you just need to play the different games found on the site.

Each game is fun and straightforward to play. So you won’t have problems playing them as often as possible. Once you got the tokens, you can use them to enter the raffle and have a chance to win cash prizes.

Final Thoughts

There are many different games, apps, and sites that can provide ways for you to make money while playing. The ones mentioned in this article are some of the best apps or websites that you can visit to make money playing games. If you enjoyed some of the games mentioned in this article, you should also try checking out some of the similar games from The website also has games that will pay you to make money like Make it Rain: The Love of Money.

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