Top 10 Best Cricket Games For PC/Laptop/ Windows to Download

In the past or recent years, cricket has always been in the headlines. It is popular among all age groups, whether we talk about youngsters or adults. Some game sites give you real-life cricket-playing experiences free or through paid services. Cricket games for PC have high-quality cartoonish graphics and genuine players, which bring all the methods of playing right to your fingertips. 

These online games allow an alluring experience that blends the delight of nailing the spinning of the balls and hitting the bat with all the convenience of the laptop or PC. 

Given below are the top-rated Cricket games for PCs and laptops based on some important factors like game modes, graphics, and gameplay mechanics, which ensure that you have the best time spent in playing digital cricket. 

Don Bradman Cricket

  • Don Bradman Cricket gives some features like career mode in which players can create and choose their character. 
  • The graphics of this game offer a realistic vibe that makes it popular among the fans of cricket. 
  • This laptop cricket game does not require a large space; only around 2GB RAM can manage it. 

Cricket 97

  • Cricket 97 online game is specially designed for PC and laptop users as it provides free access to download and play. It is one of the best cricket games for windows.  
  • The founder of this game has worked a lot in graphics and fascinating 3D-structured stadiums. 
  • In this game commentary of cricket features is present. Players are somewhere similar to real-life players but names are different. As they didn’t get a license for naming the players according to the real one. 

Ashes Cricket

  • Ashes Cricket is a popular PC and Laptop game that allows players to play cricket video games easily and simply with just a few rules to follow, and provides you the best Cricket gaming experience. 
  • The game contains interesting and intuitive bowling control and dynamic batting schemes plus game may also consist of some extra insurance and a shot selection plan. 
  • Hawkeye’s visualization capability is seen all through the playing span. 

Cricket Coach

  • Cricket Coach is popular among the cricket PC games for its huge database of stats. The tournaments you play can remain saved, and you can easily analyze the game.
  • The performance of a player is rated according to all the matches they have played in domestic contests, ODI, test series or International matches like International T20s, Worldcup, etc. 
  • The cricket coach application helps you to easily learn some cricket moves and rules. Training is given to all the players selected by the team manager.

EA Cricket

  • EA Cricket gives you the best experience of cricket online. Its epic features provide a real-life cricket experience in digital mode. 
  • The game offers a variety of tournaments like the World Cup, ODIs, etc. Choosing the players and building your team is your responsibility.
  • The graphics of the game are impressive and the gameplay is smooth, this makes the game perfect for cricket fans.

Cricket 19

  • Cricket 19 is created by the Big Ant Studio. This game gives a mesmerizing adventure of cricket. 
  • The game permits users to participate in Domestic and International matches, including the Ashes series and the World Cup. 
  • The game illustration is stunning and the gameplay is very cool and vibrant with some unique rules of play. 

Cricket Revolution 

  • With some fast cricket updates the Cricket Revolution name proves its name meaning right.
  • This game majorly focuses on fast-paced playability and strategic decision-making.
  • Cricket Revolution offers a thrilling match experience with various gameplay modes, including short matches, multiplayer games and tournaments. 
  • The free downloading app of Cricket Revolution is available on various sites. 

Wicket Cricket Manager

  • In this game, a unique, surprising twist is there, which makes it more interesting. Some random occurrences of ailments and injuries spice up the game.
  • Multiplayer championship leagues are conducted and it lets you play against some real users. 
  • Features like expanding your stadium, selecting the ticket fee, choosing jerseys for players and training them according to you are available. 

Cricket Manager Pro

  • Cricket Manager Pro suggests some strategies and gameplay methods for real cricket experience with the top cricket team formation. 
  • With its amazing features, it has managed to take a place among the best cricket games to download. 
  • You can customize your jersey and playground according to your preferences. 
  • Challenge another team around the world and if you win you will be awarded with some exciting rewards.


  • This is a next-generation ultimate cricket simulation game with some real-world cricket experiences.
  • Create your dream team, select the location, guide the players and play the game with some great strategies. 

Conclusion: What are the best cricket games for you?

These online cricket games are among the best options if you are looking for cricket gaming for PC. By playing these games you can encounter some realistic simulation and unique experiences. 

These games showcase your cricket skills through the matches they conduct digitally, from International cricket championships to local matches you can present your talent on any platform. With the real thrilling experience of the pitch online you can indulge in the best cricket games and enjoy the whole playing scene.

Save these games on your PC for free and be ready for hours of thrilling cricket experience.


How many types of modes are active in a cricket game on a laptop?

There are two major modes of playing cricket on PC-

  1. SIngle Player
  2. Multiplayer

What is the minimum amount of RAM required to play a cricket game on a PC smoothly? 

For smooth playing your PC at least should have 4GB RAM but if you have an old PC you can still play cricket but an old version of it.

Do these games need internet connections while playing? 

It depends upon which game you are playing. Some games require an internet connection while others don’t require any internet connection so it can be played offline.

What are the system necessities for perfect cricket playing on a Laptop or PC?

The system necessities for playing cricket depend upon which game you are playing and it varies for all the games. But for general system necessity here are some important requirements 

  • Running System- Windows 7 or 8 or higher
  • Processor- higher intel core i3
  • RAM- 2 to 4GB or better
  • Storage- 8 to 10GB minimum or higher 

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