Top 20 FREE Q & A Sites – List of Top Question and Answer Sites

A Question and Answer website is a type of site where all the users can ask questions on any topic, and answers are given by other users. Websites that allow users to ask questions, share information, and discuss any hot topic with the whole community of users are called Questions and Answers sites.

In recent years the Question and Response trend is so popular people discuss exciting news and share their points of view digitally. A lot of evolution has been seen in search habits; many alternative sites are also available online if some sites are unable to explain the topic, many more sites are also there to search on. These sites are one of the finest options as they receive traffic each day, so it becomes easy to get a solution. 

What Instructions you should follow while using Question and Answer sites?

Before making any content, you need to be conscious of a few things. Here are some guidelines which should be in the back of your mind 

  • Most people like the quality of the content so your content should be user-friendly and easy to understand. Your subscription rate, Click Through Rate and ranking depend upon the standard of your content.
  • Avoid writing wrong information in response to the question. Your niche of content needs to be relevant and respectful to others. Offensive words, personal attacks or digital harassment should be evaded. 
  • Thoughtfully frame your information and avoid plagiarism. 
  • The format of your content should be visible, and avoid extreme advertisements and self-promotions. 
  • Before explaining any answer, assess all the details about the topic and be specific.
  • Enhance your knowledge of the topic you are interested in.

List of Top 20 Question and Answer Sites

Here is the List of top questions and answer sites. Use them as you want, and recommend the list to your friends and colleagues.  

2Expert exchange
3The answer bank
5Got question
6Just answer
7I ask
9Expert exchange
10Computer hope
11Wiki answer
12Ask meta filter
13Straight dope
14Share care
15All experts 
16Math overflow
17Form spring
18Ask meta filter
19Answer bag
20Fun advice


Day by day, the popularity of question-and-answer sites is increasing, and people are visiting these sites more often to get an answer to their questions, whether it is basic questions or hard ones. Almost all types of questions and solutions are available online, like any educational question, questions related to day-to-day life, if you need any suggestions about a particular topic, cooking, science, etc. These sites have a huge number of visitors which helps in more number of questions to ask and a lot of answers to give. 


What are the best question-and-answer sites?

The best questions and answer sites are wiki answer, just answer, superuser, etc.

If we talk about the most popular questions and answer websites, one should consider Quora because you can find a vast audience there. 

What are the top 5 most popular questions and answer websites?

The most famous and popular questions and answer websites are

  • Quora
  • Answer by
  • Wikianswer
  • Yahoo answer
  • FunAdvice

What are the benefits of Question and Answer websites?

Questions and answer websites majorly solve the query of the user and provide all the information about the particular topic. These sites try to resolve your issues in the best manner and suggest various solutions. 

It helps you increase organic traffic.

What are the highest educational qualifications needed to publish the answer to the question? 

No, there are no educational qualifications needed to write a solution to the question, only your experience and knowledge about that particular question matters. Try to write answers to those questions in which you are an expert. Post the answer related to your field only.

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