Top 50 Twitter Accounts Every Freelance Blogger Should Follow

Twitter is a wonderful place. Within it, you can find priceless advice, amazing content and genuine networking opportunities, all from the comfort of your own Twitter feed. Unless of course, you’re following all the wrong people.
You see, despite being home to some of the world’s best bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs, Twitter is also host to a horde of bog standard handles, dishing out generic quotes and borderline-useless “advice”.
The last thing you want on your Twitter feed is a list of poorly written, ill-conceived tweets which occasionally link you to low-quality blog posts. Browsing Twitter would become nothing but a waste of your time.
On the other hand, you can also find famous speakers and entrepreneurs using Twitter to talk about almost anything but their work – unless it’s to promote an event or book they may be publishing. In other words, many “big name” Twitter accounts aren’t necessarily useful to follow.
So, to save you sifting through the garbage to find the Gold, I’ve put together a little list.

The Criteria

I had one aim with my Top 50 Twitter List – I wanted to compile a collection of truly useful resources.
In fact, I made sure that all the Twitter handles on my list conformed to some simple criteria. Each account on the list:

  1. Produces and/or shares links to quality content.
  2. Keeps a balance between personal and business related tweets (If the account is that of an individual).
  3. Stays on topic.
  4. Has an actual history of doing all of the above.

The list itself is not in any particular order, although you may use the table to sort the accounts by category, which are blogging, entrepreneurship, freelancing & marketing.
So, let’s take a walk down Twitter Lane.

Top 50 Twitter Accounts For Bloggers

My Top Picks

As previously mentioned, Top 50 Twitter List is in no particular order, so I urge you to check out each profile and give them a fair shot at becoming your next follow.
Yet at the same time, I’m well aware that you may not want to follow the entire list. After all, some of us have follower-to-following ratios to uphold!
To help you find the best of the best, here are my top picks from each of the four categories from my Top 50 Twitter List.


There was no real contest for this one. ProBlogger from Darren Rowse is an absolute must follow for all bloggers.
Not only do you get links to all of ProBlogger’s latest blog posts (which are epic), but you also get regular updates on the latest listings on his job board. Now that’suseful.


Since the subject of entrepreneurship is so broad, I think it’s only fair to hand this top pick to Startup Nation. Not only are they producing great content, including radio shows and stellar blog posts, but they also share highly relevant stuff from elsewhere on the web.
This category had a couple of big names in the run in, but I don’t think any of them are producing and sharing quality content as effectively as Startup Nation.


If you’re after freelancing tips, you can’t go wrong with Freelance Folder.
Whether you’re a blogger, photographer or web designer, Freelance Folder’s Twitter account is a guaranteed source of excellent tips, tricks and insights for freelancers. Most of it hails from their blog, but you can also expect to see them sharing content from other websites too.


For me, the marketing maestro of the moment is definitely Derek Halpern.
His Twitter is a great place to pick up on the latest videos and blog posts from Derek’s hugely popular blog, Social Triggers. Derek Halpern shares some seriously interesting marketing & psychology research on a regular basis, so I highly recommend keeping tabs on his Twitter profile.

Spread the Word

If you’re on the list, or if you simply benefitted from it, I would be extremely grateful if you could take a quick second to share it. I want this to be a valuable resource for freelance bloggers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and others – but I can only do that with your help.
Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter. I didn’t make the list, but I’m pretty sure that’s only because I’ve got it in for me. Or something like that.
If you feel I’ve missed anybody out, please share their Twitter handle in the comments below, so we can all benefit. Happy following!

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