How to create an innovative GPS app in 2023

Location-based apps are applications made for various purposes that need a map and certain location features for optimum performance. Such applications collate data about users’ current location and use it for a better user experience. Apps such as delivery apps, weather forecast apps, transport apps, finding apps, and many others use mapping and geolocation tracking. Geolocation app development is building applications that offer services or products and need the users’ mapping for viewing users across their locations for better service or product delivery. Location-based app development steps and other information on how to make a location-based map app is included and well-detailed in this article (based on time-tested Topflight Apps’ experience).

Features Required In Geolocation App Development

To make a geolocation app in the year 2023, certain features are of utmost importance when considering the users’ interaction and satisfaction when using your GPS-based (Global Positioning System based) app. Some of these features are:-


Maps can be considered the backbone feature when making a geolocation app because maps display users’ locations. A quality map of your choice should be integrated with your application.

Location Tracking 

Geolocation apps should be able to track any movement of an object that a user has marked or to track the user’s movement. This helps track deliveries and objects that might have been stolen from an app user.

Distance Measuring

Distance measuring on geolocation plays a large role in giving the approximate distance between a user and another item, place, or person of specific interest. Also, this feature can be employed by apps to calculate how long it takes to get to certain areas.

Points of Interest (PoIs) 

Points of Interest are specific points that users can get more information about by assessing the map. An app containing PoIs will easily generate user actions like comments, reviews, and ratings.


This feature is the core of transport apps and can also be used by anyone looking for clear or fast routes in a city. The navigation feature helps to find accessible routes in given places.


Geo-Fencing is a feature that generates a notification when a user gains entry, passes by, or exits a certain area. As an app owner, your app will need this if the aim is for users to monitor certain movements of people or workers into, out of, and around a particular location.

Location Sharing 

This feature is usually found in applications that aid users in knowing the real-time location of other users. 

What makes a GPS- Based App Work?

During geolocation app development, sensors, connectivity technologies, and wireless technologies are used to enhance the user-tracking ability of the app. Connectivity technologies can either be used to make a GPS-based app to be used outdoors or indoors.

Examples of connectivity technologies used to make outdoor GPS-based apps are:

  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Wifi
  • Cellular Tracking

While examples of connectivity technologies used to make indoor GPS-based apps(with limited range) are:

  • Bluetooth
  • NFC (Near-Field Communication)

How to Create a Geolocation App in Doable Steps

Select the technology for location tracking 

Choose a suitable Software Development Kit (SDK) and the right tech stack for creating a geolocation app. 

The type of device on which the geolocation application will function will determine the type of map to be used. To make an Android app that uses GPS, Google Maps will be used. Apple components will be used to make an iOS app that uses GPS.

Inclusion of the required features for a GPS-based app 

Any of the features mentioned above that can aid an app owner’s geolocation app should be added to the app.

Make an MFP (Minimum Functional Prototype) 

An MFP should be made to ensure that the features of geolocation work as the app owner needs them to.

Make an Interactive Prototype 

An interactive prototype aids in showing developers and app owners the representation of the app. Interactive prototypes also inform developers if the app is technically feasible or not.

Make an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

While creating a Minimum Viable Product, codes are written, and maps are added to build a makeshift app.

Ensure Data Security 

Due to a large amount of data available on such an application, data-securing features must be included in geolocation apps to ensure the users’ data security.

Test & Release 

Testing the app is to verify the mapping of the application works well before it is uploaded into mobile app stores.


Geolocation app development is a strategy to enhance users’ experience by making visible location features available on applications. Well-selected location features, location accuracy, and standard application development will enable a GPS-based app to serve users’ needs better.


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