7 Simple Tricks to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog

Do you worry about your website/blog poor alexa rank? Here are proven tips on how to increase alexa rank. I believe you’ll be amazed with fast and quick results of the strategies I’m about to share with you. But by the way

What is alexa rank?

Alexa rank is a measure of traffic rank of a website/blog as compared to other websites on the internet. Alexa doesn’t give concise traffic estimate of a website (number of traffic or visit). Its metric gives traffic comparism. A website with alexa rank of 1 has the largest pull of traffic.
The lower the number the better. A website with alexa rank of 10000 is better, in terms of traffic than a website with alexa rank of 20,000. That is why you need to work on how to increase Alexa rank of your website.
It has become obvious that any time we say increase alexa rank of your site, we actually mean improving the ranking by taking the figure down. You can remember hearing phrases like:

  • Alexa top 10 website
  • Alexa top 100 website
  • Alexa raking below 100,000

Alexa failure to give the actual number of visits to websites might make it look insignificant. and is compounded if I tell you alexa rank isn’t an accurate estimate of website traffic level. Do you really know that

  • Alexa rank can be tricked. Lot of bloggers and webmaster increase alexa rank with trick. They employ black hat methods.
  • There are black hat methods to increase alexa rank fast and quick
  • aAexa rank are greatly influenced by the types and behaviours of your visitors not only the numbers.

All is well? Right
Alexa rank, upon all these, still remains the top performance metrics used to assess the quality, usefulness and popularity of a website. That is the reason you see webmasters struggling to lower the alexa rank of their website.
But why Alexa ranking is that important?

“It is simple. The answer isn’t far-fetched. One of the main goal of website is to generate income. And the revenue comes from the third party. Advertisers use Alexa rank of a website to assert the viability of their investment on the website”

Your website Alexa rank creates the first impression. Advertisers’ sight are caught by the Alexa rank status of a website. If they are satisfied with the rank, they dig down to other ranking metrics such as Google pagerank.

Why Alexa Rank Isn’t Accurate?

The inaccuracy inherent in Alexa ranking system result from the way Alexa rank is being measured. How is Alexa rank measured?
Alexa rank measures only the visits that trigger their system. Right! This is how it works. Before Alexa record a hit for you website, one or these two things must be involved:

  • The visitor installs Alexa toolbar on her browser
  • You, a website or blog owner, place Alexa widget on your website.

If I were you, I could see few hints already how I could increase Alexa rank of my website.

Tips to Increase Alexa Rank Fast

Help alexa to make accurate count of your website hits

  1. Optimise Alexa hits of your  website
  2. Optimise Your Content for better Alexa rank
  3. Improve your website SEO/Traffic metrics

1. Optimise Your Alexa Hits

Optimise your Alexa hits by ensuring that all traffic to your website are recorded by Alexa. If you do just this, you’ll increase Alexa rank of the website rapidly. Below are the top tips to increase Alexa hits on your website thereby increasing your rank.

2. Claim your site on Alexa.com

The first thing you have to do on your journey to improve your Alexa rank is to register on Alexa.com. Claim the ownership of your site to have a better control on your website domain name. Your website is included in the Alexa search directory. Other webmaster could find your website and you as the owner. This enhances your Alexa ranking.

3. Install Alexa toolbar

Spice your favourite browser with Alexa Toolbar. Encourage your fans, friends and community blogger to do the same. When Alexa toolbar is installed on a browser, Alexa records the hits that come to your website/blog through the browser. Click here to download Alexa extension for your browser.

4. Place Alexa Widget on your blog

Put Alexa widget on your website. This the best and stress-free method to increase Alexa rank of your website.It ensure that all hits to your websites are recorded and accounted to your Alexa rank. This is also helpful to get the traffic count from the users that might land to your website without Alexa toolbar. Moreover, you have control over what you place on your website and not what user installed on their browsers.

5. Focus on getting traffic from webmasters

The reason for the need to source for traffic from webmaster is to improve your traffic count by Alexa. Webmasters most of time do install Alexa toolbar on their browsers to track their website alexa ranking and peep into competitors sites. years back, Google Engineer Matt Cutts mentioned how his blog is favoured with webmaster Alexa rank bias over ask.com. Here are few tips to increase alexa rank with webmasters visits on your blog:

  • Be fully engaged on webmasters forums.
  • Tag your post SEO, blogging, technology when promoting on Google+, Twitter, Stumbleupon and Digg.
  • Blog commenting and backlinking. Webmasters do care about outbound links from their blogs. In an attempt to avoid spamming, if the comment is helpful, they check the website URL before accepting the comment. Your website might pique their interests and become regular visitors.
  • Source for commentluv enabled blogs and contribute to the discussion. Blog commenting backlinks generally increase Alexa rank. Users of commentluv are mainly webmasters and can give you ranking boost.
  • Share your post on social networking sites and blog communities.
  • Participate on  Facebook technology, domaining, hosting, traffic  and webmaster group.
  • Write review about Alexa on your blog

6. Optimise Your Content for better Alexa rank

a) Write quality blog post

Who wants inferior things, junk information that adds no value. Of course, nobody does. Quality matters in all endeavour. Quality contents build links. They pull viral traffic to your websites.

b) Update your blog regularly

I can’t overemphasise this. I’ve talked personally to many webmasters as well as SEO experts about Alexa ranking algorithm and how I can increase Alexa rank of my blog. None of them left behind the frequency of posting. I have seen for myself that regular updating of website/blog has great impact on increasing Alexa rank. It has come to your turn. Try this and flash me back the amazing result.

c) Write on SEO, blogging and Internet marketing

Aside from writing quality content, optimise some of your contents to increase Alexa rank is important. Articles based on blogging, SEO, internet marketing help grow alexa rank of the website. These kinds of content attract webmasters who might have installed Alexa toolbar.

d) Leverage dynamic IPs

Browse your website daily on dynamic IPs. You work on your website on a daily basis. Isn’t it? If you browse on dynamic IPs, each IP is counted by Alexa as a visit. This count as part of traffic for ranking your website. This isn’t a bad trick. If you don’t use dynamic IP, at least you still have to visit your own site.

7. Improve your website SEO/Traffic metrics

Alexa rank doesn’t only depend on the number of traffic to your website. Alexa takes into consideration other metrics such as bounce rate, daily page visit, daily average time on site. Other metrics like backlinks are inclusive. Working to improve these metrics could go a long way to increase Alexa rank.

Have you any clue to increase alexa rank?

I’ll like to hear from you. What works for you? What experience do you have on Alexa ranking metrics? Your comment is appreciated.
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