Top 10 Outsourcing Website to Hire and Get Hired

Outsourcing Platforms are great for both the people who want to hire and want to be hired. These websites are very useful for those who want to make money at the comfort of their homes. Online working is possible for them through these platforms.

They get the kind of job they want and also get the chance to show their creativity. All of these platforms do almost the same things but they do have their own approaches. In all these platforms you can post a job and also can look for a job.

There is bidding on the job, negotiation on the price, looking at the previous ratings and work history in each of these platforms. After all these processes you can settle on the job either on contract rate or on hourly rate. These platforms make their money and help the people earn their own.

10 Best Websites to Outsource Your Design and Marketing Tasks

1. HireKhan

HireKhan, Inc. is a U.S Based Company having operations in U.S & India.

HireKhan brings to you “First Time Online Manpower Ordering Platform”, for Hiring and Outsourcing of Manpower & Projects making life easier both for Job Seekers as well as Employers. Their service model include hiring on Permanent basis, Contractual basis – Onsite or Offshore and Contract -to-Hire.

The AI compliant hiring methodology makes the selection process extremely robust. Other than it being very convenient to hire employees globally, the HireKhan pricing is also very competitive and is a breakthrough in itself. They charge a small engagement fees in advance & rest on joining of the resource.

HireKhan is well known for outsourcing of IT Resources & Projects, it however caters to 20+ departments apart from Tech, from various industries. For the ones looking for an easy in hiring of quality resources at affordable prices, HireKhan could be a boon for them.

2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the best outsourcing platforms. It is actually world’s largest online workplace. They have also the largest and strongest marketplace. They believe in hiring on demand, managing the work and paying with ease. Payment on oDesk is based on two types, hourly and fixed.
This website is great for hourly jobs as there is payment guarantee on hourly jobs. oDesk fee is 10% of the employer’s payment. Various features of oDesk make workers more accountable. Feedback or work history plays a great role in making good carrier on oDesk. It’s great for contractors as well as they only have to pay for the work logged by the freelancer.

3. Giggrabbers

Giggrabbers is an innovative and revolutionary project management tool that helps entrepreneurs plan and develop startups. Users identify and visualize up to eight startup needs such as graphic design, mobile app development, and social media marketing and can hire freelancers to work on those tasks. Startups can also create a crowdfunding campaign to help cover expenses.
The platform is great if you’re looking for an all-in-one online outsourcing, crowdfunding, and project management tool. Giggrabbers has hundreds of high-quality freelancers ready to bring your startup or business ideas to life.

4. Elance

There are higher quality providers and they are bit more expensive in Elance. It is a great option for large scale projects. You need to have strong technical skills and also may need to hire a team. You have to be very careful about mediocre providers.  There are hiring options by the hour and by the projects.
You can check the progress in your workroom. In your workroom they say you can “view and manage work- in- progress online instead of on-site. Messages, screenshots, files and completed works are automatically saved here”.
If you need you can invite your co-workers to your workroom to join which is a great option. Elance fee is between 6.75% and 8.75% depending on the budget of the project. To set up an Employer account, you have to give a one time fee of $10 as activation fee.

5. Freelancer

Freelancer is another good outsourcing platform. It is better for project based works. Out sourcing becomes easy here. This website is easy to use and very much suitable for small jobs. It is truly cost effective for small businesses. Payment is based on milestones or completed work.
Creating payment milestones are needed when you hire a worker. Payment is released when milestones are completed. There are different fields of work for freelancers.

6. Guru

It is a good option for US based freelancers as this platform of outsourcing caters mostly the US based freelancers. If you want to work with a US based provider, do not hesitate to choose Guru.
As you need to be able to verbally communicate the requirements of the project, it is sometimes a good option to work with a native speaker. Payment is always for completed works.
There are different amount of fees for membership, project, escrow, employer payment method etc. You can outsource your projects through this platform easily and there are different fields to choose from if you want to work as a freelance.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr is a global online outsourcing platform and is “The world’s largest marketplace for services, starting at $5”. Here freelancers offer variety of different services and the customers buy them for 5 bucks. A service offered on Fiverr is called Gig. You should be a registered member to make any deal on Fiverr. Registration is free.
Sellers gain their levels based on their reputation and performance on Fiverr. Buyers are guaranteed all rights for delivered works. This is a great option for business micro- services. Fiverr has levels system which is great for both buyers and sellers. You can choose Fiverr, if you tend to buy or sell diverse services.

8. 99designs

It is the no.1 outsourcing platform for graphic design including logo design, web design and other design contents. It is a platform where customers find the perfect design and their dream designer.
They have ready made logo store which can be very much useful for the customers. 1-to-1 projects platform is great for both the customer and designer where they manage their ongoing design work. Here generally designers submit their competing designs in response to a customer’s design brief and the winner receives the cash payments.
This platform connects the customers who wish to buy designs and the designers who wish to provide those designs. Customers may create a design contest but there are also options for guaranteed contest, pre-paid contest etc.

9. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Through this platform, you can work at home and earn money. You have the freedom to choose from thousands of tasks and jobs. They claim to give the businesses and developers access to on demand workforce.
It is one of the sites of Amazon web services. The individuals and businesses are known as requesters and they are able to post jobs known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).

10. Hire the World

It is a global service marketplace where you can hire, manage and pay remote freelancers or teams. The motive of Hire the World is to connect individuals or businesses who need to get a design done with the talented, creative designers.
They provide a risk-free and flexible environment for both employers and freelancers where they can collaborate and work together.
Submit a free job posting and hire professionals from over 130 countries. Hire the world gives you the freedom to host creative contests where thousands of freelancers compete to create designs.

11. PeoplePerHour

In this outsourcing website you can get anything done, in as little as one hour. Finding jobs and hiring skilled people are easy here. Just one click can solve your business problems.

What can I outsource

Outsourcing is very common in the world of internet marketing and website management. Almost anything in this field can be outsourced, including article writing, social media management and website design. Data entry tasks, computer programming and customer support services are very often outsourced, particularly by larger internet businesses.

Many busy internet marketers choose to outsource work to one or more virtual or general assistants. These are usually people who can take on a wide range of tasks for you, saving you time and money.

However, outsourcing takes place outside of the internet world too. Manufacturing, for example, is one of the most commonly outsourced tasks worldwide. Businesses receive orders from their clients, and then pass on the job to a cheaper company in order to maximise their profits.

Businesses often find a lot of time taken up with appointment scheduling and calendar management, whereas these are both jobs which can be easily outsourced. Likewise, reminder services, travel arrangements and training programs for either you or your clients can also be organised by somebody else.

Why should I outsource

By outsourcing work to other people, you can take on much more than you would be able to manage single-handedly. Although this will mean you have more expenses to pay, it also means that you will receive more money.

For example, if you receive a task which your client pays £100 for, you can outsource this to someone who will complete it for just £50. This means that you will make £50 from the job without actually doing the work.

One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs outsource work is because they need more time for other things. Article writers, for example, would have little time to advertise and build their businesses if they spent 8-10 hours a day completing orders. Through outsourcing, they are able to free up several hours per day which can then be used to respond to emails, promote their business or provide customer support.

Outsourcing also allows you to offer much more to your clients. You may not be able to design websites yourself, but you can outsource any orders which you receive for web design. Jobs that you find tedious or boring can also be outsourced to somebody else, so your clients can still order from you and receive the work. In some circumstances, you may not personally possess the required knowledge for the work which is being requested. If you don’t know much about medical science but one of your clients requires a batch of articles on this subject, it’s often better to accept the order and outsource it rather than reject the work. This will help to ensure that your clients remain loyal to you, since they will feel confident that you can deliver the work that they need.

Are there any disadvantages of outsourcing

Although outsourcing can be very beneficial, there are still some negatives which are worth considering before you start assigning tasks to other parties.

One of the problems with outsourcing is that the work you receive might not be up to the standard you require. You may find yourself rejecting a lot of work if it’s not suitable to pass on to your clients, but in many cases, you will still need to pay for the work which has been done. This could cause delays in getting the orders to your own clients, and you may even need to complete the work yourself if there is a deadline approaching.

You may also take on work before finding a suitable person to outsource it to. This could result in telling the client that you cannot complete the work for them, or you may find that it’s very stressful trying to find somebody to do the job before the deadline.

If you require good quality and a fast turnaround, you may not be able to get cheap prices. This will cause you to earn less money than you might have expected, and as you will still have to correspond with your client, check through the work you have been sent and then follow up with your client, this will take time out of your schedule. Many people find that it isn’t very cost-effective to outsource work, since they cannot find labour cheap enough to outweigh the problems associated with it.

Communication can be another big issue depending where in the world you are outsourcing to. If you are outsourcing work to a freelancer in India they might struggle to understand the full specification of the work and you might struggle to get what you want to be done across to them, Language will always be a barrier.

Where can I find people to outsource my work to

There are many different places to outsource your work. Internet marketing forums, for example, are small internet communities full of people looking to take on extra tasks.

Websites such as Fiverr and Freelancer have several categories to choose from when you are searching for somebody to outsource work to. These popular websites are used by amateurs and experts from all around the world, so you can find anything you need for your business. With helpful reviews from previous customers, it’s easy to get what you’re looking for.

Websites such as Gumtree and Craigslist have a section for those looking for work, so it may be worth posting an ad on there. If you are hoping to outsource in the world of internet work, it may not be the most effective method of advertising, but if you can post an ad for free or very little, it’s worth trying.

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