How To Use Pinterest for SEO & Content Marketing

In contemporary times there is no dearth of information. There is constant influx of information almost every minute; all thanks to the internet. One of the best features of the internet is that it provides the users the power to produce content and access almost everything and anything. There are many success stories that inspire and push users to take up internet seriously to so as to make money and career in this platform. If you are also one of the user who is looking forward to build a career or is into creating content and you want to reach out to more people, you are at the right place. In this article we have enlisted all the best possible ways to use Pinterest for SEO and content marketing.
Before we proceed to explain the process of using Pinterest it is important to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a process of optimizing the content of the website so as to improve it’s chances of visibility in the search engine hit results. The higher the chances the higher is the probability to get traffic on to your website and thereby more career prospects in this arena.
Pinterest in recent days has become one of the important platform to attract and gain customers to the website. Pinterest besides being a social media platform it provides the space where Pinners can find new ideas. Pinterest uses factors like engagement metrics and social shares unlike the typical backlinks and technical SEO. So the scope of optimizing the content on Pinterest is wider. In order to make your work easy and efficient we provide the following tips or ways through which Pinterest can be used for SEO and content marketing:
1. Work on the basics:
Before you start posting your content on Pinterest make sure that you have worked on the below mentioned details:
Ensure that you have a business account as it provides access to analytics and Pinterest ads manager.
Most importantly create an SEO friendly username. As the username is included in profile URL and thereafter for any content through that profile it is advisable to have an username that has high optimisation.
Now you have to optimize your profile by filling in the details in ‘About you’ section with all the relevant details and a high resolution company logo. This process allows the users to locate and save your pins.
It is essential to have at least one board because you will not able to add pins without a board.
2. Build your website
To increase the number of customers onto your website it is essential to have a balanced link between using the data in your website and crowdsourcing on the website to make a transaction. In order to establish the link follow the steps listed below:
Put a Pinterest tag: this is the most authentic form of setting up an paid campaign. This piece of JavaScript enables one to setup conversation events on the website, segment the audience, and report reliably on your profiles performance.
Insert an Save button: this requires a short HTML code and enables one to increase their campaign reach beyond the Pinterest.
Get your site verified: doing so adds your profile picture to all of your pins.
3. Set appropriate goals for your business
Have a plan formulated on how you want Pinterest to serve your interest and accordingly you an move ahead. Hopefully this article shall help you to do the same.
4. Keyword research
Pinterest relatively provides better semantically driven concepts as it is influenced by the significance of keyword research today.
Use the following tips to get quick and better results so as to make your research efficient:
Focus on what exactly you are looking for by narrowing down your theme by adopting a guided research. Using the primary search query Pinterest suggests semantically related modifiers.
Engage with promoted or trending pin so as to arrive at AdWords.
The best feature of Pinterest is that provides all relevant topics to your search. This activity enables you to understand what techniques the fellow players in the web market are using and gives a scope for you to improve.
5. Organise and Optimise your boards
Make sure that your keyword and consumer research is the primary motive for you when you create a board. It is also prerequisite to have loaded popular pins on the boards to have gain web traffic.
6. Understand the science of a pin:
As it might have been already evident, the pins in Pinterest play a crucial role in making your website popular. So keep in mind the following details concerning the pins:
Use optimal proportion which is considered to be 2:3 (600 px wide by 900 px high). This measurement is mainly with respect to mobile version; it can be increased for desktop version.
Use multiple colors to make attract the attention of the users immediately.
Ensure that each pin on your board has a purpose.
7. Be Descriptive
The main fundamental principle when it comes to content creation is that one should not be hesitant to write in depth and in detail. However note should be taken to avoid duplication of information and unnecessary lag. Due care has to be taken with regard to using keywords wherever applicable and possible in your description so that it increase the SEO. Stress has to be lad on making the content on your page engaging so that it keeps your customers hooked.
Finally, Pinterest is a great and cost efficient platform to work on optimizing your content. Especially the tools it provides like the pins and boards help in increasing the reach of your content on your page to wider audience. Thereby making your website popular. However from your end it is needed to ensure the content is engaging and descriptive and most importantly is talking to its target audience. As these factors get fulfilled there can be no end for your website popularity to improve.

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