Top 6 Best Desktop Push Notification WordPress Plugins

Have you seen the present trend happening in the blogosphere? Desktop push notifications alert popping up on so many blogs to take permission from the user to allow push notification from their blogs to get alerted whenever they publish a new post on their blog.
This is the new way to reach the targetted audience to bring traffic to our new posts, first time I saw this type of notification from Neil Patel’s QuickSprout later so many professional bloggers adopted this technology to gain the traffic to new posts.
Recently I read an article on BuzzBlogger by KimRoach where she described this strategy as one of the best ways to bring traffic to the new post rather than depending on the traditional method of the newsletter.
After reading that article and  witnessing so many blogs adopting this technology I started researching about desktop push notification topic.

What is Desktop Push notification?

Push notification is an alert service to get the notification on mobile screens and desktops from the channels like messaging services, blogs, apps, email services without actually opening that application, these notifications are based upon user preferences if a user grants permissions then only he will get notifications from those particular channels.
Apple first time created push notification technology to allow third party app developers to send the notification to the Apple devices in various forms like badges, custom text, sounds and newsstand updates.
Later on, other big companies developed this technology to use on messaging services and emails, now this facility even allowed bloggers and publishers to reach their audience to bring instant traffic to their new blog posts.
Today I thought of sharing some WordPress plugins which allow this service to the publishers to take permissions and send desktop notifications to their blog readers.

7 Best Desktop Push Notification WordPress Plugins

1. Push Monkey

Push Monkey WordPress plugin is useful to engage and send desktop notifications to Mac Safari browser users very soon they are going to support Firefox and Chrome as well.
Readers just need to grant and allow permissions to the service to get the notifications, once they allow they will get push notifications about the fresh content published on your blog, notifications even work when the browser is not opened.
Publishers can decide which new content has to be delivered to its subscribers, so we have the control over our push notifications.
Stats and analytics reports is another feature of this WordPress plugin which allows us to see which content is performed well and how subscribers are engaging with our content.

2. One Signal

OneSignal is another popular free desktop push notification WordPress plugin with more than 2000 installs and supports Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.
OneSignal plugin allows customizations to opt-in forms, and it even works on Http and https sites as well, we can choose  target audience segments based on languages and number of times they visited our blog to send notifications.
A/B testing is another interesting feature available in OneSignal to know which type of messages or notification boxes are getting more clicks.
OneSignal also allows us to schedule notifications to our subscribers based on the user’s time zone which improves the click through rate for our notifications if we select the right time.

3. Push Notifications (Lite)

Push Notifications lite is designed to send notifications to mobile users on IOS, Android, Fire OS devices, they don’t have the option to send to desktops, this WordPress plugin is useful for those publishers who has high mobile users to their blog.
This lite version is free if you want much more control over push notifications then we have to go for pro version, here in this service user have the facility to choose the category posts they want to receive.
Push Notifications is only useful for publishers who has app for their blog, so I recommend this plugin only to those publishers who has a high amount of traffic from mobile devices and who own a mobile app for their website.

4. Push Crew

Push Crew is premium WordPress plugin which offers free service up to 500 subscribers, once you reach more than 500 subscribers, then you have to go for the premium version.
Push Crew supports Firefox and Chrome browsers, this plugin is not yet supporting Safari browsers, as I said free version allows the unlimited number of notification up to 500 subscribers free of cost.
It supports RSS to push, Email to push notifications, segmentation option is available to decide to whom we want to send push notifications.

4. MobioPush

MobioPush WordPress plugin is not yet popular but this plugin has all the features it requires for desktop push notifications, it supports all the browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
MobioPush provides analytics reports to analyze the user behavior for our notifications, user segmentation feature is available to choose the right audience to send notifications.
We can schedule notifications and it supports multi-language to send notifications in regional language which is useful for some publishers who maintain blogs in another language other than English.

5. Roost Web Push

Roost Web Push is another popular push notification WordPress plugin with more than 1000+ installs, it supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.
Content triggers feature allows us to decide which type category posts to send notifications to the subscribers, we can schedule the notification as per the time zone.
We can customize the notification title as per our need instead of using default post title, manually we can decide which posts to send notifications to the readers.
Roost web push provides complete analytics reports to know how our subscribers are behaving with our notifications.
Roost is getting popular very quickly and so many bloggers are using this service as their push notification plugin.

6. Izooto

Izooto is the last push notification WordPress plugin in this article, it supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.
This plugin is not yet popular but does the job of push notifications, it is a brand new plugin with less than 10 installs, so I recommend you to use this plugin cautiously because it doesn’t have much information in plugins description.

Over To You

I wrote this desktop push notification WordPress plugins article without following ascending order of popularity and trustworthiness so cautiously choose the best service as per your need.
I request you to kindly share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences about this topic in the comment section so that other readers will get much information about these plugins.

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