20+ FREE Ping Sites to Rocket Up Your Indexing in no Time

Pinging is a process to tell Google and other search engines to index Blog faster. You can say this is a way to inform search engine about website updates. This is the most important method to faster indexing web pages and increased visibility on search engine. You can easily access the ping submission sites to submit blog. Just put your sites URL and title and press the ping button. There are various ways to index your blog such as social media sites, RSS feeds, XML sitemap submit in Webmaster. One of the best methods to index your website pages fast via pinging. There are many ping services sites. Below I have listed the names of 20 best ping submission sites here. 

Here Are the List of Ping Sites Where You Can Drop Your Blog URL

  1. Ping-O-matic
  2. Pingdom
  3. Pingmyurl
  4. Pingthatblog
  5. Freelinksubmitter
  6. Totalping
  7. Backlinkping
  8. Pingbomb
  9. Mypagerank
  10. Blogbuzzer
  11. Feedshark
  12. Pingfarm
  13. Icerocket
  14. Pingoat
  15. Kuleping
  16. Pingler
  17. Googleping
  18. DomainPinger
  19. Ping.in
  20. Auto-ping.com

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