Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums on the Internet

Have you tried every possible way to advertise your product and still not seen considerable progress? Then it is time for you to consider opting for an affiliate marketing forum. It is a place where marketers converse about the product they want to promote and share their experiences.  

The world of digital marketing requires affiliate marketing to improve promotional campaigns and eventually attract a bigger audience base. Both small and big scale companies, from the likes of Breakout Escape Room to Amazon, constantly look for affiliate marketing forums for the promotion of their products.  

These forums are discussion areas where advertisers try to understand where their marketing strategies are falling flat and try to improve on that. It is also a place for managers to reach out to different influencers who belong to a common niche. Hence, it is a great way to widen your connections for better advertising. 

What is Affiliate Marketing, and how does it help? 

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing arrangement where the online company or organization pays a commission to an external source (affiliate marketer) for the promotion of their products and services. This is extremely helpful in building a brand because the right tips can help in a better generation of sales.  

This form of marketing takes place through ads, websites, apps, or blogs. To be an affiliate marketer, a series of network and interlinked connections are required to generate leads. This is where forums come into help.  The third-party (affiliate marketers) put their main focus on generating organic traffic on your webpage.  

The forums help you in connecting with marketing experts and media buyers to discuss the analytics of your campaign. Some forums also give you suggestions for digital marketing tools which can be used. This not just helps you in increasing sales but also increases the likelihood of reusing the same strategy in the future. 

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Forums 

If you are still considering which marketing forum to be involved in, we have prepared a list of some of the best forums for you. These will help you in establishing a better connection for the promotion of products. 

1. iAmAffiliate 

This community was started by Attila in 2019. This forum holds a large number of affiliate marketers who come and share their success stories with others. On this forum, you can get access to actionable material, case studies, and how-to guides for your business. 

The great part about this forum is that you get a detailed insight into case studies of companies with 6 to 7 figures. There are also courses available which give you an in-depth knowledge of how to make your brand big. You also get real-time feedback, along with various campaigns, which are a great cost-effective price choice. 

2. STM: Stack That Money 

This forum was founded by Lorenzo Green in 2013. This forum started with small companies coming together to share valuable content, information, and deals. This is a well-informed forum that combines numerous case studies and tutorials.  

The great part about this forum is that you can make contacts with other affiliates who have constant developments, get quick responses and advice from the best affiliates. Some cons of this forum include the large database, which can get difficult to manage. Also, prior experience with data mining and keyword research will be required. 

3. affLIFT 

This is a great online marketing community that gives you detail on how things are done with just a little money.  This forum is well-known for its push notifications which give you a chance to communicate with some of the best affiliates in the market. 

You also get monthly pricing, a pro affiliate channel, and support for all your questions. Since this forum is still growing, there’s a comparatively smaller database available. This is a cause of novice and lesser discussions. 

4. Affiliate Tribe 

This forum was founded in 2020 by Kulwant Nagi. The aim of this forum is to give an inexpensive and useful source of information to everyone. You can opt for the paid or free choices with Affiliate Tribe.  

If you are a beginner, then you get access to an improved and reasonable database. The user interface of this application is far simpler and easier to comprehend. But the information might be less accessible as compared to other forums.  

5. Warrior Forum 

This has been a well-established forum since 2001. It plays an important role in the lives of super affiliates and is one of the most trusted places for affiliate marketing. This forum covers a range of topics such as digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and various business methods. 

You can even get answers to your questions directly and discuss other subjects too with the experts. However, one con of this forum is the lack of many case studies or follow along. 

6. Affiliatefix 

The founder, Oliver Kenyon, focused on creating an affiliate marketing program dedicated to special discounts. This is a free forum where you can get access to exclusive tools and scripts.  

The separate business section of this forum is active, which gives early access to the potential client and business base. The only con is that you get access to a massive database which makes the digging more tiring.  

7. Blackhatworld 

This forum holds a place for all types of marketers by covering topics like copywriting, marketing, SEO, web design, Facebook ads, and so on. You can expect an insight into Black Hat SEO, Adult SEO, and high-return investments through this forum. 

This forum is known for the black hat practices and holds a piece of well-informed information available at your fingertips. Some cons of this forum are that there are some doubtful methods, changes, and adaptations required.  

8. Affilorama 

This forum provided you with the best private service and solution for the expansion of your business. You can even get access to a wealth of information, concentrating on blogging, SEO, content writing, and content promotion. You also get access to both free and paid choices with this forum. 

This forum gives you free and cheap training, verified tools, and a 60-day accessible refund. However, there are just a few practical examples available because it is an outdated forum. 

9. SEO Exchange 

This community was founded by Charles Floate and focuses more on the SEO part of affiliate marketing. You can get an insight into many useful SEO tips. You can opt for the free or paid options. The discord community of this application offers a freemium model. This is well known for its gray hat training. 

You get an open exchange, network, discord pass, and up-to-date information with SEO Exchange. But you might need some extra effort and techniques here. It also offers a user-friendly UI which is easier for companies to adapt to. 

10. WickedFire 

This is also an SEO community forum. You can also get access to a variety of good sellers who will help you in the expansion of your blog. This is a free of charge forum which gives you detailed and reliable information.  

WickedFire is a well-organized platform that gives you access to great networking. But this forum is less active compared to other forums.  

Why join Affiliate Marketing Forums? 

Affiliate marketing forums are a great way to begin your journey in the world of this type of marketing for a few reasons: 

  • Affiliate marketing forums are similar to social networking; this opens up the horizon for information related to your niche.  
  • It gives you the tool for becoming a successful marketer. You can learn marketing and achieve your objectives through people’s experience. 
  • Joining these forums help you to get an endless gain in investments. 
  • You get access to a plethora of tools that can be great for skill improvement and development. 
  • This is the best way to build a connection. These connections help you gain expertise and find people who are ready to help you out.  
  • The success stories of other affiliates and how different businesses grew their advertisements from scratch can get you inspired and motivated.  
  • A great way to get answers to unresolved queries. This is a great opportunity to engage with specialists and gain insightful information.

Once you join an affiliate marketing forum, try to observe and learn from the experts. To make sure that you are involved, take active participation and build connections with other heads. Try to make sure that you are easily approachable by others. Talk about the difficulties faced by you and try to get solutions to them with the help of the forum.  


These are just some of the forums which can help you build a great business. There are many more which are available in free and paid versions. But make sure that the forum you choose is reliable and is answerable to all your requirements.  

These forums are one of the most effective ways to gain information from the best in the field. So, make full use of it by taking notes and implementing them. You can also share your experiences with others. 

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