What is an XML Sitemap? How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress?

Sitemap is a list of webpages on a particular website and generally sitemaps are one of the important aspect of search engine indexing. Sitemap helps the search engine bots to easily crawl through your weblinks and also helps the bots to index it easily. Its very necessary that you need to create your XML sitemap for your website and need to submit it in Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools which in turn helps in faster indexing of your website or blog. In the following post   have discussed in detail  on how to create XML sitemap in wordpress.

XML  Sitemap  – A Brief Discussion

I have already mentioned above that the sitemap is the list of webpages that your website contains. An XML sitemap tells the search engines about the pages that your website has. In addition XML Sitemap also tells search engines about the changes or updates in your website or blog. Overall  XML Sitemap helps in better crawling of your website.

XML Sitemap Necessity

XML Sitemaps are an important aspect of search engine indexing. Your webpages can be clearly indexed by search engines if you create XML sitemaps and submit it to google webmaser and bing webmaster tool.  If suppose any of your webpage is not indexed by search engines then XML sitemaps can help that page to get indexed in search engines. If you possess a new website or a new blog then there will be lack of backlinks so XML sitemaps can help to index it very quick .

Creating XML Sitemap in WordPress

Actually there are numerous ways to create a XML sitemaps in search engines. Here let us discuss about creating XML sitemap in wordpress using yoast SEO Plugin.  This plugin has several options such as Social media integration, SEO , XML sitemaps, Google Webmaster etc., Inorder to create XML sitemap first you need to download and activate wordpress SEO Plugin.
After installing the plugin just go to SEO settings >> XML Sitemaps and check the provided box to enable XML  sitemap  functionality.
After that it provides various options to configure your XML sitemap for your website. If you are not interested in doing so you can just ignore the same and click on save settings. Now your XML sitemap for your wordpress blog is ready. You can check that in http://yoursite/sitemap_index.html. Lets take it further and submit the XML sitemap to google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools.
Final Words
Hope now you got a clear idea on how to submit the XML sitemap in wordpress. Also you now know the importance of XML sitemap and the reason its being submitted to Webmaster tools. Are you using any other method to create XML sitemap in WordPress? If so kindly let me know through comments. Also please take time to share the blog post through your social media pages if you liked this piece of writeup.

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