Top 20 Free PDF Submission Sites

We already know how important PDFs are for us just like that pdf submission sites are also essential to secure the pdf and it is proven to provide high-grade backlinks for any website.

When we want to share any kind of document we prefer to convert the document into a pdf file so that the file format would be original and secure on different devices. PDFs make sure that text size, images, fonts, etc are compatible with different devices. 

Pdf submission sites are evolving online commerce places through which we can bring excellent quality inbound links to our sites and can also boost the site visibility on Google. With the support of pdf submission sites, we can develop organic traffic to our sites. 

Examining the best pdf submission website list is our responsibility. It will help you raise the popularity of your website in a shorter period of time.

Tips to enhance your proficiency with pdf sharing websites 

When you create any sites related to pdf submission make sure a few things are always on your mind just to experience well and gain popularity.

Some tips to enhance your experience with pdf-sharing sites are given below

  • The heading of your pdf file should be fascinating and easy to look over. It will make people recognize your file name easily.
  • Make sure your pdf document text is easily readable. All humans and search engines can read it adequately. Fonts should be of perfect size so that different devices can easily show them and function smoothly.
  • Ensure that your pdf is composed of relevant and beneficial content that perfectly aligns with the purpose of the topic. Try to reduce nonessential factors and keep the size of the file manageable without adjusting the quality of the document.
  • Add alt text if your pdf document contains pictures or any sort of graphics. This is one of the reasonable ways to assist search engines in understanding your pictures and graphics. Always go through the list of pdf submission websites and choose the one which is generous for you.
  • Using unfair strategies to build up backlinks is a false technique. Instead submit high grade pdf on the websites so that you can have organic traffic and the ranking of your site boost up. 

Table of Top 20 Free PDF submission sites

Some free pdf submission sites are mentioned in the given table. Make sure to go through it and help yourself reach the best free pdf-sharing sites. 

Here is the table of the top 20 free pdf submission sites

10Zippy share
11Pearl trees
13Keep and share 
19Classifieds factory
20Digital marketing hints


The pdf submission websites boost the traffic and audience easily and also enhance the visibility of the site in Google search engines. If the quality of your pdf submission is high it will help you improve the traffic in your sites and help your site increase user reach. Try to focus on the graphics of your pdfs and make it attractive. A good title for your pdf submission site is essential as it can help you gain more users and will make your site more popular. Always try to boost your online existence and look for where you are lacking. These techniques will help you a lot in future aspects.


What are some of the best free pdf submission sites?

Some of the best free pdf submission sites are-

  • Youblisher
  • keep and Share
  • Smash Words
  • Slide Share

What is pdf sharing in SEO?

To get backlinks to your sites pdf sharing in SEO is a way of publishing your Portable Document Format files on different pdf sharing websites.

PDF submission is a factor of off page optimization method and one of the most reasonable manners to build authority backlinks from the point of view of SEO and digital marketing. 

What are the advantages of pdf submission?

A few advantages of pdf submission are-

  • It helps to enhance the website’s audience and traffic. 
  • It is one of the useful ways to boost a backlinks graph.
  • It helps you reach a high number of audience and engage with various kinds of users.

What are important tips for pdf submission?

Here are some important tips for effective pdf submission 

  1. Always use unique, easy and relevant titles for your PDF files. It helps you gain more audience. Do not use exaggerated keywords in your titles. 
  2. Your content should have the best quality which can improve your ranking and rate of subscription. 
  3. Use relevant category for pdf submission. 

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