10 Best Apps to Scan and Manage Receipts

One of the most tiring things about managing things as an adult is the number of documents and receipts you have to deal with. This becomes a tedious task when you are managing a business. 

Thankfully, there are scanning apps out there that not only help keep your receipts in one place but also let you manage them for future use. 

We have made a deliberate list of the 10 best scanning apps that will manage all your receipts and will decrease the workload as well. 

What are the 10 best apps to scan and manage receipts?

On the basis of ease of use, functionality, quality of scanned documents, and overall user feedback, we have made a list of the 10 best apps to scan and manage receipts. 

1. Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts is an amazing receipt organizing app that scans all your documents and expense reports on the go. It is a one-stop solution for your daily expenses, office expenses, business trips, and small business budgeting. 


  • It supports formats like PDF, ZIP, and CSV. You can even export those reports and share them via any messaging app or email.
  • Import pictures directly from your gallery or take pictures from the app itself. It is a free source as well.
  • You can sync your documents with Google Drive and find them whenever you need them. 
  • The OCR feature allows the detection of text from scanned documents. 

2. Expensify

Expensify is an award-winning app that has made organizing receipts easier than ever. All you need to do is take a scan of the receipt and the app takes up all the required info with the help of OCR. 


  • It helps with securing important documents like credit card transactions and other important receipts. 
  • It has a feature that tracks mileage.
  • It lets you integrate the app’s features with software like NetSuite and QuickBooks.

3. Receipts by Wave

It is another free app to scan and manage receipts. Here, you get free could storage and it secures your important information. 

Even if you lose your device, it is possible to find the backup of your documents. 


  • It has one of the best optical character recognition features on the market.
  • You can scan multiple receipts in one go. 
  • You can also edit the notes while scanning the receipts as well. 

4. ABUKAI Expenses

ABUKAI is a relatively simple receipt scanner app that aims to manage its user’s expenses without making it more complicated. 

Honestly speaking, scanning is a two-step process. You just have to take the receipt’s picture and the app will do the rest.


  • It creates an automated expense report for you after your scan your bills.
  • It is possible to export your expense report in the form of an excel or PDF document. 
  • The free version of the app allows 12 expense reports without any cost. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

5. Genius Scan 

Genius Scan is a simple scanning app that will do the receipt scan work for you while you do your important tasks. 

You can store your documents for as long as you want and export them in formats like PDF and JPEG.


  • It successfully integrated with apps like Dropbox, Evernote, Box, etc.
  • It has inbuilt document detection and perspective fixing features. 
  • With the help of different tags, you can sort your scanned receipts and documents. 
  • Scan several receipts at once without compromising on the quality. 

6. Clear Scanner

Clear Scanner is characterized by its developed OCR feature. The scanner detects documents with clear-cut edges, without taking the extra space.


  • With Clear Scanner, it is possible to attach receipts and expense reports altogether. 
  • It easily syncs with important apps and services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, etc.

7. Tiny Scanner

If you are not looking for fancy recept scanners, then Tiny Scanner is the right choice for you. 


  • It takes much less storage of your phone and does the work without any glitches. 
  • It is easy to use this app for receipt scanning and you can sync them with other apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

8. Office Lens

This is an app offered by Microsoft Corporation. It is essentially a document scanning app but is also used for receipt scanning as well. 


  • The app not only scans the receipts but also makes them look more pronounced and clear. This improves its readability and print quality. 
  • It is quite easier to export the receipts to a Word document or a Powerpoint. 

9. Fitfin Budget App

When it comes to receipts and budgeting, most people often omit family expenses. That is where Fitfin comes to play. This is a great app for tracking expenses 


  • It offers quick and easy solutions for family budgeting. 
  • You can create folders and assign specific receipts to different sections. 

10. Zoho

Zoho is essentially a cloud-based service for small and large businesses. It also offers an amazing app for receipt scanning. Most people don’t know that Zoho offers expense reports too.


  • It performs OCR scans on the documents and fills the expense reports automatically. 
  • If you want more services related to expense reports, you can also use other features of the Zoho Suite. 


1. How do I organize a scanned receipt?

It is quite easy to organize a scanned receipt. You can do so with a scanning app like Doc Scanner or Adobe Scan. It has never been easier to store all of your important receipts in one place with scanning apps.

2. Which receipt scanning app pays the most?

Here are a few scanning apps that can save you thousands of dollars on bills and taxes.

  • Ibotts
  • CoinOut
  • Fetch Rewards
  • ReceiptPal
  • Shopkick
  • Receipt Hog

3. What is the best way to keep track of receipts?

Here are some of the best ways to organize and keep track of your important receipts-

  • Use a cloud service like DropBox or Google Drive to store your receipts.
  • Use EverNote to keep a track of your notes.
  • Use WellyBox to make notes
  • Just scan the docs and download them anytime.

4. Is there a free app for scanning receipts?

There are several free document scanning apps that let you scan any receipt for free-

  • Expensify
  • Smart Receipts
  • Zoho
  • Clear Scanner
  • Office Lens, etc.

5. What is the best app for storing receipts?

The best apps for scanning receipts are-

  • Expensify
  • Smart Receipts
  • Clear Scanner, etc.

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