Top 100 Free Directory Submission Sites To Drive Crazy Traffic To Your Website

Making your site a solid link profile is a never-ending process and a procedure of learning. Finding a website that indexes many links, particularly the homepage, along with the phone number, business, and location those websites are called directory submission sites. If we compare other submission sites like blog submission sites or article submission sites with directory submission sites, the directory submission site is comparatively more serviceable and fast than the others.

People mainly use this website to find specific business and their locations. For example, if you are looking for an electrician, you can easily search for it online on electrician websites and get a long list of websites that allow electric services, specifically in your nearby location or your city. This is how it works.

In the directory submission site, you need to be specific about your business category and add it to the right website. It is more crucial for Search Engine Optimizations to have your link and add your site to the relevant page. 

Tips And Tricks For Directory Submission Sites

Some tips and tricks for directory submission sites are 

  • Make your Headings meaningful and attractive so that people take an interest in going through them and highlight some keywords.
  • Try to submit a unique kind of directory name, and the name should contain fewer characters and be informative.
  • Avoid tough words and use language which is easy to understand. 
  • Try to avoid replicated content for submission that can result in probabilities of rejection and your content can be removed from the site.
  • Do not stuff unneeded phrases in directory submission, it can develop keyword spam.

Different Types of Directory Submission Websites

There are various kinds of Directory Submission websites that help to boost backlinks. But some of the most important types are given below 

  1. Niche relevant Directory Links

You can find niche relevant sites on both paid as well as free directory submission sites but better go through them and find a better one for you.

These kinds of websites contain tons of links and they are highly targeted for traffic and its growth.

  1. Paid Featured Directory Links

It is a good way of establishing a link but not everybody takes this option because of budget problems. There are many paid websites which are good and safe. Try to opt for them and wait for better results. 

  1. Reciprocal Directory Listing

It is a link between two websites that contain similar topics and offer complimentary services and goods. This is basically a partnership agreement between two webmasters to allow a hyperlink within their websites to one another sites.

  1. Free Directory Submission

Free Directory Submit sites are available for no cost or free. Without giving any penny you can build a link on these sites. But be careful about spam. There is less confirmation that your link will be approved by the authority and it might take a long duration of time.

On this page, there is a table of free directory submit sites that may help you find the perfect directory site for you. 

Top 100 Free Directory Submission Sites List

Given below is the table which contains the top 100 Free Directory Submission Sites 

1Alligator Directory
2The Daily Submit
3World Web-Directory
4A1 Web Directory
5Flog GnawGnaw
6Diga Business.
7Add Business
8Txt Links
9Elite Sites Directory
10High Rank Directory
1224/7 Web Directory
13Site Promotion Directory
14Gain Web
16W3 Catalog
18Ace Web Directory
19Add Business
20Evolving Critic
211 Webs Directory
23Domaining Bari Biz
24View Free AdsDomaining
25Web World View Free Ads
26Free Website Directories
27Home Directory
28One sublime directory.
29SEO Optimization Directory
30Relevant Directories
31Search Domain Here
32The Directory Listings
33Traffic Directory
34Ups Directory
35Target Link
36Smart SEO Link
37Popular Directory
38Investment Directory 
39Directory Codes
40Social BookMark
41Red Lava Directory
42Zen Directory.
43Karnataka SEO Friendly.
44SEO Friendly
45All Dictionaries
46Executive Directory.
47Link For Free
48Intercambio SEO
49Universal Directory
50Corp Directory
51Link Search Directory
52First Link Online
53Submit Business Directory.
54SEO Optimisation Directory
55Nation Directory.
56Link Narrative
5710 Directory
58Iny Ectronic Awc
59Surat Directory Cloud
60Business 10 Directory
61Corporate 10 Directory
62E-Direct Plus
63E-Corporate 10 Directory
64Work Directory.
65Free Web Directory
66Gurgaon Work Directory
67BackLink Beat.
68Azur Trading
69AA linkDirectory
70Deeper Links.
71Vine 8.
72Lucknow Game Link Directory
73My Web Directory.
74Jaipur Futbol Linker
75Kolkata Deeper Links
76Game Link Directory
77Futbol Linker
78Fozzey And Vanc
79Cawa India
80Google Fenix Directory.
81Garden Directory
82Directory Hitt Doom By
83Coast Radar
84Add New Link.
85Simple Directory.
86Web Lister
87Control Free Find
88Vip Directory
89Attorneys Super Lawyers
90Bihar Web Lister
91Submit Your Link
92Name Directory
93Yellow Pages Directory.
94Moon Sun Favor
95BackLink Power
96Mumbai 000 Directory
97000 Directory
98Sizzling Directory
99Guest blogging
100Power Directory


Free Directory submissions websites are useful sites that help in getting natural quality backlinks and enhance website rankings through gaining organic traffic. Always use niche relevant sites and make proper strategies. The site should be reputable and well-known. When you are filling in details about the submission make sure to fill in proper details about the description of the site, phone number, links, photos or any additional mandated information. Furthermore, choose the best directories for good Search engine results. The free submission sites are the best option for understanding the value of the brand and helping you grow in a better way. 

Remember it will take some days or weeks or maybe months to see outcomes, just be calm and patient about that because it’s the only key to achieve big goals.  


What is an Instant Approval Directory?

Instant Approval Directory approves the submitted sites instantly in a short duration. It is good for the sites that are recently developed, it helps to get MOZ and DA. 

What are the advantages of Directory Submission sites?

There are many advantages of a Directory Submission site some of which are given below 

  • Boost your site’s Domain Authority.
  • Helps connect with a broad range of audiences.
  • It is a diverse link profile.
  • Good internet visibility and better SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking.  

For SEO, are directory submission sites secure?

Any kind of spammy sites or links can damage your site. So better be aware of the links that harm you whether it’s any directory link, guest post, comment link or any other links. 

Be safe and use only quality sites and links.

Are there any disadvantages of using directory submission sites?

Spammy sites can harm you just like that. There are various drawbacks of using spam sites, some of them are-

  • These sites consume a lot of time.
  • Penalties of over-optimization.
  • Some directories are of low quality. 

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