Advanced Web 2.0 Guide – A Complete Ranking Strategy

The Advanced 2.0 guide is a link building strategy that helps you to rank your blog or website well on search engines. Most site owners struggle with link building as they don’t know how to build relevant links for their site. Almost all newbies use social bookmarking and comment on other blogs for back-linking.

Why you need Advanced Web 2.0          

This advanced 2.0 guide will help site owners build a robust link building strategy and rank themselves higher on the search engines. Web 2.0 is a form of advanced search engine optimization strategy that works well to improve the ranking of your site.
Most of the platforms allow you to create unique domain names and publish content which includes images, videos on their sites. There are many platforms like WordPress and blogger that offer you to create a free site on their domain.

Web 2.0 sites

Other sites include Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube that allow you to create your site in their subdomain. All such websites are web 2.0 sites that are important for link building.
Now let us study why web 2.0 sites help you to make a robust link building strategy.
All the 2.0 websites have a high domain authority which helps then grab high rankings on search engines. Moreover, they are free and don’t charge you a penny for creating a subdomain or posting content.
When it comes to page authority, you need only a few page links to take your page authority from 0 to 20. The 2.0 websites also allow you to link sites with any anchor text.

How Web 2.0 help you in search engine rankings?

Web 2.0 websites help you create backlinks, which benefits you in multiple ways.
The web 2.0 sites help you to improve both your PA and DA. They also help you to build valuable links at superfast speed.
Although, there are more ways to build links, then why do we need to use web 2.0?
The reasons for using these authority sites is to make the most natural and relevant links that are important for increasing the site’s rankings. The high quality and relevant links will help you to get a page authority of zero to 20 – 30 that is a part of modern SEO.
So let’s start with the link building strategy. This post shares the steps to achieve a high ranking on search engine by creating high-quality links.

Get a web 2.0 link from Blogger

Create a blogger account or sign in if you already have one. Include your focus keyword while creating a name for your blog. You need to include the same focus keyword while creating the URL. Create a domain name like ( for your blog name.

Create Unique Content for your site

After you create an account and a URL, you need to develop content for publishing on your blog. The content to be written should be unique and contain minimum 600 words in each post. It is the best if you can create 700 to 800 words long posts as it tells the Google that your site is a content rich site.
You need to take care of a few things while creating the content for your site like include your focus keyword in the content once or twice, write a unique headline which is the first part of your post and the first thing recognized by Google, and don’t forget that your headline should be catchy enough to attract the attention of visitors.
Creating good content takes time, but it’s worth it in the long-term reputation of your blog. A high-quality, unique content always pays off when it comes to SEO and ranking on search engines.
There are two methods to create high-quality, exclusive content for your website.
The first method is to create it yourself and the second method is getting it written by professional writers. Creating the content, yourself is recommended by the SEO experts to build 100 percent natural backlinks. The second method is best if you need to develop a lot of content in a short time.
And here’s the good news, now you can get the articles written for you at low prices from websites like iWriter. The high-quality content with relevant links of authority sites and images and videos will help you rank better on the search engines.
Also, write a call to action for your visitors with a link to your landing pages or money page.

How frequently should you publish content?

You should publish regular content to gain authority for your blog. If you have a lot of posts written for your site, do not post them altogether or in a single day.
Schedule your posts to be published every day so that they are posted automatically at regular intervals.

How to improve your Web 2.0 site authority?

As now you have created and published high quality and unique content on your site, it’s time to increase your site authority. By default, all the web 2.0 sites are high domain authority (DA) sites, but they have a low PA. When you increase the site authority both your PA and DA are improved.
For example, when you choose to create a free blog on platform, the domain authority of your blog will be 99, but the page authority will be almost zero. So, the first thing after publishing a few blog posts to increase the page authority of your blog.
It is also better to create some additional authority for your site.

Steps to create extra authority and page authority for your site

If you have multiple 2.0 sites, try linking them to create more authority. Creating links between two web 2.0 sites benefits and creates extra authority for both the websites. Post comments on other blogs from your blog as it will help you gain more authority for your site.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a great way of building links to your blog. Almost all the blog comments have a no -follow tag applied to them.
There are two types of Blog commenting, first is the do-follow commenting and the second is the no-follow commenting.
The first one allows you to insert the keywords in your website links and helps you rank better on the search engines. The second type of blog commenting that is no-follow does not improve your search engine rank, but commenting is a good way to attract referral traffic. Blog commenting helps you rank better on the search engines.

Forum posting

You need to use online forums to create high-quality links for your site. It is best to join the forum sites that are leaders in their industry. Join some forums that show high levels of engagement in their posts.
Find the forums that have regular posts, threads and replies, which simply means high engagement. You should also make up to 10 posts on a high engagement and high authority forum posting site to start with the link building.
Forum posting helps your website to look great in the eyes of search engines and drive quality traffic to your site. It provides your site with the required exposure which helps improve your ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
The most important benefit of using forum posting is that it increases the Google page rank of your site which also improves its ranking on all the search engines.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking helps you to increase your DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). The social bookmarking websites help you to get high quality and targeted traffic.
Social bookmarking sites also provide you do-follow backlinks that are required to increase your traffic. The do-follow backlinks also improve your Google page rank, domain authority and blog Alexa rank. It is one of the best techniques to get backlinks from high authority websites.

Some things to avoid for better SEO

You should not try to break your site or spam as Google hates spam. Moreover, you should not share any adult content on your blog or website. Also, try to avoid posting content which advocates against specific communities on the forum posting sites.
Never post any copyright materials on your site which includes the copyrighted content, images as well as the videos. If you cannot manage to create your own pictures and videos, try using the free to use images. You can find them on free sites like Pixabay, Flickr, Pexels, etc.
Avoid posting the content that advertises or promotes the use of harmful things on your blog or forum post. Do not include links to websites having adult content or content related to violence or crime. This means you should show the only the good and positive content on your site or blog.

Important Pages for Web 2.0

After creating unique and high-quality content, you need to add some more things to your site. You should also manage the default pages on these websites.

About us page

The “About us” page is also important that tells the visitors about your business and what you do. You should follow the below tips to post content on the “About us” page.
Avoid using the same name for all the blogs or sites. For example, if you create a web 2.0 blog for food recipes, you can use your name on all the sites for this keyword. However, you should avoid using the same name and bio for other keywords on different sites.
Also, it is best to add a picture to your “About us” page as Google consider it a high authority page because it has an image tag.  Don’t forget to include a short story of your site or your bio on the “About use page” which helps it gain more page authority and helps your visitors to understand your business.

Contact Us page

All the high reputed sites have a contact page. It confirms that there is a person or back-end team that visitors can contact for any help for queries and issues. Moreover, the contact page must have at least one link to your homepage.
The websites usually place the “Contact us” page at the top bar or menu bar on the home page so that visitors can easily find it and open it in case they need any help.

Boost the web 2.0 for more authority

All your link building efforts should not be meant for ranking for a keyword. Instead, you should build links to improve the domain authority and rank well for all your targeted keywords. As you develop your link building strategy and publish high-quality content on your site, it is also essential to make some extra efforts.
Once you have created good quality unique content, start sharing it on social media channels. Sharing on social media is highly beneficial especially for small businesses. Try to share it on high authority social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest, etc. Share and retweet your posts as much as you can as people and search engines always like good content whatever your niche may be.

Final Words

The above points cover almost everything related to using the Web 2.0 sites for link building. These techniques work every time and are the best to improve the ranking of your website on search engines. More visibility leads to more traffic, and more web traffic means more leads and sales. These tips will help you improve your SEO which benefits your site in multiple ways.
However, all the techniques should be used under expert guidance to get the most benefits.  You can take help from professional SEO experts. The success of your web 2.0 strategy depends on the creativity and how you use it for link building and improve your rankings.

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