100 Blog Post Ideas for The New Year

In the world of blogging, there are rarely times when the well of subject matter gets a little low, but it does happen. New year giving many of us a renewed sense of optimism, putting together a few new year blog ideas is on every blogger’s mind. But they don’t want to write the same old thing. It is time to get more creative. 

The List to End All Lists

With each year there is the likelihood of change. New diets spring up, new fitness trends are born, and new fashions emerge with the fury of an angry jungle cat. These will be attacked by bloggers with an intense avarice. But what about the blogger who doesn’t care about any of these. Should they be relegated to writing fluff? We don’t think so. 

Here are 100 ideas for anyone who wants new year blog post ideas and keep it less mainstream:

Blog Post ideas for New Year

  1. The 8 Best Charities for Businesses to Support
  2. How to Make a Miserable Client Happy
  3. Ideas to Lower Your Office’s Carbon Footprint
  4. 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Workspace More Efficient
  5. How Micromanaging Ruins Efficiency in the Workplace
  6. How to Pitch an Idea Without Losing Credit
  7. Do Not Compete Clauses. Should You Sign One?
  8. Working from Home Vs Working From the Office – Which is more efficient?
  9. How to Know Your Business Will Recover When the Virus Is Over
  10. Free Services That Make Corporate Giants the Place to Work
  11. The 5 Best Music Options for Your Workplace That Won’t Be Distracting
  12. How to Use New Social Media Platforms to Market Your Services Effectively
  13. Countdown to Superbowl – Making a Fair and Legal Office Pool
  14. Fun Ideas for Corporate Retreats that Still Abide Social Distance Laws
  15. Can Your Business Profit from An In-house Therapist?
  16. How to Avoid Sexual Harassment Claims When Hiring an In-house Masseuse
  17. 5 Reasons Why Vaping in The Office Is A Mistake
  18. New Acceptable Practices for Client Meetings Outside the Office
  19. 7 Free Items Every Company Should Provide to Its New Hires
  20. When Is the Right Time to Polish Your Resume?

Good New Year Blog Post

  1. How to Be Social Again – Tips for Those in Long-Term Quarantine
  2. How to Come to Terms with The New Normal
  3. Starting an Online Business That Isn’t A Gimmick – The Real Money Makers
  4. Top 10 YouTube Celebs and Why Anyone Should Listen to Them
  5. Why This Is Not the Year to Find Your New Year’s Kiss
  6. The 15 Best Books to Pick Up for Your New Year’s Reading List
  7. Paper Books VS E-Books – Which is better for your eyesight?
  8. New Year’s Resolutions – Which Ones Are Most Likely to Fail
  9.  Is the New Year the Right Time to Change Jobs?
  10. 8 Reasons Why Dating in 2021 Will Be Better Than 2020
  11. How to Date In The New Normal
  12. Why The Old-School Date is Making A Comeback
  13. 5 Ways to Be Safe When Being Intimate During COVID
  14. Great Valentine Ideas to Take Your Partner’s Mind Off of 2020
  15. How to Show Love in Clever Ways on A Video Chat
  16. Best Gifts for Kids to Prevent Boredom During Lockdown
  17. Top 10 Movies About A Pandemic with A Good Ending
  18. Should the Country Be Shut Down Again – 5 Good Reasons the Answer is “NO”
  19. Will President Biden Win if It Challenges the Second Amendment?
  20. Why Sitting Politicians Should Have Limited Terms
  21. 6 Ways to Spot a Potential Human Trafficking Operation
  22. Dogs VS Cats – Which is Better During A Quarantine?
  23. 9 Excellent Websites To Brush Up on Your Intimacy Skills 
  24. Women’s Favorite Sexual Positions and Why They Love Them
  25. Is it Safe to Have an Online Relationship with A Person Overseas?
  26. 5 Possible Red Flags That You Are Getting “Catfished”
  27. The Top 6 Stock Tip Sites and Why You Should Trust Them
  28. Are Gyms Safe After the Lockdown – Fitness In The New Normal
  29. Why Working from Home Can Help You Steal Your Bosses Job
  30. How to Confront Someone Who Is Using the Quarantine to Justify Their Attitude

Blog Post Ideas for New Year 2021

  1. The Best Languages to Learn In 2021 And Why
  2. Top 8 Places to Visit In Arizona
  3. How To Reorganize Your Portfolio For 2021 Clients
  4. Top 5 Web Hosting Sites and What Makes Them Shine
  5. How To Avoid High-interest Credit Card Scams In 2021
  6. Online Shopping – Is it Killing Brick and Mortar Chains?
  7. The Top Habits That Are Deterring Your Ambition
  8. How to Get Out of Your Own Way – 6 Tips for Overthinkers
  9. Why Having a Best Friend That is The Opposite Sex Is a Great Idea
  10. Frank VS Dick – How to Be Honest Without Being Mean
  11. Top 10 Conversations Every Couple Should Have Within the First Three Dates
  12. Top 7 Destination Wedding Spots During COVID
  13. Vacation Ideas for Workaholics – How to Really Unplug Yourself
  14. 5 Psoriasis Remedies That Work Without A Prescription
  15. How to Get a More Restful Sleep – 5 Tips That Work
  16. Top 5 Martial Art Disciplines to Improve Your Focus And Balance
  17. How Feng Shui Works – Changing Your Home to Change Your Life
  18. Top 9 Movies That Make New York City A Tourist Hot Spot
  19. Reviving Your Dead Lawn After A Harsh Winter – 5 Tips
  20. Top Streaming Services Reviewed – Which Is Best for Your Family
  21. Cryptocurrency – Why Unbacked Monetary Notes Should be Illegal
  22. Best 6 Gurus That Will Show You How to Monetize Your Blog
  23. Is This the Year to Write Your Novel? – Tips to Keep You on Track
  24. 7 Bad Quarantine Habits to Kick For the New Year
  25. New Ways in 2021 To Lower Your Carbon Footprint Substantially
  26. Is It Time to Renovate Your Kitchen? 
  27. 12 Ways to Decorate Your Home That Will Look Good Year Round
  28. Home Installations That Will Save You Money
  29. Will Self-Drive Big Rigs Ruin the Commercial Driving Industry?
  30. Self-Driving Cars – Are They Really Safe?
  31. 4 Reasons the Government Wants to Outlaw Vaping
  32. How To Clean Your Pool Without Chlorine
  33. Healthy Meat Alternatives Even A Butcher Can Appreciate
  34. Are You A Vegan? – 5 Personality Traits Only Vegans Have
  35. How to Worship A God Without Going to Church
  36. Why The “Everyone Gets A Trophy” Concept Is Ruining Our Children
  37. 6 Ways to Tell Your Child No Without A Tantrum
  38. Massive Muscle Gain – A Review of the Top 6 Protein Powders
  39. The Top 5 New Apps for Intense Workouts
  40. Is Running Good for Back Problems?
  41. How to Properly Transition to a Vegetarian Diet – 6 Simple Steps

New Year Fashion Blog Post Ideas

  1. 12 Tips for Knowing Your Online Outfit Will Fit You
  2. Top 5 New Looks for the Office
  3. Is the Suit with a Vest Making A Comeback? – Suit Ideas in 2021
  4. The Best 5 Bikini Colors This Summer
  5. What to Wear On a Second Date
  6. How to Make Your Style a Part of Your Identity
  7. Top 6 Sites to Find Discounts for Online Clothing Stores
  8. Best Outfits for Winter – Look Hot Even When Its Cold

   100.Look Amazing on A Budget – 8 Online Stores You Must Visit


People love blogs. They touch on poignant subjects, they offer guidance and insight, and they can change the way a person thinks, just by offering a different perspective that isn’t harsh or antagonistic. And everyone uses blogs from individuals to companies, for everything from lists of favorite things to company protocols for employees. 

When you choose your blogs, always pick what you are passionate about. If you can write literally anything, no one is telling you not to, but the reader can tell if it is a subject close to your heart, or just something to fill space. Are you looking for a blog to write as we enter the new year?

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