50 Photography Blog Post Ideas to Get You Started

In today’s age, everyone should be blogging. After all, almost everyone is online these days. To be exact, as per Statista, approximately 4.57 billion people have active internet connection around the world. That constitutes half of the world’s population.

And blogs have been gaining quite a following in recent years. For starters, according to OptinMonster, 77 percent of internet users read blogs. And in the USA alone, the number of bloggers is expected to reach 31.7 million by the end of 2020.

While you might think that blogging is best done by wordsmiths, photographers have a lot to gain from starting a blog as well. Not only does it help in improving traffic to your website, but it also gives photographers a creative way to showcase their portfolio.

Deciding the topic for your blog post can be challenging, especially for a niche like photography. But, it turns out, there are a plethora of photography topics you can write on! Here are the top 50 ideas to get you started.

  1. Write about an event

Whether you are a professional photographer or a newbie, you can always write a blog about an event you went to and the photos you clicked during the event. Here is how Jack Davolio writes a description of an event he went to.

  1. My favorite location

What is the one place you love photographing? Let your readers know about the location. Describe it in a way that they feel they can experience it all with the photos you took.

  1. What’s in my bag

Before you begin recommending gears to others, establish a relationship with your reader by sharing a roundup of all the gears you carry during a shoot. Here is how Pat Kay does it.

  1. How to choose the perfect props for a photo session

Once you have established your credibility, a topic for your next blog post can be a guide about choosing the ideal props, the pros, and cons of different items, and the best products people can use.

  1. Behind the Scenes of a shoot

Take your readers on a journey of knowing what goes on behind the camera. Describe the task, the atmosphere, the challenges, and the outcome.

  1. Introduce yourself

While most photographers only focus on their art, readers often want to know the person behind it all. Introduce yourself to your readers by writing an article about yourself.

  1. My Favorite Equipment

A lot can be gauged about a photographer based on their favorite equipment. Write about your favorite equipment and why you prefer the equipment. What memorable stories do you have involving the gear? Let your readers know.

  1. Revisit an old shoot

Nothing helps in showing how much your skill has improved than revisiting an old shoot with a new angle. Write what you did differently this time.

  1. What I offer

Are you open for business? Write a blog post explaining exactly what services you offer and what makes you different.

  1.  My Inspiration

Share the work of the artists that inspire you to be a better photographer. Explain in what ways they inspire you.

  1.  Visual Diary

You can let your pictures do the talking. Convert your blog into a pictorial diary of your adventures. Photographer Shriya Samavai does it impeccably.

  1.  Travel blogs

Photography and travel go hand in hand as you discover new scenic places, blog about it to take your readers on the journey with you.

  1.  Camera Gear Review

Convert your blog into a resource for your readers by reviewing the latest camera gear releases. Share the merits, demerits, and your verdict on each gear you review.

  1.  How to prepare for a photoshoot

There is more to a photoshoot than the props used. Write a guide about all the things a photographer must take care of when preparing for a photo shoot.

  1.  Interview other photographers

Your blog doesn’t just have to be about you. Interview others in your field to both support them and improve your credibility.

  1.  My shooting style

Every photographer has a unique shooting style. Share yours via pictures. Relay why you prefer this shooting style over others.

  1.  The editing process: tips and tools

Not enough people talk about the processes that come after the shoot. Let your readers know how to use photo editor and what tools they can use.

  1.  Trying new equipment

Anytime you switch your gear, create a blog post out of it sharing your experience. This is different from a review. Here, the idea is to let your pictures do the real talking.

  1.  Content I like

Is there a blog post or content you like? Link to it and explain why you think it is worth reading. This is also a link-building tactic that will improve your reach.

  1.  My outtakes

Not every shot you take is accepted by the client. Share these with your readers to show the diversity within your portfolio.

  1.  A photo every day

Jump on the viral 365-day challenge. You can do so by taking a photo every day and making a blog post out of it when you reach the milestone.

  1.  Why I became a photographer?

Motivate aspiring photographers by sharing why you became a photographer and what measures you took to perfect your craft.

  1.  Photography tips and tricks

What are the hacks that best work for you? Whether it be lighting, gear, or angles, share different tricks and tips.

  1.  My Workspace

Everyone loves drawing inspiration from each other’s workspace. Give a rundown of everything that is present in your workspace.

  1.  Top photography tools

Once you have reviewed an array of items, you can then proceed to recommend the top tools for readers to use.

  1.  My playlist

Music surely makes everything better. Share the playlist you listen to when at work. Or, like Aperture, you can mention the playlist of several photographers.

  1.  A given project of your portfolio

Is your portfolio too big for perusal? Make sure that the star projects are not lost by writing a blog about it and linking it back to the project.

  1.  A Year-End Summary

As 2020 is finally coming to an end, recap the year for your readers. What projects did you work on? What challenges did you face? Let them all know.

  1.  My Goals for 2021

There is one idea that remains doable for all bloggers – New Year’s resolution! Share your goals with your readers for the upcoming year.

  1.  My Next Event/Big Project

Every time you get a new gig, let your readers know. You don’t necessarily have to share details about the project. You can share details about how you feel about it.

  1.  Lessons I learned during my career

What are the things you wished someone would have told you when you started in the photography business? Share them with your readers to give them a heads-up.

  1.  Work in Progress

For photographers working on long-term projects, share your work in progress to make readers more excited for the final reveal.

  1.  My Social Media

Divert your visitors to your social media accounts by dedicating a blog where you discuss your recent social media posts. Make sure to share your social media handles.

  1.  Tutorials for Newbie Photographers

Whether it be teaching how to properly set up a gear or how to edit a photo to be “Instagram worthy,” there are various things you can teach your readers. Here is Amir Zahed’s post you can take inspiration from.

  1.  Start a challenge

You might have noticed just how well viral challenges fare. You can start your own! For instance, you can take a photo of sunrise and challenge your readers to share a better photo in the comments.

  1.  Holiday Specials

Halloween. Christmas. Thanksgiving. Each of these holidays is the perfect time for photography to showcase their talent. After all, there are just too many photogenic things during the holiday season.

  1.  Celebrating Seasons

Summer, spring, autumn, and winter each have a very distinct aura around them. Capture it in your lens and create a blog post around each season.

  1.  Questions to ask a photographer

Help your readers in picking the right photographer by sharing what elements they should be looking at when making their decision.

  1.  How to survive a family photoshoot

Family photoshoots are the worst for photographers! Share funny anecdotes and tips on how one can survive when trying to navigate through the passive-aggressive environment of a family photo shoot.

  1.  Unique Photo Session Ideas

List down all the creative poses that people can strike for the camera to stand out. For instance, this photo of sharing the name of the baby is quite creative.

  1.  How to choose the best camera

Categorize your article based on the type of photoshoot the reader might wish to do and what camera works best for each of them.

  1.  Maternity photoshoot ideas

Mothers-to-be love immortalizing the experience via photos. Share how they can do so creatively.

  1.  Gender Reveal Photoshoot ideas

Stemming from the previous blog post idea, you can also share a list of unique gender reveal photoshoots. Make sure to keep it safe!

  1.  How to choose the best location

Sometimes even the most scenic locations don’t look great behind the camera. Share your list of best locations to snap pictures at, along with a guide on how to select a location.

  1.  How to take the perfect selfie

The selfie-craze is yet to die down. Leverage this by guiding readers on how to take the perfect selfie.

  1.  Tips for Indoor Photoshoot

Let your readers know how they can take beautiful photos while indoors. Mention the best angles, props, and background they can use.

  1.  Photos you must take as a parent

Target new parents by sharing the moments that are best captured on camera for the family to look back at later on.

  1.  Organizing your photos

Share how you organize your portfolio and how readers should categorize their photos so that they can find them later on.

  1.  Lightroom Editing Tutorial

Write a detailed guide about the hacks of using lightroom for editing pictures. Add screenshots and videos for optimum traffic.

  1.  Vlogs

Integrate vlogs into your blog. After all, people are much more likely to watch rather than read. Do so for BTS shoots as well as when traveling.

Ending Remarks

Once you begin blogging, ideas will start to stem from one another. Keep an eye on feedback to see what visitors want to read. Meanwhile, these 50 ideas will surely get you started.

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