50 Easy Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers

Have you thought of providing inspiring interior design ideas for your niche audience?

To make a good impression on your blog visitors, you need to have creative and unique ideas. Of course, content is king, and you can make your audience consider you a thought leader if you can provide good content.

Having good ideas for blog posts is essential in any field. In this post, we’ll let you know 50 easy blog post ideas in different categories that appeal to every interior designer.‎ 

General Interior Design tips

One of the most sought after blog post ideas for interior design is to give general tips on design ‎projects. In other words, you have to help readers learn some details in the process of interior ‎design or renovation. There are countless blogs across the world, offering different tips, and you ‎can be one of them.‎

Here are several good ideas in this regard:

  1. Top interior design mistakes you need to avoid
  2. Best times for an interior design project
  3. How to live comfortable when renovating your interior design
  4. Tips to add value to your interior design renovation
  5. How to solve interior design dilemmas
  6. How to set the lowest and highest budget for your interior design project

Practical tips on different parts of an interior design ‎project

You can also take one step further and let readers know about your expertise by providing tips on specific parts of a design project.

You can provide guidance to homeowners to help them choose better when planning an interior design project. Here are several useful ideas for blogging in this area.

  1. Tips for changing kitchen appliances during a renovation project
  2. Tips for changing flooring for your rooms during a renovation project
  3. How to choose bathroom suites when renovating your interior design
  4. Tips for changing curtains and blinds for your home
  5. The benefits of using BIM in the interior design process
  6. How to integrate HVAC systems into your interior design

Tips for style

Some other interesting blogging ideas can be around styling up a specific area in your home and providing tips on how your audience can do it effectively.

You have to talk about specific ‎products, color schemes, or even recommend stores where you like to buy from. Here are some useful ideas for styling up your interior design:

  1. Style up your shelf
  2. Style up your dining table
  3. Style up your garden for a get-together
  4. Style up your bedroom
  5. Style up your walls with portraits, lighting, etc.
  6. How to mix an old style and a new décor

Case studies

Another good idea for blogging about interior design is to provide case studies that have inspired you. In other words, you need to share your own experiences with different stores, restaurants, decors, etc. with your readers.

You can explain your personal feeling about those experiences and ask your readers to do the same. Here are several good blogging ideas ‎in this regard:

  1. Suggesting a local store to buy some pieces of stuff for an interior design project
  2. Suggesting a stylish restaurant or café with new interior design to learn from
  3. Describing a stately interior design
  4. Suggesting interior design events
  5. Reviewing a home tour

Ideas on top interior design trends

One of the best ideas to write about in any area is the newest trends in that niche, and interior design is not an exception.

There is always something new about trends to write about. This thing is you ‎don’t need to agree with all the new trends. You can criticize different trends and appear like a niche thought leader.

Try to keep a consistent style when you criticize different trends so that your audience recognize your personality from your blogs.‎

Here are several good ideas about interior design trends:

  1. Trends in colors. You have to describe what’s hot in your opinion and what’s not.
  2. Trends in furniture. Try to tell what shapes, materials, etc. are trendy.
  3. Trends in smart homes. Try to teach readers about it, and do not forget about the price.
  4. Vintage trends in interior design that matter at the moment is also a good blogging idea.
  5. Trends in lighting. You can talk about your bulbs’ shapes, materials, etc.
  6. Trends in antique furniture

Practical tips for homeowners and housekeepers

Giving advice on how to do something or how to tackle specific problems are always great in any area, especially interior design.

Just like creating a new interior design, practical tips on how to change, fix, place, and replace something is an evergreen idea for blogging. For example, many people have trouble with their facilities like plumbing, HVAC, etc. So you can generate useful content for them and also recommend local experts in every field, like plumbing services in Delhi, to help them with that problem.

The key to success in such blog posts is to help readers do something with minimum budget and the best results. Remember that creativity and simplicity work miracles, and can double your traffic. Here are several blogging ideas in this field:

  1. How to choosing and care houseplants
  2. Tips on how to clean different areas and things in your home
  3. Storage tips for small homes
  4. How to paint furniture, walls, etc.
  5. Tips on how to hang lighting
  6. How to declutter tips

Seasonal interior design ideas

Different seasons always bring different ideas for decorations. So creating content about it can be a great approach to drive traffic to your blog.

To keep readers interested in seasonal changes in their interior design, you can offer the ideas below:‎

  1. How to do Spring cleaning
  2. Tips on preparing your garden for summer
  3. Tips and ideas on Christmas decorating
  4. Ideas on Christmas gifts for interior designers
  5. Winter interior design ideas

Environmentally-friendly ideas

Making green homes, saving energy, using renewable sources of energy, and reduce the carbon footprint are trendy topics these days.

Interior designers can also take advantage of these trends to make their projects stand out. Here are several good ideas for interior design bloggers to write about:

  1. How to do a green home renovation
  2. What materials should you choose to make your home environmentally friendly
  3. How to design your home to get maximum daylight and reduce electric consumption
  4. How interior design can affect energy consumption in residential buildings

Ideas from other cultures

Using different ideas in your projects can make your work unique. Remember that no single style is perfect, so try to use interior design ideas from different cultures to diversify your designs.

Here are several sought after ideas to write about:

  1. Best Asian interior design ideas
  2. Beautiful Arabian interior design ideas
  3. Tips for integrating other cultures’ interior design elements into your home
  4. Benefits of using Persian carpets in your sitting room
  5. African style interior design ideas
  6. Beautiful interior design ideas from Latin America


There are numerous other design ideas that you can include in your blog to bring more traffic to it. Try to personify your tips and ideas to make your audience believe it. Publishing user-generated content from your audience is also another great way to have new ideas for your blogs. You need also improve your SEO to get maximum exposure for your blog posts.

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