15 Best Ways to Make Money with Internet for Kids

Technology expert, Rahul Digital has spent much of the last decade looking for the best ways of ensuring the “Internet of Things” becomes a reality. After becoming convinced the ability of human beings to interact proactively with machines was the key to an automated future, Rubin devoted his career to developing this form of digital research. In recent years, the connectivity of technology has also raised security concerns which Adrian Rubin has been looking to solve with his work as a technology expert.
The move towards an automated and connected world is changing the employment sector with young people increasingly looking towards the Internet as a source of making money. Children and young people across the planet are now looking to use the Internet to expand their interests into money-making ideas including the use of YouTube and survey taking programs providing monetary returns on a regular basis.
Parents and guardians are often frustrated by the lack of physical interaction between children and young people but for most friends are being cultivated Online with a positive social media presence. Finding a paying source of employment Online is the equivalent of a paper route for previous generations with a safe and secure environment essential to building a positive future for any child.

1. Online surveys

One of the most popular ways for a young person to make money Online is through Online surveys being completed in return for gift cards and money. Among the many options open to a young person for taking surveys is the use of Swagbucks, a Website dedicated to providing a monetary return for the completion of surveys with earnings available via PayPal or through the purchase of gift cards.
There are a number of Web sites available for Online survey completion with the bonus for adults being the ability to monitor their child’s career at any time. A second bonus of spending some time completing research is the ability of the kid to choose their own level of research to complete to build their funds and claim either gift cards or money for their time and efforts.

2. YouTube

There are thousands of kids making money on YouTube each year by driving advertisers to their channel on a regular basis. A good option is to spend some time with a kid exploring the many different options open to them with the aid of a creator academy Site giving details of how to make money for the future. Channels are now linked to the many different forms of monetization options open to creators on YouTube with a link to an AdSense channel.
A kid who has a growing sense of awareness about the Internet and YouTube channels will usually understand a lot about the options open to them or make money Online. YouTube creators have been known to make in the thousands of dollars for their work but a growing trend is for sponsorships for Online influencers who will build their following and link this to specific brands.

3. Video games professional

This may seem like a strange idea for many but the growing trend of video game playing means kids are beginning to make money for their skills. Instead of telling a child to put down their video game controller it may now be a good option for a parent to encourage their child to become as impressive as possible on specific games. Many video game producers are now actively seeking to build the career of a talented video game player with an eye on creating teams for the rising area of E-Sports challenges.
A competent video game player can often develop their skills to join an E-Sports team and attract sponsorship from major organizations and video game producers. A certain level of skill must be kept up for this career choice to become profitable with many finding the issue of keeping sponsors happy an issue along with the constantly evolving level of video games another issue to consider. The competitive nature of E-Sports means a talented player can earn millions of dollars in sponsorship without the need to leave their home to become adept at a specific game with teams available from Cloud 9 and Evil Genius.

4. Photography

Artistic kids are now looking to develop their photography skills in a bid to take impressive images and create a career from an early age. Design skills and photography can lead to a relationship being built with advertising agencies who can spend a large amount of an advertising project budget on the right image to sell products and services.
To make a start in this money-making area, it is often a good idea to begin a career with a blog or portfolio published Online to show the skills and best images of the photographer. Social media is also becoming increasingly important for those looking to create an effective creative career at an early age with Instagram playing more of a role than ever before in the creation of a professional career. Many advertisers are now looking for images found through social media posts showing the importance of using the correct hashtags to identify an image.

5. Online research

The ability to complete Online research is something each and every kid has the chance to do with a large amount of simple research probably best suited for teens and older kids who have a little more advanced computer abilities. Online research can take a range of forms with parents probably wanting to make sure their kid is only conducting research fitting into their age group and maturity level.
The different forms of Online research available for kids to take part in include the simple checking of data from various areas on the Internet. Many marketing companies are paying kids to search and check simple data Online which makes this a simple way of making a few dollars using Online search skills.

6. Broadcast gaming

A number of platforms have been created in recent times designed to allow gamers the chance to broadcast their skills and be paid for doing so. Platforms such as Twitch have grown in popularity across the Web with money made through a range of activities as top gamers now broadcast their experience live to their followers who provide funds to allow them to remain Online.
PLayers should have the basic skills to remain positive in the gaming landscape but those have a strong personality can also be successful in making money doing something they love. Finding a range of different platforms and making sure the games being played by a gamer are popular on a specific platform is the best way of making sure a high level of pay is earned by the kid.

7. Develop an educational course

Everybody has a skill they can use to make money with the creation of an Online course in a specific discipline. One of the most successful ways of making money Online is through the development of an Online course which can then be sold through a range of platforms offering Online educational opportunities.
A kid can spend a short time developing their course before they set out to publish it Online and allow others the opportunity to follow in their footsteps in developing a skill in a specific discipline. Charging for the specific course means the platform will take a small portion of each payment from a student before the remainder of the money charged will be passed to the individual kid who created the course.

8. Become an Influencer

A word the marketing sector has become concerned with is that of the influencer which means the individual must have built their social media following to high levels over a short period of time. Many advertisers and brands are actively seeking social media users who have a large following to advertise their products and services in a positive way to reach the large following of the social media account.
Instagram has become one of the major sources of advertising among influencers who are earning a large amount of money through sponsorship deals developed with some of the largest brands in the world. Many influencers begin their career in a small way with local products or those from startups before expanding as they build connections within the marketing industry.

9. Create a Web Site

There are many kids out there who have developed their own career through the creation of a successful Web Site which means they do not have the need to find a high-paying job when they are done with their education. A successful Web Site can be developed in a range of different areas in such a way as to ensure they drive a number of advertisers to their Site who wish to have their product or service linked to a successful brand on the Internet.
The mistake made by many kids when they take the decision to start a Web Site is to not treat it as a business but as a hobby. A parent can step in and assist with the development of the Web Site and make sure it is created in a way that provides the best possible chance of success for the possible business of the youth. When developing a Web Site, a young person should look to develop a Site they would be interested in spending time on with the link between brands reflecting their own ideals and the interests of their peers.

10. Create their own products

One of the most impressive things about the rise of importance of the Internet has been the resurgence in the number of crafts and prototype products being created by young people. Any idea, however small or large can usually find a home on the Internet because of a large number of people making their way to the Internet each day. Not only can a kid find a potential customer but they can find a collaborator or company willing to market their design on a wider scale.
Some of the most successful Online business leaders in the world have begun their career selling their own designs through Online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. As Amazon as widening its partnership options with entrepreneurs regardless of the age and experience levels of the business owner the opportunities for a kid to make money from their own design look set to improve in the coming years.

11. Sell items Online

There has been lots of talk of designing and creating products for the creation of a new business opportunity; however, many children make money by simply selling the belongings they no longer require on eBay or through other marketplaces. One of the issues many children face is the speed with which they grow meaning they are no longer in need of their clothing or toys soon after they are purchased.
Gifts are often received for birthdays and other Holidays which are not wanted or duplicates of belongings already owned. Instead of simply letting these valuable items sit in a closet before being regifted, many kids are now placing these items for sale Online in a bid to make money from items they would normally not worry about.

12. Create a Blog or Vlog

Children are creative and full of ideas about the things which interest them. Every parent should look to encourage their creative child to write or create videos about their life or the things which interest them. Among the subjects, kids can look to create some form of Blog about local restaurants, entertainment, and media, current events, and their own experiences at school or extracurricular activities.
Developing a video-based diary about life can add to the number of layers a Vlog can be uploaded for with the growing level of importance placed on YouTube one option but many like to find another platform. There are many options for uploading Vlogs and Blogs throughout the digital world which pay all authors through the number of sponsorship clicks received.

13. Create a podcast

One area of the Internet which has not yet reached its peak in the U.S. is that of the podcast allowing the creators and contributors to discuss their favorite subjects. Many podcasts are created with sponsorships developed when a following is created based on the number of downloads received by each podcast created.
There are many podcasts created and available through a range of platforms including those offered by Apple, Amazon, TuneIn, and many more. Podcasts give kids a good chance to develop their own skills and knowledge of specific areas of a subject from sports to history and academic subjects. Podcasts are a positive as they can also be used to build the confidence of a young person as a public speaker as they provide their knowledge for their listeners.

14. Sell arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are a growing area of importance on the Internet with a range of platforms now developed focusing specifically on the work of artists of all ages. Etsy offers a simple to use and secure platform for young people to use to develop their skills as artists and entrepreneurs.
One of the most impressive aspects of the use of Etsy as an Online marketplace is the ability of a kid to be involved in every aspect of the craft from planning to mailing it to a customer. Any item a kid draws or creates can be sold Online through platforms such as Etsy to help any child become an artistic and entrepreneurial success on a digital platform.

15. Offer advice through a Blogging Site

We have already covered Blogging as an option for making money but asking a young person for advice may not be an option many adults have considered when they are looking to solve specific problems. Kids can spend some time offering their advice to those with a problem fitting into their specific area of knowledge.
A few ideas for an advice column on any Blogging Site includes the offering of video gaming coaching for those who are struggling to overcome specific aspects of a game. If a young person has developed an area of interest they can start a Blog, add some advertisers, and make some money as more individuals are attracted to their knowledge of a particular subject.
These are a few options for a young person to explore when they are looking to make some extra money instead of looking for a role in a fast food restaurant or a store which does not pay well and places them in danger on a regular basis. Parents who are looking to ensure the safety of their child may wish to encourage a successful career built on the Internet alongside a happy and full social life. What is important to remember is the need to keep up with schooling as the most important part of the life of the child who may want to devote increasing amounts of time to the Online they are undertaking to earn some extra money.

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