Top 10 Best Blogs to Read from Top Pakistani Bloggers

In the astounding feat of bits and bytes, the internet buzzes with activity. With millions of gigabytes flowing every sec on the internet, It’s very hard to ignore the way bloggers have come up with their sheer talent in the past few decades, producing tons of unique and authentic content around the globe.

Pakistan has been a country that has produced some great professional bloggers in the last two decades. Whether you are looking for affiliate marketing, tech, health, or even gadgets Pakistani bloggers have come with an answer to your every possible question. Today we are going to witness “Top Bloggers of Pakistan” that have upraised the IT field in Pakistan. In the era where there is continuous hype in the field of blogging, they have preserved their rankings and have made others count on them. Without wasting any time here is the list of Top Pakistani bloggers to follow that have come upfront solely on the basis of their talent.

1. WPBeginner 

Founded: 2009

Founder(s): Syed Moiz balkhi

Blog Topics: WordPress, Themes & Plugins

Organic Monthly Traffic: 422,5329

Blog Monetization: Affiliate Commissions

Most Popular Blog: How to Start a WordPress Blog – Easy Guide – Create a Blog

Syed Moiz balkhi is a Karachi born USA settled entrepreneur who created his website WPbeginner back in 2009, the motto of the website was to ease the path of young bloggers who were making their mark. He started his Blogging career in 2006. Even after the hardships he faced along his ordeal he kept his head up and learnt from his failures, turning baby steps into huge accomplishments that every blogger desires of. He is now acknowledged as known entrepreneur of the world with a couple of popular resources under his belt.

He has founded Optinmaster, WP forms, and Monsterinsights which power over 4 million sites. His softwares are used by 10 million websites discriminating him from his fellow competitors. Along with his vast expertise in his field he also runs “Balkhi foundation” which proves his core belief in philanthropy.

2. ProPakistani

Founded: 2008

Founder(s): AAMIR ATTA

Blog Topics: Telecom, Tech, Business & Sports

Organic Monthly Traffic: 278,4597

Blog Monetization: Banner Ads

Most Popular Blog: Plan Finder for SMS, Calls, Internet & Broadband Plans for All Telecom

Aamir Atta from Islamabad is the founder and chairperson of Propakistani. Propakistani is one of the most visited sites in Pakistan as it covers a wide variety of categories. He has an experience of 12 years in tech, journalism, and reporting. He has got a team of 15 persons at his back, which edits and covers 8+ categories on his website. He’s considered a go-to-guy for anything related to telco’s, broadband, and tech industries of Pakistan. 

3. MyBloggerTricks

Founded: 2009

Founder(s): Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Blog Topics: Blogging, SEO & Make Money

Organic Monthly Traffic: 152,5329

Blog Monetization: Banner Ads

Most Popular Blog: Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger

Mohammad Mustafa is a young handsome entrepreneur from Karachi. He runs multiple websites from his living room. He also runs an STC network that offers web services and business solutions to clients around the globe.

He started his blogging venture in 2008 when most of his friends got the US visa and he couldn’t qualify for it, owing to his financial issues. After this Mohammad never turned back, and went in search of new venture, eventually ending at the stop of “Blogging”. He is now one of the highest-paid blogger in Pakistan. Besides blogging, he also has expertise in HTML4 and CSS3.

4. Redmondpie

Taimur Asad is the founder of Redmondpie. Redmondpie was first aired in 2008, it covers the latest news and reviews regarding Microsoft, google, apple and web. Redmondpie is also one of the few sites that waves partnership with Microsoft biz spark network. It covers nearly all updates and offers about gadgets, so if you are gadget lover Redmondpie has got your back. Besides Redmondpie Taimur is also the founder of SQL pass Karachi chapter.

5. Bloggingehow

Umer Idrisi is a Karachi guy who has got a mighty experience in Web designing, SEO and Making money online. He has been a mentor for young students who wants to join IT as a profession. The interesting fact about this guy is that he has got no educational background, whatever knowledge he has gained he has imbibed either from the books or the internet , this achievement of his discriminates him from his fellow competitors. He has now got 5 websites under his hand, from which Bloggingehow leads the board. He also hosts a youtube channel with the same name that stands with a 10k subscriber score.


Ali Raza is a Lahori lad, who is a chief executive at aarswebs from 2012, a Google partner company. He started his website in Feb 2015 and within no time he climbed the stairs of success. Owing to his expertise he is considered as one of the best digital marketers in Pakistan. This Google and Microsoft certified guy considers himself still as a learner because according to him success lies in learning. He currently writes on Make money online, SEO, and CRO.


Ismail blogger is a handsome lad from Peshawar. He has been an inspiration for grooming youngsters of Pakistan. He is a true example of hard work, the guy who couldn’t make email address of his own is now included in the “Top Pakistani bloggers”. He made his first website in 2014 and toiled away on his skills. He is now a full-time YouTuber and affiliate marketer, affiliate marketing being the major source of income for him.

8. MyBloggerLab

Syed Faizan Ali is a Karachi boy who is 25 years old, He started his blogging venture from Blogspot back in 2012 and in just a matter of 6 months, he got 10 million hits leaving everyone awestruck. After his achievement, he never looked back and continued his passion. He now teaches blogging tips and Blogspot on his website. He started his own company of templates called “templateism” back in 2013. His free templates are also widely used and loved.

 9. AllBlogginTips

Ammar Ali is a Pindi boy, having a blogging experience of 11 years on hands. When he was young he spent lots of time learning and was passionate about programming and coding. His goal is to help other bloggers in taking their blogs to the next level and make money out of it. Nowadays most of his revenue now comes through affiliate marketing. He writes on WordPress, makes money online, and SEO. On other hand he also provides different services on new blog setups and quick fixes, Needs any help? He is the guy for you.


Mansoor Shaikh is a professional blogger from Hyderabad with a blogging experience of 4+ years. Besides his love for blogging, he is a student of MBBS. He has been an active member of local blogger community and is a pro in his field. He believes in unique and innovative content and is motivating others to do it as well. He mostly writes on health and Blogging tips. He has currently written a bundle of blogs on the awareness of SEO & digital marketing.

Top Food Bloggers & Influencers in Pakistan

Food blogging isn’t the same as before. You do not always need a website. Yup, with Instagram becoming an integral part of our daily lives, blogging has taken a more visual form. Plus, isn’t food always more about the visual appeal online?

Top Food Instagram Influencers that are worth following

1: Ronal Rajani

Ronal Rajani is the perfect example of how one should be clicking images for your Instagram blog. Whether it is the sauce being poured over the food or the images of the drinks, this guy knows his stuff and it is a feast for the eyes.

Thus it comes as no surprise that he has over 424k followers with just about 4,000 posts. Ronan lives in Mumbai and has been exploring both the known and the unknown food places in Mumbai. So if you cannot decide which cafe to spend your weekend, the is the person to follow.

2: Karan Dua

If his Instagram handle didn’t already tell you about how big a foodie he is, his images will do that. While you can find a lot of restaurant and cafe reviews, he also loves attending food walks and events and to try out the new cuisines there. Not just that, he is also known for hosting food walks.

He has over 330K followers and you can find images of food ranging from grills, street food to even your Chole bhature and homemade Chicken curry. If all that hasn’t impressed you, he has also been featured on The Hindu, The Economic Times and other respectable magazines.

3: Nikita

A look at her Instagram profile and you’ll know she might be dating food but her love story with food isn’t limited to just Instagram. She is also a food Zomato Connoisseur so you can find here reviews for restaurants and cafes on Zomato. Plus, she also has a YouTube channel (very helpful just in case you needed a little more details about the place)

With a following of about 192K she one of the top food influencers in Lahore. Yup, if you are wondering where and what you should be eating in Lahore, her profile is worth a look.

4: Archana

Ever looked for food bloggers in Pakistan? Well, Archana’s Kitchen is one of the top food blogs and her Instagram profile is just as impressive.

Her profile is another great example of how you should be doing your food photography whether it is a slice of cake or a plate of veg biryani. She also has an app that you can download. It has 1000+ recipes and will help you cook like a pro.

5: Shubneet Jain

If you are a vegetarian and looking for places that serve the best vegan foods, Shubhneet Jain is the man to follow. Don’t think vegetarian food can look and taste good, trust me, one look of his Instagram is sure to make your mouth water

He’s from Karachi and covers images from cafes, restaurants to even street food and the top bakeries in Islamabad. Plus, he has also been featured by some of the top magazines such as Inc42Media, News X, Mirror Now, NavBharat Times.


Blogging is an art that comes by will and determination. Most people join blogging just to earn some pelf and at last fails drastically. Whilst blogging the first concern should be the readers who are reviewing your blogs, not the affiliate links that you put in. The bloggers mentioned did the same and thus are included in the Top Pakistani Bloggers. Indeed the great content earns you great money.

The ratio of bloggers is increasing day by day, as according to statistics thousands of websites are made every day. We tried our best to annotate the best bloggers from Pakistan whom we think should come up on this list. What do you think about this list? Drop your comments to let us know.

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