10 Ways to Get Paid to Code Online: Make Money with Programming

In this contemporary era, if you have skills then there are plenty of doors of opportunity open for you. World is moving towards the online job market and specifically if you have a talent related to the computer/IT sector then your golden time is ahead. Many online platforms are available which let you earn money from your place without going anywhere in the office or private company.

Well, if you’re a good programmer and expert in any of the programming languages then it’s the best skill that you can have these days. Many famous companies are seeking a programmer which makes their system more stronger and useful. However, it’s not an easy task to do, you need to have something extraordinary than others to get noticed. 

Opportunities are endless for the programmer to earn money online from home, so dive into some of the ways to make money with programming. 

1. Start Freelancing

Most easiest and preferred way by many developers. There are plenty of freelancing websites available in the market which helps to find the best work for you. 

You can quickly find the desired work from these websites and earn decent money. You just need to write down the skills that you have and make your profile stronger. So, employers will come to you and give you a project which suits you. However, as numerous programmers are working on the same platform you need to set a proper bid price for the project, otherwise it’s tough to get it. 

The flexibility of working hours and place would encourage many developers to work online. You can work on the project at your own time however the deadline should not be missed. So, you don’t need to follow the schedule which generally followed in the offices. Therefore, it’s a great platform with myriads of opportunity for the developers to earn money. 

The list of freelancing websites:

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Elance
  • ProplePerHour

2. Participate in Coding Competition

Coding competition is a great way to earn money if you have enough skills to present something extraordinary than others. In this type of competition, you must be able to give challenges to your competitors by developing something innovative and helping the society. 

The competition can be online or offline and based on your preference you can participate in it. This type of competition gives ideas about the current market scenario and how other developers are working. Coding competition gives you an excellent amount of money if you’re able to present the creative project for the industry or the Government. 

Many popular companies organize coding competition for the students and professionals. For example, every Google organizes the Google Code Jam as an annual programming competition to solve the complex algorithm. And the winning prize was $15,000. Moreover, TCS codevita is also a popular coding competition among the students and helps to win a very good amount of money with your programming skills.

3. Start Online Courses

It’s a new way to teach people and a high amount of money. People are now more interested in learning new skills from the online courses and there are many websites available like Coursera, edx, Udacity, Udemy and so on.

You can enroll as a guide in any of the relevant courses or start your own course and then students and professionals will pay to watch your tutorials. Record your screen and give your voice and upload it to the course section, however, you must have a proper course structure according to the current demand then and then people will enroll in your course. Hence, it’s another great and most preferred way to earn money with your coding skills.

4. Develop a WordPress Plugin and Theme

Undeniably, more than 35% websites on the internet are powered by WordPress only. And themes and plugins are the most vital part of the WordPress to develop a website.

If you have a good programming knowledge and skill then you can build your own theme or plugin and let the user download it. Actually, there are free and premium two types of plugins and themes are available, and if you develop a premium then you will get paid whenever someone downloads it. If it’s fulfilling every demand of the user then surely they will download it by paying also. Thus, it’s a great opportunity for the developers to earn money with WordPress plugin and theme. 

5. Develop a Mobile Applications

If you’re good at mobile application development then it’s a best way to embark and earn money. However, you must have a good idea so that it’s useful for the maximum number of people.

Do some research and find out what people demand most from the mobile apps, and start working on it. With the help of your study, build an app which will be useful in the regular routine so that people download it. It’s true that higher the downloads, the higher the money you will get paid. Integrate your mobile application with Google Adsense and start earning by displaying various brands’ advertisements in your application. 

Therefore, you just need to develop it once then based on the user traffic you can earn as much as you want. 

6. Develop a Personal Website

Well, having a personal website has a great significance. A website with programming tips and tutorials attracts the people towards it for sure. Just need to be properly maintained with the latest demand of the people and new technology needs to be introduced.

It’s the perfect way to brand yourself in the market which will surely give you a great return. You may have a question: what should I include in the website, right? Write about programming tips and introduction of new technology which interest people. Another thing is to make a video with your voice of teaching programming from beginners to the advanced level which covers all types of audience. 

This way you can start premium subscription for your content and videos and start earning. Additionally, when you get higher traffic, add ads on the website, it’s also an effective way to earn money.  

7. Work on Open-Source Projects

Well, it sounds like open-source means it’s a complete waste of time. Actually, the fact is that you can earn good money by working in any open-source project as well. 

You can start working in any open-source projects and get for it, yes, it’s possible. There are many websites which involve you in their projects by looking at your profile and skills. Then they will involve you in any of the projects and based on the work done by you will give you points. According to your contribution in the project you will get paid based on the profits. However, it can be small but for the students and beginners it would be a great platform.

8. YouTube Videos

YouTube is a source of income for many people across the world. It’s the best platform to showcase your talent by making videos and earn money. Same way you can utilize it to earn money with your programming skills. 

It’s a platform which is used by beginners and experts both to get to know about the tips, updates, and solutions. Similarly, you can also create your own video illustrating a programming tip, techniques and many more. For that you must have a enough subscriber, viewers in your channel so that you start affiliate marketing of other companies and earn money. 

Regular updates in the channel keep your viewers engaged with your channel and increase your click which resultant let you earn more money. Thus, this is how YouTube videos help to earn money with programming skills. 

9. Start Podcasting

Podcasting is another way to teach people if you don’t want to come in front of the camera. So, it’s a great way to keep communicating with the audience and show your programming skill.

You need to record your voice and post it to the internet. You need to identify the current demanding topic from the user’s perspective and do some research on it and publish. There are some podcasts that are free but some of the podcasters are paid and earn from that. If you’re consistently delivering interesting topics then surely you will get the user traffic and can earn higher as much as possible. 

10. Blogging

Unquestionably, blogging is the most preferred way to earn money from the online world. It’s the easiest and efficient way to earn as much as you want.

You must have good writing skills and knowledge of how to present the trending topics in a particular field. Add your code snippets in the blog as an example of the relevant topic. Your blog must be a combination of the code and content both, so that the reader can understand it easily. 

Once you start getting an audience in the blog, add a paid advertisement in the blog page and earn money. Share your blog on social media platforms and get higher clicks as resultantly you will get decent money.


If you have sufficient skill then surely you will get paid good money. In this era, a lot of opportunities are coming out for the talented people; you need to grab it which suits you best. Specifically, there are many online ways to earn decent money from home. Above-mentioned will surely assist programmers to make money from the online platforms with their coding skills.

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