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Several times I asked some pro bloggers, about Best link building tactics…. then I asked about any backlinking strategy, I asked is this ok, if i will use? and the answer is, no don’t use them. It is time waste. Almost every link building strategies they said to be time waste… then I started experimenting myself and found some cool strategies which are working like a charm for me, and even they will work for you, in case you are really focused on them.
Whenever you visit a blog, in need to learn good link building strategies to execute and you get simply “Blog commenting”, “Guest posting” etc. But do you know how to use them properly? If no then this article is for you, i’ll be going to explain the perfect game plan you need to rank higher with such link building strategies. This will immensely grow your traffic too.
Link building is considered most the main part when coming to the game of search engine optimization. We have to do link building after choosing some potential keywords for our blog posts, you can learn about it from this post – How to do keyword research Effectively. So let’s start with the mind blowing link building practices you can try in 2018.
Before writing this post, I have searched about it, and found that some top bloggers are also using it. Your time and hard work is required.

1. Blog commenting

Ah, you again heard the same thing… But don’t worry I am going to tell you how to do it in a good way. Don’t ever comment in a thought to build links to your blog, instead do profile link building on blog’s related to your niche. I mean, try to write a comment having 250-300 words appreciating the blog owner for the post, telling the points which they can add in the post and ask question (If you have any). This will attract the blogger to your blog.

2. Web 2.0 Link Building

How many times, someone said to you that Link building with web 2.0 sites is no more!!! If you will listen to such people then believe me, you aren’t going to get listed on the first page. Want some sample?
Link to my main blog, only and only if the article is related. This is the quickest method for me, to get my blog post from page 3-4 to page 1 in just a single day.

3. Guest Posting

Guest posting : A recommended method by every blogger, both for targeted traffic and creating links. Pitch some high pr and traffic blogs and do mind blowing guest posts over there, try to deliver the best ever content to such blogs(I would say epic) and your guest post will be accepted(If you will do so).
By doing guest post, you will get links, traffic, relationship with other bloggers and trust flow. So what are you waiting for? Make a schedule for guest posting too and start your guest posting campaigns.

4. 301 Redirect

This is an another killer method to build backlinks, i have tried this on my another money blog. I bought an expired domain from godaddy auction after analyzing it’s links properly. Having pr 4 and da 40+. The night i purchased the domain, i set it on redirection to my money blog and the results were awesome.
Next morning when i woke up, i saw my money blog on the first page with all the targeted keywords, which i couldn’t target with link building. This is the best method for getting ranked for me, try it, it will work for you too.

5. Social Sharing

Social media sites like Google+ have trust in search engines, make your blog page and verify it. After verifying your page, you can get a dofollow backlink from your G+ Page to your blog, having good trust, DA and page rank flow.
I would add one more thing to this topic, if your post isn’t ranking on the 1st page, let say it’s on 17th position. Then try to get social shares. It’s also a good way to get placein the first page. Won’t believe me? For god sake, give it a try once, then see yourself.

6. Get Links From Wikipedia

Ah, who wouldn’t enjoy free links from such a trusted site. In case of me, I never leave wikipedia link building opportunities. Wikipedia links are nofollow, it’ll not effect the search results, but it helps in getting good DA and referral traffic.
Like, search for a term in Google. Let say “Link building” then scroll down to the section, External Links
Click on edit, and add link to wikipedia. But remember, don’t do spamming. Only add related links otherwise you will be banned. That’s it, adding such link will generate 100+ referral traffic a day with just one link (my experience). Let’s see what you will get, try it and share your results.

7. Link Building using Donations

Many sites are there, which give links whenever someone gives a donation to them. This is not for newbie’s, experts can think of it. Many donation pages have high pr, have good da and pa, so it will be really helpful if you will get a link from them.
What you have to do is, just give a small donation(or large, if you want to) and get listed there with a dofollow backlink to your blog.

8. Using Infographics

Many people say, using infographic is just a waste of time and many say this is best way to increase traffic and backlinks. I would talk about our experience, my friend was having a blog whose traffic, he increased traffic from 10 to 3000 with only 1 info-graphic. Won’t believe me, checkout the image given below.
Many bloggers use your infographic on there blogs, if they find it good looking which will help you in getting image links and hence authority. In addition, it helps in getting attention, brings likes and shares and it’s a sign of professionalism. Want to read the complete case study

9. Using Audio Sharing Sites

I haven’t seen, the webmasters using audio sharing sites to create backlinks which are really big sites with awesome page rank and giving dofollow link.
Just register, on any of the site and create a piece of music for them and upload it there. They will give a dofollow backlinks to your blog in exchange. I would consider this link to be free, you don’t have to do anything.

10. Tiered Link building : White hat

How many times, have you heard about it? I would say, many times but did you tried it? You thought this will take time and it’s hard, believe me, it’s not that hard as you are thinking. Pitch some great blogs and do several guest post over there and in the author section, try to get link to your next guest post. High page rank juice will be flowed to your site by doing this.
A complex or you can say sh**ty image of what i am trying to confess is given above. Try to get it
Choose some tier 2 sites and some tier 1 sites to guest post on and link to each other like a system given in the image. You can try this with web 2.0 sites also, this helps the best in ranking.
If you think tiered link building doesn’t works, then check the image given below. I have included this topic in my post with my experience and want to tell you it really works. I have found it, while reading a guest post by Brain dean. He was linking to other sites where he guest posts.

11. Building Links with Testimonials

There are some blogs or sites, offering good services. Try to build backlinks using them also. Just contact them regarding, i would likely to give a testimonial which will enhance your sales.
Wanna see an example of testimonial? See our services page

Last Words

I think i have explained, and now it’s your turn to implement the strategies mentioned by me. I would be glad about your experiments and the strategies you are using in the comment section below. I would likely to advice you, don’t get in trap of any blogger saying don’t try such strategies, it’s black hat. We can’t say any tactic to be black hat until or unless it is not working for long run. These techniques are tested and are working for long term blogs too. It’s up to you how you are going to bring them live.
That’s it, if you have any doubts, feel free to ask us and don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below.
Like this man is saying, don’t leave my blog without sharing your views  If you have really gained some knowledge over here, then do comment and share. I would be glad if you will do so.

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