7 Best Techniques to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of a Website

Domain Authority (DA) is metric set by Moz, which know about the quality of a blog. It is one of the most important factor known to SEO. The greater DA, no doubt you have a high rank and strong traffic. But before we cover how you can increase your DA, there are a few things you need to know. Domain Authority First off, let me share of the benefits of DA Increase SERP position, Attracts guest posts and comments, Attracts advertisers, Attracts sponsored posts, Increase affiliate sales. This information will help you how you can move your domain authority. DA is based on a lot of factors. 
Primarily, however, these are link factors such as how many backward links are indicate to your website and how authority those sites are. It is very difficult to get a high DA number to 100. Sites like Facebook, Google and Wikipedia have.

Difference Between Domain Authority and Page Authority

Many bloggers get confused between domain authority and page authority.
I don’t want friends reading my blog posts to be confused between them.
Domain authority lets advertisers know the authority of a domain, while page authority makes advertisers know the authority of individual pages.
As domain authority makes advertisers know the authority of the complete domain, it is that’s why that advertisers give lot of importance to this metric.

Tools I Prefer for Checking Domain Authority

Domain authority gets updated after every 15 days and sometimes it even gets delayed.
There are variety of tools available for checking blog’s domain authority.
You should try to check your blog’s domain authority regularly as it will help you in understanding the progress that you’ve made.
I mainly make use of Moz’s Open Site Explorer and the tool at Moonsy for checking domain authority.
I’ve not focused much on domain authority of this blog of mine as it has still now not completed 1 year. I’m having long term plans with My Blogging Ideas and I just want to provide my readers with useful content.

How to Increase Domain Authority Easily?

Improving domain authority is not as difficult as you think.
But, you can’t expect the domain authority to get improved in a very short period.
You’ll need to spend time in implementing the right strategies for months as then only you’ll be able to improve your blog’s domain authority.
Here are some tips which you should always consider to increase your blog’s domain authority.

1. Domain Age is an Important Factor

You may not believe it, but domain age plays a very important role when it comes to domain authority.
If your blog’s domain age is more than 5 years, then you may definitely will be able to get a very good domain authority by working hard for few months.
Things may change in future and domain age may not be considered as an important factor for calculating domain authority. As for now domain age plays an important role, this is the reason that many bloggers prefer to buy domains from auctions.
If you’re looking to do blogging for long term, then you may definitely renew your domain for the next 3 years or even more.
I want my blog readers to share their opinion about the same.

2. Quality Content is a Must

Submitting blog posts daily may not improve your blog’s domain authority, but some superb lengthy posts may definitely improve the domain authority in few months.
Bloggers should always focus on quality as it is more important than quantity.
Unique content helps in getting best search engine rankings which automatically increases the domain authority.
If your blog’s domain authority is not increasing, then you need to have patience and focus on writing the best quality content for your blog.

3. High Quality Natural Backlinks

You should focus on getting backlinks from high quality sites. It is quality which is more important than quantity.
Even if you’ll get few high quality backlinks, then there are chances that your blog’s domain authority may get increased.
Moz Rank is one of the important factors for calculating domain authority. Moz Rank gives importance to quality backlinks and that’s why bloggers have started focusing on getting backlinks from high quality blogs.

4. Internal Linking

Internal linking doesn’t only help in getting better search engine rankings, but it also helps in increasing the domain authority.
If you’re inter linking your blog posts in the right way, then definitely your blog’s domain authority will keep on increasing.
Bloggers who’re not giving importance to internal linking may not be able to increase their blog’s domain authority easily.

5. ON Page SEO Plays a Crucial Role

Proper Blog title, description and other ON Page SEO factors play very important role.
If you’re someone who is expert in ON Page SEO, then your blog will get more traffic than other blogs. Blogs with proper ON Page SEO easily beat other blogs of the same niche which may make it get better domain authority as compared to other blogs.
You may be giving importance to ON Page SEO, but you may be forgetting the important factor which is blog speed.
Good blog speed also plays an important role in increasing the domain authority. If your blog’s main page loads in few seconds, then definitely you’ll be able to get good search engine rankings which will increase the domain authority.

6. Spend Time for Social Media Marketing

More social shares is also one of the main factors which may improve your blog’s domain authority.
If you’ll do social media marketing properly, then you’ll be able to make your blog become a brand.
A blog which has able to become a brand may definitely be able to get more social shares, high quality backlinks and other benefits.
I hope that my blog post made you understand the meaning of domain authority. You should soon implement the tips provided by me for increasing the domain authority. Patience is the key for getting success with blogging and that’s why you just need to implement the right blogging strategies for getting long term success with your blog.

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