20+ FREE Infographic Submission Sites List to submit Infographs

Infographic submission sites can significantly boost your SEO efforts. As you start creating infographics, submitting them to high DA sites becomes essential for gaining SEO benefits and driving traffic to your blog. Infographics simplify complex concepts, making them popular for content marketing strategies. High PR infographic submission sites offer SEO benefits by generating quality backlinks and increasing site visibility. Before submitting infographics, review the site’s terms regarding dofollow/nofollow links and registration requirements. Craft informative infographics and share them strategically to reach a wider audience and earn backlinks from authoritative sites. Infographics’ viral nature amplifies their reach, making top infographic directories crucial for exposure. Consider leveraging these platforms to maximize your infographic’s impact and SEO benefits.

Benefits of Infographic Submission in SEO

  • Enhanced Visibility: Infographics grab attention and boost content visibility.
  • Backlink Opportunities: Submission sites allow backlinks, enhancing SEO rankings.
  • Increased Traffic: Engaging infographics drive website traffic.
  • Social Sharing: Infographics spread easily on social media, improving SEO signals.
  • Brand Authority: Informative infographics establish brand authority.
  • Diverse Formats: Infographics cater to different audience preferences, improving user experience.
  • Long-term Value: Infographics provide lasting SEO benefits through continued sharing and referencing.

20 Websites to Submit Your Infographic and Increase Your Reach

1. Visual.ly
2. Infographic Reviews
3. Slideshare
4. Fast Company
5. Infographics Showcase
6. Flickr
7. Reddit
8. Infographic Bee
9. Infographaholic
10. Flowing Data
11. Daily Infographic
12. Mashable Infographics
13. Cool Infographics
14. NerdGraph
15. I Love Charts
16. Infographic Labs
17. Media Caffeine
18. News I Like
19. Infographic Journal
20. Infosthetics

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