Top 20 Best Kenya Blogs to follow from Famous Bloggers

Blogging is gaining popularity at a very high rate worldwide, and Kenyans have not been left behind. New blogs are coming up daily. But how can you tell the blogs that are worth your time from those that are not?

Whether you aspire to be a blogger or searching for some inspiration, your search ends here.  We have compiled a detailed list of the top twenty blogs you should start following right away.

These blogs are resourceful in almost everything you want to know, from technology to politics, freelancing & making money online, lifestyles and fashion, entertainment, love and relationships, inspiration, and faith. These fantastic blogs are a must-read for each Kenyan who is looking to stay ahead of the pack. They have something for everyone.

Our Top pick of 20 Best blogs in Kenya

  1. Freelancer Kenya

Started by Walter Akolo, the blog focuses on helping Kenyans make money online. As a freelance writer since 2011, he trains upcoming writers on how to write killer articles. Trust me; when Walter speaks, you should listen because he has walked the murky waters of writing, and he offers valuable insights that you can’t find anywhere else.

He trains people from all walks of life to write articles and make a decent living as a freelancer.  He’s a great mentor who goes out of his way to help others succeed in writing.

If you are looking for a mentor who’ll hold you by the hand and show you the ropes, following his blog is the first step in the right direction. 

  1. Bikozulu

His blog focuses mainly on people, from all walks of life, and general stuff that defines who people are. He also covers travel and short stories.

Most writers admire his writing prowess and wish to be just like him. He’s always driving the message home in a comical and dignified manner.  

Whether writing about daily experiences or brands, his stories are very captivating and leave the reader feeling informed and entertained at the same time. You can never get enough of Bikozulu. He always leaves you yearning for more.

  1. Techmoran

This is a well-liked Kenyan blog that gives hot commentaries and breaking news on start-up and new technologies in Africa and Kenya. It won the BAKE award in 2019 as the best blog in tech in Kenya. If you want to keep yourself updated on anything to do with tech, be sure to follow the blog.

  1. Unlimited with James Okumu

If you’re looking for inspirational messages, then this is the blog to look for. Pastor James Okumu, who is also a Radio and TV producer and Presenter at  Family media, affiliated with TBN, offers devotions and other general tips from a Christian perspective. He is a witty and creative writer. His powerful messages can guide through your Christian walk. 

  1. Our Healthier Kenya

This blog is a platform whose aim is to create public health awareness for a better community. The blogger provides detailed information on disease prevention and control to promote and inspire healthier communities.  

The goal is to bridge the gap between knowing how to live healthily and putting that knowledge into practice. Through this platform, the blogger creates awareness to help achieve a healthier nation.


Health Kenya is a blog started by Tabitha Mwangi, a freelance journalist and a senior lecturer in Public Health at the Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford/Cambridge, UK. She writes non-fiction, non-science, and sometimes fiction write-ups. The blog focuses on public health issues in Kenya.


This Kenyan blog by Professor Isaac Nyambok explores the science and environmental-related issues in Kenya and East Africa. He is a geology professor at the University of Nairobi and uses the blog to teach about water, rocks, quality minerals, and more.


Kenyatalii is a blog that offers readers exhaustive details on travel tips and budget travels in the country. The blogger reviews travel stories and reviews, and travel destinations. 

If you follow this blog, you will get everything from the best getaway resorts, national reserves,  cultural practices, and things to do in Kenya and across the East Africa region.

  1. is one of the best food blogs in Kenya. Its focus is to teach ordinary people how to prepare simple meals such as rice and ugali in their homes’ comfort. It also gives recipes for various types of Kenyan food. 

With, you can learn how to prepare several meals without much hassle.  If you want to sharpen your culinary skills, keep tabs on this blog, and you’ll never be disappointed.

  1. Freelancer Insights

Started by David Mbugua, the blog focuses mostly on helping new writers find simple writing gigs on Upwork and succeed on the platform. Upwork is the biggest freelance marketplace globally, connecting individuals and enterprises to perform various businesses. 

He has been working on the platform for seven years, and I’m sure he knows a thing or two that can help you succeed in the wildly competitive market that Upwork is. Start following the blog if you want to land high paying gigs on Upwork and learn from the best.

  1. is the best agricultural/ environmental blog in Kenya. It’s also a place where Kenyan farmers can learn agrarian matters. It trains farmers and supplies them with goods and farm equipment. 

Additionally, farmers receive a free consultation and valuable agricultural information. The blog guides and empowers women and youth, transforming them from job seekers to job creators by training them in agribusiness and giving the much-needed information which they lack when starting.


Silvia Njoki is one of the top fashion/ beauty/ hair-style bloggers in Kenya.  Silvia pursued fashion and styling abroad, but she has been a beauty enthusiast ever since she can remember. 

She started the blog in 2013 when she was struggling to dress her newborn daughter.  If you are a mom, you understand how hard it can be to dress your baby correctly, even with a closet full of baby clothes. 

The blog then morphed into a vehicle where she shares her unique personal style on the social media platforms majoring in lifestyle, beauty, and travel. She also shares her travel experiences in different places, complete with fantastic photos that take your breath away.

Follow the blog and learn more about fashion and style and learn fashion mistakes that people make so that you can avoid them. 


Mzalendo is the country’s best political blog, formed in 2005 as a non- partisan blog.  Its mission is to keep a keen eye on the Kenyan parliament. It focuses on promoting a more credible public voice, thus enhancing excellent public participation in the world of politics by giving valuable information that’s relevant to the Senate and National Assembly’s activities.

If politics is in your blood, follow the Mzalendo blog to catch up with what is happening in the Kenyan politics. You’ll finally be able to wrap your mind around why politicians act the way they do. Also, you can understand the Kenyan politics better and respect politicians for who they are. 


You can be following Lola and Lisha and catch up with them as they capture several families’ histories in the making. They capture breathtaking photographs of newborn kids, maternity photos, family portraits, and tell your story right from the beginning.

It’s a great idea to freeze the moment in time with beautiful photos of the people you care about and love dearly. Follow their blog to travel with them as they record history in beautiful images.  


Started by Mysson Victor, Pennymatters is a blog that helps individuals create and manage their own online business. It’s an incredible resource blog that gives ideas on the types of businesses that an individual can start from scratch and grow it to a multimillion-dollar business.

In it, you’ll find loads of helpful information packed in one place that would take you lots of time to find it on your own. You have to visit it to see it for yourself.

  1. is a cool sports Kenyan blog that started its operations to focus on the Kenyan market to extend to Central and East Africa markets. It’s 100% Kenyan and is 100% committed to telling purely African stories. It values partnership and believes in creativity. 

The blog is driven by a passion for sports and supports accountability. If sporting is your thing, follow the blog, and you’ll never be disappointed. You can catch the latest entertaining sport news as soon as it happens.  

  1. Brian Mbanacho is one of the best blogs in Kenya. Run by Brian Mbanacho, a creative blogger, this blog focuses on lifestyle and people. 

With this blog, you’ll never have dull moments. He creates fictitious characters and tells entertaining tales around them. His creativity will blow your mind, and his stories will leave you in stitches.


Travelstart, based in Cape Town, South Africa, is the leading online travel agency in the world. It is a one-stop online travel shop in 18 countries, including Kenya. is a Kenyan website that gives suggestions on where a person can visit globally, what time, and what will enjoy. 

Their blog offers valuable information that any aspiring traveler will find very helpful. It garnered the prestigious BAKE award in 2019 as the best travel blog in Kenya. 

Begin following this blog to learn and acquaint yourself with lots of information about the best places to travel now or in the future.  

  1. is a BAKE award-winning blog. It is one of the best health blogs we have in Kenya. 

We all want to stay healthy. Nobody wants to make endless trips to the doctor due to health issues. What you eat can make you ill or cure you. The choice is entirely yours. No one puts this better than Jane Mukami. 

Start following the blog and learn what to eat and what to avoid to remain healthy. The blog also has a simple challenge that can help you lose excess weight if you struggle with weight. 

  1.  Bankelele 

Bankelele blog is a Kenyan blog run by a banker. The blog’s primary focus is on investments, finance, and technology in the country. 

The blogger makes keen observations on investment, finance, and banking, which are crucial to every living human being. Also, he shares insights on financial matters that affect every member of the community.

It’s a very resourceful blog where you can learn financial matters written in simple terms that even a layperson can understand easily. Start following the blog to learn more.


What are the top searched blogs in Kenya?

Some of the Top search blogs in Kenya are

  • Health and Wellness blogs
  • Food and recipes blog
  • Travel and vlogging blog
  • Fashion and style blog
  • Personal and Lifestyle blogs, etc. 

Who are the Well-known bloggers of Kenya?

  • Cyprian Nyakundi
  • Raphael Mutua
  •  Alix Grubel
  • Azziad Nasenya
  • Timothy Obare Rioba
  • Jackson Biko

Can you make enough money as a Kenyan Blogger?

The answer is yes. There are many sources of earning money in Kenya. One of them is Blogging. Sponsorship and running ads on their blogs let them get paid well.

How can you check the authenticity of Kenyan blogs? 

Here are the ways we used to select the best Kenya Blog

  • Quality and Subject of the Content
  • Social media influence
  • Quality of the blog
  • Similar Web Presence 

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