10 Tips for Choosing Best WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a very popular content management system which is why there are a lot of hosts that specialize in WordPress. This is handy for you because it means technical problems are going to be less of an issue. Still, you do want to find a good host. Unless you are using Blogger and use the free Google hosting, you should not use a free host (unless you are sure they are good). Instead, you should follow these tips and find yourself a good WordPress host.

1. A good WordPress host will not oversell services

If they oversell the service then your website may slow down or even stop showing at peak times during the day or the week. A good WordPress host should offer a consistent service that does not slow down or freeze up your website at any point. The service they offer should be delivered as per their adverts.

2. They should tell you when they are going to maintain the server

All servers have to go through updates and various other maintenance things, and most WordPress hosts are going to schedule this sort of thing for in the middle of the night. You want a host that cares about the server and maintains it to keep it up to date and secure.

3. Upgrades should be available:

Some WordPress hosts will put their starter prices very low so that they look like the cheapest on comparison sites. They will then ramp up the price when it comes to upgrades. As a WordPress blogger, you need the option of upgrading your service without being charged a massive amount to do it. The upgrade fees should be fair and the process of upgrading should be easy.

4. A good WordPress host will take security seriously:

A very good host is going to care about security because their server is one place where a hacker may get into your files and into your website. Security on your end may be tight, but if it is lax at the host’s end then hackers may be able to get into your website and even corrupt your blog.

5. Some sort of flexible bandwidth deal is preferred:

Not all hosts offer it, but if you find a reasonably priced WordPress host that offers flexible bandwidth then you should seriously consider taking it. This will mean you may end up paying less over a longer space of time, and it may help to stop your website going offline if it ever experiences high traffic amounts over a short period of time. If you can find it then consider the host carefully.

6. Viruses should not be a concern:

Most viruses and malware are there to weaken the defenses of the system they are attacking. Some are there to spy and steal information. Your WordPress host should take all adequate precautions to make sure the server is free from viruses and malware or else the data within may become corrupt.

7. The down time should be less than 2%:

This is pretty standard and any host that claims they have no down time is lying because all servers and websites experience it at some point. Around 2% of the year is roughly a week, so any more than that is going to end up having Google punish your website if it happens to rank highly on the search engine results pages.

8. They should not charge too much for tech support:

A good WordPress host is not going to present problems, which means that you should rarely (if ever) have to call tech support. If they offer tech support but it is a premium number then forget the hosting service and find another. If they have no tech support at all then this is a danger sign.

9. A good WordPress host may back up your website:

There are times when you may accidentally delete a bunch of pages. This is not a problem if your host offers you services to back up your blog. If your server crashes then you are still in trouble, but you should be backing up locally so that you do not suffer a complete loss.

10. The price should be reasonable:

Be wary of going for the cheapest because it is not the same as buying electricity in that you do not get the same thing from each host. Some may be cutting corners in order to offer the best prices, where others may simply have a lot of server space they do not use or need. Some may charge a lot of money because they work hard on their service and others may simply be making bigger profits.

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