Top 10 Best Video Editing Software

Video Editing is the base for all type of moving pictures. They give a fresh and refined look to the raw footage. When we talk about a dish so we all know that garnishing gives it an amazing look and by looking at the presentation we can judge the quality of the food prepared.

In the same manner video editing gives a high quality presentation to the footage. Real time effects and superior quality presentation can only be acquired through the best softwares which help in making a raw footage live into an amazing one. There are numerous Video Editing softwares which have different advantage according to their ranking. Some have special and unique features and some are simplified for basic editing techniques.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

This is the most refined software in terms of video editing. Adobe has the ability to provide such tools and features to its users which they exactly want. Easy to understand and has an excellent quality of video production. Refinement of a video counts for effects and smooth editing which is produced by this software in a higher quality.

2. Final Cut Pro

Being an apple application it has maintained the standard of the apple industry. Apart from being intuitive for fresh users to understand its working, it also provide a wide range of tools to the veteran editors who are well versed in the technical know how of editing softwares.

3. Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer is one name which is being the favourite one for many video editors. It has maintained the standard throughout the years since its been in practice. It is a matter of fact that this software has earned the best reviews throughout. It can transform the raw footage in a very dynamic way.

4. Avid NewsCutter

This software allows you to do anything and everything you want to. It gives a smooth workflow. Best while choosing effects and a refined process to give a clean video out of the raw footage.

5. Sony Vegas Pro

This is known as one of the best video editing software because of its well deserved appearance. It wasn’t adopted widely but the key feature which makes it unique is Proxy-first workflow which allows you to fast track your project. Although this software has all the features and tools advanced effects, chroma key, colour correction etc which are the prominent one in most of the softwares.

6. Magix Video Pro

Magix Video Pro is the most powerful application which is being used by the video editors. If you are not an experienced editor then also this software proves to be a starter. It also has format compatibility which makes it all the more unique.

7. Edius Pro

When it comes to non-linear editing machines Edius Pro is very user friendly for the new users and apart from that it has all the tools which a veteran editor might need to compare with the competitive ones. A little knowledge will help the new users to make a workflow compatible.

8. Lightworks

Each and every software has a distinctive feature which makes it unique in a way. Lightworks is the most light weight one which doesn’t need much space for installation. An amateur editor can easily run this software and do experiments with the raw footage to convert it into a fine one.

9. Velocity ESX

This is a software which is used for all types of editing solutions. It can be called as a full featured editing system. While using this software the editor can directly operate on shared storage only by using Nexio. Once the ingest begins it can straight away start editing on HD media. It can also be used on a normal PCs.

10. Pinnacle Studio 17

This is one editing software which has two different sections from where you can import your raw elements and also exporting the final edited video. In this software it becomes very easy to look for any of the tools as in other softwares it is bit difficult. Few of its features are very useful which can save your time ,like in this software when you select a file it is automatically saved in the media library.

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