10 Blogging Softwares to Help You Work Faster & Write Better

Today, starting a blog is the easiest task out there. With a very minimal cost, you can start up your own blog within 1-2 hours. And if you’re skillful enough, you can make money out of your blog too.
But, if you’re a person who would probably update his blog multiple times a day, then you’d really need some desktop blogging softwares to back you up. Desktop Blogging Softwares are tools, that let you write, publish and manage posts without actually logging in each time to your blogging account.
You can also manage multiple blogging platforms or accounts, under a single blogging software. If you’re also interested in purchasing a desktop blogging software to ease up your blogging loads, then here we are today with a list of top 10 best blogging softwares for bloggers !

1. Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer must be the most popular desktop blogging software out there. This software is absolutely free for users to download. You may feel this software a bit confusion during the initial setup process. But once it’s completely set up, and you’ll feel it extremely easy to use and maintain.

2. Blogjet

Blogjet is yet another desktop blogging software that allows you to easily post and customize posts on your blog, without logging in to your blogging account each time.
Blogjet indeed has some really interesting features built-into the software, and you’ll not feel the software hard to use. Blogjet is a paid software, and hence you’ll need to pay $40 in order to get the license key. However, you get a free trial of the software, if you’d like to have a sneak peak.

3. Drivel Journal Editor

Drivel is a popular desktop blogging software, that supports almost all popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Live Journal etc.
Drivel Journal Editor is a GTK+ client and allows you to perform functions that are supported by its server. And moreover, it is a free blogging software too !

4. Blog Desk

Blog Desk is a easy to use desktop blogging software. The software is completely free, and the setup/installation processes are simple too. It takes only few minutes to set up and start using Blog Desk, and after set up you can start adding your blogs to the software and then start writing blog posts.

5. Post2Blog

Post2Blog is yet another powerful and effective blog writer which supports platforms like WordPress, TypePad etc., and integrates very well with web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer.

6. Flock Browser

Yet another blogging software, that integrated well with the web browser of your computer. This is a Mozzila powered tool, and mainly targets Internet Explorer. It also integrates with social media’s like Facebook, Myspace and Flickr.

7. Bleezer

Bleezer is a Java-based blogging software that supports all major blogging platforms. Pretty similar to the Windows Live Writer, but the Bleezer software is made exclusively for Mac OS.

8. BlogTK

BlogTK is yet another GTK based blogging software client targeting blogging platforms like the Blogger, Movable Type, etc.
It also supports many other blogging platforms written in Python using the PyGTK and Glade.

9. Newz Crawler

Newz Crawler is basically another efficient blogging software that supports multi-platforms. But unlike the other blogging softwares mentioned in this list, Newz Crawler is also an RSS/Atom Reader, a News Aggregator and a Blog Writing Client.
Hence using Newz Crawler software, you can perform all these tasks, using a single software client.

10. W. Bloggar

W. Bloggar is a desktop blogging software that is specially built to ease off your blogging tasks and chores. W. Bloggar is among those very few blogging softwares, that actually has support for blogs running on BlogEngine.net platform.
Therefore, if you use BlogEngine.net as a platform, then this is the best option you can get !

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