Top 10 Sites For FREE Tattoo Designs And Fonts

Getting our bodies inked is one of the best ways to show how cool your personality is. Tattoos are a part of various cultures and the 21st century has made it a mainstream thing for the youth to express their thoughts and beliefs.

To get a unique tattoo that describes you the best, you have to spend some time on the internet finding the best designs. Luckily, there are several best sites for free tattoo designs and fonts that you can visit and take inspiration for the tattoo of your dreams. 

Brace yourself for the 10 best websites for free tattoo designs where you will find the most amazing collection of tattoos you will ever see.

10 best sites for tattoo design and fonts

In this article, we have made a collection of the top websites where you can get unlimited tattoo designs for your next tattoo. Take notes and make the most out of this list of the 10 best sites for free tattoo designs and fonts.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a haven for art inspo of all sorts, including tattoo designs. You will find not thousands, but millions of tattoos based on your liking. 

All you need to do is sign in to the website and start looking for tattoo design ideas. To make a collection, you can even create boards and pin your favorite videos & photos to make a collection. 

You won’t believe but tattoo artists themselves use Pinterest for tattoo ideas. Therefore, this is the best and most free platform to begin your ideal tattoo treasure hunt. 

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2. Instagram

Instagram is alien to no one. More than a billion people use Instagram daily and that includes thousands of tattoo artists who regularly upload their tattoos and the inspiration behind them

The best part about Instagram is the explore page and the hashtags. You can follow hashtags like #tattoo #tattooideas #tattooinspo to kickstart your tattoo search.

You can even amalgamate several designs to make your custom tattoo design. 

Another great thing about Instagram is that you can look for tattoo studios around you and if they have a page, you can easily figure out if they are the right fit for you or not.

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3. Tattoodo

Although an exclusively premium tattoo website, Tatoodo offers a free platform for people who want tattoo ideas and want to get inked for the first time. 

The main goal of the website is to serve as a community for skilled and amateur tattoo artists. Additionally, people use it as an inventory to find the latest tattoo designs and trends in the ink world. 

You will also find categories related to tattoos including blogs, the latest news on tattoos, live videos from tattoo events, and tattoo guides.

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Initially launched in 1998, is still one of the premier websites solely dedicated to tattoos. 

On this website, you will find the latest articles and interviews revolving around tattoos. They also spotlight budding tattoo artists. Here, users also submit pictures of their tattoos that you can go through and find the best tattoo ideas.

This is without a doubt one of the best sites for free tattoo design and fonts. 

You just have to visit the website and make a personal account. After this step, you can easily save your favorite tattoo designs and even comment on them. Once you get inked, you can share it with other people in the community as well.

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5. Tattooton

Tattooton is yet another platform that allows users to browse their favorite tattoo designs. If you are a fan of large tattoos, this is your place to be. If you want, you can also check the background info of individual tattoos. 

Tattooton also publishes an annual list of the best tattoos that you can check. It is easier to filter the designs based on gender and their uniqueness. 

Tattooton is undoubtedly one of the best sites for free tattoo designs, and if you can muster a little bit of your creativity, you can make a unique tattoo design for yourself with the free templates in no time. 

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6. Custom Tattoo Design

Most tattoos, if not all, are quite personal to the people adorning them. Therefore, if you want to design your own tattoo that depicts your life, but doesn’t know where to start, Custom Tattoo Design is the right platform for you. 

All you have to do is explain your design and if necessary, hire a tattoo designer to make a custom design for you. 

After approval, you will get the copyright of the tattoo design, and you can go to the tattoo studio to get inked. 

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7. Skin Motion

Skin Motion is your stop if you are looking for niche tattoos. Other than unique tattoo designs, you can also get custom designs based on your voice or the voice of your loved ones.

If you want to do something eccentric, take the help of Skin Motion and up your tattoo design game. 

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8. Inkhunter

If you want a hyper-realistic approach to tattoo design and templates, Inkhunter is the right place for you to be. 

The Inkhunter app allows you to choose your favorite t tattoo ideas and see how they would look on your body parts with the help of Augmented Reality. 

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9. Vecteezy

Several websites that offer tattoo images for free often compromise their quality. However, this is the opposite in the case of Vecteezy. It offers you a high-definition collection of free as well as premium templates.

It is quite easy to narrow down your search here, thanks to the filters available on the website. This is why it is one of the best sites for free tattoo design and fonts.

Templates that carry a standard license are free to download. Otherwise, you can always use a paid version of Vecteezy to download better-suited designs that pique your interest. 

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10. Inkbox

Inkbox is a place where you not only look for the best tattoo designs and fonts but also shop for semi-permanent or temporary tattoos. 

This is the best alternative for impulsive people who don’t think much before getting inked and regret it later. 

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1. Where can I get tattoo designs for free?

There are plenty of websites that allow you to get free tattoo inspiration and designs. Some of these popular websites are already mentioned in the article, and they include-

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Custom tattoo ideas
  • Vecteezy
  • Inkbox, etc.

2. Which font is the best for tattoos?

Here are some of the best tattoo fonts that you can try-

  • Inked Script
  • Fearless Script
  • Mardian Pro
  • Sailor’s Tattoo Pro
  • True Love
  • Angilla Tattoo
  • Bleeding Cowboys, etc.

3. Is there a website to design tattoos?

Do you want a custom tattoo for yourself? There’s a website called custom tattoo design that allows you to hire tattoo artists and get a unique tattoo design for your need. All you need to do is explain the type of tattoo you want and the designer will make a brand new design for you.

4. Is there an app to design tattoos?

If you are taking tattoo design seriously, then you must try Adobe Illustrator to draw fine tattoo designs. Other than that, you can also use Canva. You can also use your own creativity to come up with a unique design.

5. How do I design my own tattoo?

It is quite easy to design your own tattoo, even if you think you are not creative enough. Just go to Instagram or Pinterest and take inspiration. Later, you can use this inspiration to come up with something of your own.

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